Top 10 Best Motorcycle Half Helmets in 2023 Reviews

One of the most body part prone to injuries in a motorcycle crash is head. Although full body protection is recommended, helmets are the most vital requirements. They are available in different shapes and designs hence one can get the right style. Whether you want full, three-quarter half and open face, it depends on personal choice. Among these different helmets, half styles is a common and excellent choice for many people. Also known as brain bucket or skid lid, they don’t cover whole head as with full face helmets.

These type of head protective gears are common with people riding scooters or Harley Davidson bikes. Typically, their protection is more on the upper head section while eye protection is not guaranteed. However, a good half helmet should be able to allow the user to wear protective goggles. Typically, when getting these helmets, user should check on the qualities for proper head protection. You need to check the shell hardiness, impact absorption and others. They ensure you get perfect skull guard in case of any crash.

Apart from the outer shell, the helmet needs to be comfortable. In most cases, for half helmets, they only impact on the top of the head. Therefore, padding is not like with full face or open face helmets. Fastening straps needs to be comfortable enough to give your head proper cushioning. On the other hand, the size is vital when you are choosing the right helmet. It determines how well your head is protected and overall comfort. Well, if you love to ride bikes in your free times, don’t risk your safety. With these reviewed top 10 best motorcycle half helmets, it is now simple to enjoy exceptional comfort and safety.

List of Best Motorcycle Half Helmets

10. Outlaw T68 Half Helmet

Outlaw T68 Half Helmet

The Outlaw half face helmet offers ultimate protection and comfort while still ensuring you maintain your style when riding. This helmet is made of a polycarbonate shell and an impact absorbent liner. This motorcycle half helmet is super lightweight and less bulky than other half helmets on the market. It features an adjustable chin strap with a D-ring closure. This helmet is designed to give you peace of mind when riding. Besides, you can use this helmet with goggles.

9. Daytona Novelty Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

Daytona Novelty Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

It’s amazing how this half helmet fits perfectly and the German style design truly makes it stand out. There are different sizes to choose from so before making your purchase, always keep in mind the sizing. The helmet sits low on the head and is super comfortable. It’s a great novelty helmet that makes you look stylish but it is DOT approved. The helmet has moisture-wicking fabric that keeps the head cool and comfortable. It features a nylon strap is forward positioned with a sliding adjuster. The lock allows easy detachment while the custom formed interior provides maximum comfort.

8. HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Helmet

HJC Solid IS-Cruiser Half Helmet

The IS-Cruiser is also another best half helmet you might want to consider purchasing this year. It comes in different sizes and colors so it is easy to choose one that truly meets your style. The HJC Solid IS-Cruiser is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 Standard. The advanced polycarbonate composite shell makes it super lightweight. With the advanced CAD technology, this motorcycle half helmet fits perfectly and is super comfortable. It has a moisture-wicking Nylex interior, a removable liner and nylon strap D-ring retention system.

7. Fatmingo Motorcycle Half Helmet

Fatmingo Motorcycle Half Helmet

Half helmets are a great investment for cyclists. The German style half face helmet looks stylish and comes in different colors with a cool white star on the side. It comes with a pair of goggles and a detachable ear muffle. The helmet has an ABS shell and high-density foam lining. This helmet comes in one size 56-58cm so you’ll want to measure the size of your head before making a purchase. The size, however, can surely fit a normal size head well. It is by far the best half helmet within this price range.

6. LS2 Helmets Half Face Helmet

LS2 Helmets Half Face Helmet

This is an adult motorcycle half helmet designed for both men and women. It’s easy to find the right helmet because there are different colors and sizes. The shell is made of lightweight kinetic polymer alloy. This half face helmet provides enough ventilation to keep you cool in the hot summer days. You’ll love the tinted visor that protects you against direct sunlight. The sun shield has a unique two-stage adjustability system. You can lock it half way for a little shade or full for complete sun protection. The DOT-approved half helmet features a micrometric quick release chin-strap. The buckle is one of the easiest to use and the air vents equally do a great job of keeping your head cool without letting in water.

5. TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Face Helmet

TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Face Helmet

The T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet is flat black and has a flag graphic on the side. The low profile motorcycle half helmet comes with a drop down sun visor to protect you from the sun’s rays when riding. When it comes to style, this is by far the best looking motorcycle half helmet you’ll find on the market. The helmet has an intermediate oval head shape, 2 outer shell sizes and features a removable fabric inner padding for ultimate comfort.

4. LS2 Helmets Half Helmet

LS2 Helmets Half Helmet

The LS2 is among the best half helmets for men and women. It is available in 3 different colors and at least 6 sizes. The high-performance fiberglass composite shell is super lightweight. There is also a removable comfort liner and a zip-off neck skirt that keeps you warm on cold days. There are pockets on the neck skirt for speakers but you can always remove it on a hot sunny day. This DOT-approved half helmet also features a removable 3-snap peak to shade your eyes. Even though the helmet has thick comfy inner padding, it is remarkably light and slim. One of the most unique features that make this model stand out from other half helmets is its quick release chin strap buckle system. If you don’t prefer D-rings, then this is the best half helmet to purchase.

3. Daytona Cruiser Half Helmet

Daytona Cruiser Half Helmet

Making it on this list of half helmets to buy this year is the Daytona Cruiser. We rank it as best motorcycle half helmet because aside from looking stylish, it is super lightweight and comfortable. Besides, the new chin strap release system is much better than previous models by the brand. It is thinner than other half helmets on the market. The Daytona half face helmet has a hi-gloss black finish and comes in 3 different shell sizes so it is easy to find the perfect fit. It also includes a removable bubble visor and has moisture-wicking fabric to keep you comfortable and cool throughout your ride.

2. Hanmi Global Motorcycle Half Helmet

Hanmi Global Motorcycle Half Helmet

Hanmi Global’s product is a vintage motorcycle half face helmet that comes with free goggles and an anti-electromagnetic radiation sticker. The brown helmet is made of synthetic leather material. It is surprisingly lightweight and super comfortable. The helmet has an oval shape. It fits perfectly and is easy to take on and off. If you are looking for the best motorcycle half helmet that looks stylish and delivers the best performance, then this is a product to buy. It is perfect for motorcycle and scooter riders.

1. NENKI Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

NENKI Motorcycle Open Face Helmet

This DOT-approved motorcycle half helmet may not be the best choice for those on a tight budget, but it is worth the money. The helmet has a lightweight and is super comfortable. It has an advanced fiberglass composite shell. It also features a high-quality polyurethane leather interior. The vintage open-face helmet truly looks stylish with the American patriot star and stripes design.