Top 10 Best Skateboard Helmets of 2024

Skateboarding is a great experience among people at all stages. But, there is only one concern, the overall safety. Any form of skating requires the skater to have all necessary safety measures in place. Some of these include having all safety gears like helmets. Although many people don’t wear knee and elbow pads, helmets are the most crucial to avoid injuries during crashes. Since skateboarding involves a lot of tricks and riding styles, the chances of accidents are high. Thus, protecting your head is not a debate, it is a must.

Although many helmets exist on the market, getting the ideal one needs time and right information. One of the basic protection essentials of a helmet is the construction. First, the outer shell needs to be tough and resist easy breaking. On the other hand, the materials need to be lightweight to give your head easy movement. Typically, the shell usually features hard plastic or polyfiber. Although these outer materials are hard, it’s essential to change when a helmet feels weak or damaged.

Apart from the outer shell, the cushioning is the other vital element. The material used should have high shock absorption to protect the skull from impact. With a soft lining and efficient cushioning, materials, they ensure great protection and head comfort. With a premium skateboarding helmet, but, a wrong size, it will compromise the protection ability. Therefore, having right fitting helmet through measuring your head is recommendable. Above all, it is advisable to look for safety certification standard. To be able to enjoy great rolling, here are top 10 best skateboarding helmets in 2021.

List of Best Skateboard Helmets

10. Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet

Triple 8 Skateboard Helmet

This skateboard helmet is ideal for different action sports including rollerblading, biking and inline skating. The helmet is designed to give you total comfort and safety with the high impact-absorbing foam and thick soft foam fabric liners. The helmet is certified and complies with the skate safety standards. It comes with two sets of sweat-saver liners available in two different sizes for a customized fit. The liners are stink-free and moisture-wicking. It features an adjustable chin strap with a side released buckle.

9. Flybar Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet

Flybar Multi-Sport Skateboard Helmet

Who said the best skateboard helmet needs to be expensive. Here is a product that will not cost you a lot but still offer you the best features that assures your safety. Flybar’s multi-sport skateboard helmet is designed for both adults and kids. It comes in different shades so you can pick on that matches your taste. The skateboard helmet is perfect for bicycling, skating and aggressive skateboarding. It has a strong ABS outer shell and an EPS foam inner liner to ensure a comfortable snug fit while still giving you the protection you need. Flybar’s helmet has an adjustable spin dial on the back to ensure you have a more customized fit.

8. JBM International Skateboard Helmet

JBM International Skateboard Helmet

Making it on this list is the JBM Skateboard Helmet. This helmet has a durable tough shell and a soft liner to keep you safe and comfortable as you engage in any activity. It is available in different colors and sizes so it is easy to choose one that meets your needs. JBM’s model has a special aerodynamic design, multiple vents, and breathable foam to ensure you are comfortable. It is perfect for men and women. The helmet helps reduce sweating to ensure you stay cool during intense activities. The lightweight material does not add pressure to your head and the adjustable straps ensure the perfect fit. If you want the best skateboard helmet for different activities, this is a product that does not disappoint.

7. KUYOU Helmet for Skateboarding

KUYOU Helmet for Skateboarding

Kuyou’s product also ranks among the best skateboard helmet for adults. It also serves great as a kids skateboard helmet and a youth skateboard helmet. You can choose one that matches your color preference because this helmet comes in four different tones. If you don’t want the orange helmet, you can settle with blue, black or pink. This is the best skateboard helmet for cycling, skidding or any other outdoor sport you want to engage in that requires full safety. The helmet is comfortable and easy to wear. It features an adjustable quick-release chin strap that is removable. There are 11 vents included ensuring you stay cool throughout your activity. It is also lightweight and boasts a strong protective ABS outer shell for maximum safety.

6. JBM Skateboard Helmet

JBM Skateboard Helmet

There are more than five different colors to choose from and three sizes so you can easily find your perfect fit. The multi-sport helmet for skateboard boasts a tough shell that is highly durable. It is also designed with a soft liner so you can stay safe and comfortable throughout. The breathable foam, aerodynamic design, and multiple vents keep you comfortable during your activity. It is very lightweight and does not put pressure on your head. To ensure a customized fit, there is an adjustable strap included on this helmet. It looks lively and stylish you are sure to stand out from your peers.

5. Triple 8 Helmet for Skateboarding

Triple 8 Helmet for Skateboarding

This is not only a skateboarding helmet but also the best helmet to use when engaging in different action sports. It is available in five different shades and comes in three different sizes. The helmet is designed with high impact-absorbing EPS foam, plush sweat-saver fabric, and thick dual density soft foam. There are two different sets of terrycloth sweat-saver liners. These liners are removable and washable. The skateboard helmet also features an adjustable strap with a side release buckle for a customized fit. You’ll find it ideal for biking, scooters, and BMX.

4. Outer Shell Outdoor Helmet

Outer Shell Outdoor Helmet

The helmet’s stylish design will surely catch your attention. The freedom to choose from four different colors also makes it the most preferred helmet for skateboarding, roller skating, and other outdoor activities. It has a thermoplastic reinforced ABS hard shell and a poly source high energy absorbing EPS liner that assures you both safety and comfort. There are 12 vents that help keep you cool during intense activities. You can use the knob to tighten the helmet and the quick-release buckle helps you take it off within seconds. The inner liner and ear pads are removable so cleaning this helmet should not be a hard task.

3. Destroyer Skateboard Helmet

Destroyer Skateboard Helmet

The unique design of the Destroyer makes it perfect for different activities like BMX biking, roller skating, and longboarding. It stands out from the competition because of this unique and stylish design. The skateboard helmet is designed with a durable tough ABS material to assure you maximum safety when you wear it. It also features a soft liner that absorbs the external pressure caused by impact in any sports activity. This helmet boasts a lightweight design that does not add extra pressure on your head. It is also made with an adjustable strap that allows you to have a better comfortable fit.

2. GIORO Skateboard Helmet

GIORO Skateboard Helmet

There are different sizes so if you are looking for a kids skateboard helmet or just want to pick from different skateboard helmets for adults, you can never run out of choices. What’s better is the brand gives you the same design in six different colors. It is easy to find the best skateboard helmet that meets your particular need. This helmet boasts a strong ABS outer shell and EPS foam lining that can absorb external pressure caused by a crash. It is also designed with adjustable nylon straps and a quick-release buckle that makes it easy to wear or take off. The dial on the back ensures that you achieve the safest fit for your next activity. This helmet has 11 vents and also boasts a breathable design that should keep you cool even during intense activities. Despite being lightweight, the overall build of this skateboard helmet is great. You can never go wrong with a GIORO helmet.

1. Atphfety Kids Skateboard Helmet

Atphfety Kids Skateboard Helmet

You’ll want to settle with this product if you are looking for the best skateboard helmet for your little one. It has a stylish design that your child will surely love. The best part is, it comes in three different tones making it perfect for girls and boys. You can go for the blue helmet for your little boy and that pink one if you are looking for something for your little girl. It boasts a tough durable PVC and PC material. The helmet also comes with EPS foam that helps absorb impact and protect your child’s head. It has 14 air vents and is super lightweight to give your child the best experience. There is an adjustable strap that ensures the perfect fit. This helmet is great for kids between 3-12 years. It comes in different sizes so it is easy to find one that fits your child perfectly.