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Top 10 Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases in 2018

It’s large and improved; the OnePlus 6 is here with a bang. Offering great camera, large screen, and ton of features, the smartphone is one if the best affordable options. Released in may 2018, it's still a new phone worth investing in. Although it comes with the aluminum body, there is every need to provide

Top 10 Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors in 2018

Do you own a OnePlus 6 smartphone? Relax as there is good news to extend the durability of your device. Although the phone is fairly new on the market, there are a lot of accessories designed for it. Among the vital ones are the screen protectors. Although the screen is robust and made of anti-scratching

Top 10 Best OnePlus 6 Cases in 2018

Today, the market offers a wide variety of smartphones to choose from. However, they come in different sizes and designs. OnePlus 6 is an excellent smartphone and worth having. To keep it for long, it needs to have proper protection against everyday odds. That is why buying a customized OnePlus 6 case. Unlike other phones,

Top 10 Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors in 2018

With smart watches popularity on the rise, they are excellent and worth investing in. Apple watches are popular due to their quality and incredible features. Since they are always on the wrist, these gadgets are prone to the high rate of uncertainties. Staring from water, scratches and other harsh conditions can ruin the screen. Especially

Top 10 Best Galaxy J8 Wallet Cases in 2018

Carrying your Galaxy J8 should never give you a hard time. With the right wallet case, it offers you peace of mind and style. Unlike the other ways of protecting your phone, wallet cases are simple but provide comprehensive safety. Their construction and materials used are great for overall protection. Wallet cases are thicker compared

Top 10 Best Galaxy J8 Screen Protectors in 2018

With just a slight accidental drop, it could mean your Samsung Galaxy J8 is gone. However, with just as few dollars screen protector, it can significantly save your adored gadget. Screen protectors are incredible accessories that every smartphone owner should consider having in their phones. In act, they are simple to install and inexpensive which

Top 10 Best Galaxy J8 Cases in 2018

Samsung Galaxy J8 is still a pretty new model worth considering in our budget. Its high performing and sleek phone. Despite all its sleekness, this phone needs to be protected against everyday scratches. Mostly, when stored in a bag, it is prone to damage by keys and other hard things in your pockets. Besides, an

Top 10 Best Galaxy A8 Plus Wallet Cases in 2018

Samsung Galaxy A8 continues to be a powerful and modern smartphone. Built featuring great structure and power, there is every reason to have covered. Unlike the other means of covering, wallet cases are ideal and convenient. They allow easy carrying and protection even without keeping a smartphone in a bag or pocket. In fact, they

Top 10 Best Galaxy A8 Plus Screen Protectors in 2018

How do you feel when your phone get scratch and abrasions in the screen? This can significantly cause great discouragement. But, now you can relax especially if you own Galaxy A8 plus. To give it a baby like care, the best thing is to check for a screen protector. Instead of relying on universal protectors,

Top 10 Best Galaxy A8 Plus Cases in 2018

If you already own Samsung galaxy A8+ its time to give it a new look. Opting for a cover significantly improves how your phone look and protection. Frequently, many people choose for cases since they offer more protection compared to other ways. Also, with phone case, it is s simple to carry it without needing