Top 15 Best Yoga Mats in 2023 Reviews

Whether you are a real yogi or just exploring your potential in yoga, there is certain equipment that you will dearly need; that’s a yoga mat. Sometimes back, yoga experts were limited to PVC models of yoga mats. However, now most sports and wear brands have indulged in the business of selling their yoga mats. Ranging from the Jazzy prints and eco-friendly to designer options, you now have broader choices to choose from. But, how do you decide the best yoga mat out of the dozens of options? There are some distinct aspects of yoga mats you should consider. These include things such as versatility, thickness, grip, design and pattern, weight, material, durability among other key factors of consideration. For the sake of choosing the best yoga matt worth your investment, we’ve rounded up the best mat for yoga exercises which you can buy online. The following are the top 15 best yoga mats in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Yoga Mats

15. Health Yoga Nonslip& Eco Friendly

Health Yoga Nonslip& Eco Friendly

You can now focus and maximize the benefits of your yoga exercises with this eco-friendly yoga mat. It features an incredible design that boasts a TPE technology that has no PVC, no latex or any harmful chemical. TPE material is non-slip thereby allowing you to focus and adjust your body alignment system for the full benefits of the yoga exercise. The thickness is ideal for all types of yoga exercise as it measures 7mm while the double layer ensures excellent grip. Besides, they are degradable, recyclable durable and healthy.

14. Peace Yoga with Extra Thickness Mat

Peace Yoga with Extra Thickness Mat

Enjoy peace and protection as you do yoga exercises on this exceptionally made mat. It features an extra thickness of 0.5 inches to provide ultimate cushioning for knees and other vulnerable joints. This NBR mat has a fine material with excellent grip for balance exercises. The non- slip nature of this mat allows you to perform even the most difficult yoga poses. Moreover, this Peace yoga mat has versatile uses ranging from restorative poses, stretching, Pilates and even toning exercises. It has small weight and features a strap for you to grab and go smoothly.

13. MySky Yoga – No Slip Mat

MySky Yoga - No Slip Mat

My Sky yoga mat allows you to exercise as you engage in the hardest yoga pose without compromising your comfort. Thanks to the super absorbent microfiber that optimize the moisture absorption keeping you fresh and comfortable throughout the exercises. Furthermore, this mat features well-designed grips that have two functions. Firstly, it can be used as a gripper or a floor to keep the towel from bunching up. Also, you can walk on it to massage your feet. On top of that, this yoga mat is machine washable and has antimicrobial effects thus keeping you healthy while prolonging the life of your mat.

12. Gaiam Print Yoga Mats

Gaiam Print Yoga Mats

This mat is ergonomically designed to fit both studio and home use. It has a great thickness measuring 3mm making it ideal for cushioning your body and bringing proper alignment for the purpose of maintaining poses. Equally, your hands and feet will love the stability that the non-slip feature brings into your practice. More to that, this mat boasts dense and durable PVC-free of harmful phthalates.

11. YogiMall- Yogi Jute

YogiMall- Yogi Jute

Maximize the outcomes of your yoga exercise by opting for this fully reversible yoga mat. One side features textured jute for traction and roughness while the other side is cushioned to protect the knees and other joints during various workouts. On the same note, this mat is a practical option as it has been certified and given a mark of quality against harmful chemicals such as phthalates and has antimicrobial properties. Besides, the mat has an adjustable carry strap for convenient carrying. The product is sold online with a 100% money back guarantee.

10. Gaiam Print – Premium Reversible Yoga Mat

Gaiam Print - Premium Reversible Yoga Mat

This mat is also a companion in your yoga exercise as it comes with a free downloadable yoga program to take you through the various poses rightfully. It features a lightweight, durable and extra thick design for a more comfortable and convenient yoga training. Besides, it is safe to use as it is free of the six most poisonous phthalates.

9. Reehut – Exercise Yoga Mat

Reehut - Exercise Yoga Mat

Try all the styles of yoga with this outstanding mat. It features an extra wide surface that measures 71by inches to ensure that you engage in all poses that you purpose. Featuring a high-density NBR material with thick cushioning, this mat gives you premium comfort in all your styles without straining a muscle. It is double stranded to ensure even the workouts that require traction are well taken care of. Besides, this equipment comes along with a free yoga strap for travel ideality.

8. Ancheer Exercise Yoga Mat

Ancheer Exercise Yoga Mat

Featuring NBR material and a unique design, this mat represents a practical option of the best yoga mat we’ve on the market today. It is non-slip thanks to the non-skid ridges which grip the floor to allow you perform stretching, toning, and other poses. It has a thick and high-density anti-tear foam for comfort and durability.

7. Many Mats Non – Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Many Mats Non - Slip TPE Yoga Mat

Unlike other yoga mats that feature low-quality traditional materials, this yoga mat boasts TPE material which is a newly developed and patented material. This thermal plastic elastomer material (TPE) is hypoallergenic and therefore doesn’t cause skin allergies or irritations. It has perfect elasticity, cushioning and resilience making it an ideal mat for all your yoga poses.

6. Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga mat

Sivan Health and Fitness Yoga mat

Analyze the priorities you need for your yoga exercises, and you will arrive at this useful option. Sivan yoga mat is all you need to take your yoga practice to the next level. It is a “inch in thickness and therefore one of the thickest mats on the prime markets today. It boasts memory foam that offers superior impact absorption while delivering the exceptional feel of comfort. In addition, it features a carrying strap to ease your travel needs. Thanks to the microfiber technology that offers prime absorption ensuring that all your workouts are sweat free at the same time nonslip. Be true to yourself and retreat your body with this incredibly built Sivan six piece yoga set.

5. Heart Centered – Yoga Mat

Heart Centered - Yoga Mat

Say goodbye to those annoying slipping over during yoga exercises by embracing this heart-centered yoga matt. As the name suggests, this mat relieves you all the worries by its double sided and non-slip grips that ensure safety by keeping you in the zone during the workout. Unlike the low-quality mats that tend to peel and flake after a few yoga exercise, this heart-centered boasts a known quality that’s durable and comfortable. Equally, this mat is phthalates free and doesn’t cause any health hazard.

4. HemingWeigh – Extra Thick Density Exercise Yoga Mat

HemingWeigh - Extra Thick Density Exercise Yoga Mat

Become a yoga master in just a few days with this exceptionally built yoga mat. It features a fully reversible design to allow excellent performance in stretching, toning and other tactical exercises of yoga. It is very safe to train on this yoga mat as it offers great impact absorption. Thanks to the comfortable memory foam which is thick enough to reduce any physical shock on your body. Besides, the resilience in this mat is remarkable and helps maintain balance during an exercise.

3. Incline Fit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Incline Fit Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Incline Yoga mat has a fine construction perfect for any yoga exercise. It is specially designed with one of the best material with antimicrobial properties. By being free of the six harmful phthalates, this mat can be used for a prolonged time without causing any health peril. On the same line, this mat features a thick and comfortable cushioning that conforms to the contours of your body thereby minimizing instances of injury. Besides, it is eco-friendly and easy to clean.

2. Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat

Aurorae Classic Yoga Mat

Enhance your passion for Pilates, aerobics, and other outdoor activities with this uniquely designed yoga mat. It has an incredible thickness of ¼ inches that protect your knees and joints, still allowing you to grip the floor for balance exercises firmly. Besides, this yoga mat is lightweight, odorless and easily washable. Furthermore, the mat has been lab tested and found to be free of phthalates, phenols, rubber, and silicone among other harmful chemical substances. Also, it has been tested and found to be hypoallergenic, therefore; it is safe for all skin types. Besides, it comes with illuminating colors that help to define your inner self and enhance your satisfaction goal.

1. Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat

Ensure that nothing comes in between you and your yoga goals. By opting for the Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat, you draw yourself closer to achieving the yoga satisfaction targets. It features premium quality material with open cell and natural rubber that has all the necessary properties needed for successful yoga. This mat offers excellent slip resistance with or without perspiration. Equally, Jade Harmony Mat has an exceptional resilience and undisputable cushioning that enhances your safety during the yoga exercises. Moreover, it is made of a material that is free of PVC or other ozone depleting substances. Additionally, it can be washed easily using soap and water only.


Many people have realized the goodness of yoga in their lives. However, the journey to success isn’t usually that easy. Some people have given up along the way trying to perfect their yoga training. Having a low-quality yoga mat is one of the hindrances that many individuals fail to realize. Fortunately, for those persons who have achieved this trick, their yoga training tends to get better every day. As a matter of fact, yoga experts are very choosy when it comes to choosing the right type of yoga mat. Luckily for you, all you should do is just pick the one that you are comfortable with from the list above. They are the top 15 best yoga mats in 2021 reviews.