Top 10 Best Hockey Helmets in 2018

Physical sports are very important but can get quite dangerous at some point. An example of these physical sports is hockey. This is a game that requires you to cover yourself from head to toe. If a hockey stick hits your bone, there is a high chance of breaking them. One of the most sensitive areas of your body is the head. That’s why; having the best hockey helmet is a need. No matter the level of hockey you’re playing, having a helmet on your head is not a choice but a must have.

Ice hockey is an interesting game that is popular all over the world. But, you might have realized that even the most professional players regard the hockey helmets as very important sports gear. Now, you need to ask yourself whether all brands of hockey helmets are the same. As you would guess, they feature an outstanding variation. For your safety purpose, we present a time-tested and carefully -designed hockey helmets.

List of Top 10 Best Hockey Helmets in 2018

1. Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet

Bauer IMS 5.0 Helmet
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You can look at various features while evaluating the best hockey helmet. The Bauer IMS helmet features a classic design that will give you both performance and comfort. It features an integrated ear protection system to ensure your ears don’t suffer. Moreover, you don’t require a tool to make size adjustment on the helmet. So, it fits different head sizes perfectly. The straps are durable and strong. Also, the helmet features unique ventilation to keep your head feeling cool and comfortable.

2. Franklin Sports Team Goalie GFM 1500 NHL Hockey Helmet with Face Mask

Franklin Sports Team Goalie GFM 1500 NHL Hockey Helmet with Face Mask
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Are you a street hockey goalie looking for the best helmet? This one made by Franklin sports team could be what you are looking for. The helmet features NHL colors and logos. It also features chrome finished steel cage which makes you look invincible. Well, it is made of highly strong, high impact ABS material.

3. CCM Fl40 HTFL40C Hockey Helmet Combo

CCM Fl40 HTFL40C Hockey Helmet Combo
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This is a highly recognized hockey helmet by professional hockey players. You too can utilize it to become the next champion. It is a great helmet if you are looking for the best hockey helmet in terms of robustness. The CCM hockey helmet features adjustable fit clips to ensure firm fitting. The tool-free adjustment allows easy and comfortable fit regardless of the shape of your head. Moreover, the interior features thick memory foam lining to ensure great impact resistance. The cage features straight bars to allow a perfect line of sight.

4. Rawlings Youth Pro Hockey Style Catcher’s Helmet

Rawlings Youth Pro Hockey Style Catcher's Helmet
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You asked for it, and we now present it to you. The Rawlings hockey helmet features a state of the art design which incorporates premium quality materials and innovative crafting. It features a high impact outer shell, and the inside has unique padding. It boasts a Pro Dri plus moisture-wicking mechanism. Thus, you can enjoy playing hockey a much as you can without getting distracted by sweat. The cage s made of strong stainless steel wires with chrome finish.


5. Warrior PX2H6 Hockey Players Helmet

Warrior PX2H6 Hockey Players Helmet
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Are you looking for the best ice hockey helmet? As the name implies, the warrior PX2H6 hockey helmet will make you a warrior in the game. It is made of high impact shell material that can withstand the most severe fall or hit you would face. Besides, the cage is uniquely shaped and made of high impact wires. They are straight to ensure perfect lie of sight so that you don’t miss the ball. Also, it has ear protectors and shin protection padding.

6. Alkali Visium Hockey Helmet plus Cage Combo

Alkali Visium Hockey Helmet plus Cage Combo
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Are you searching for a hockey helmet that fits your head firmly and comfortably? The Alkali Visium provides the best hockey helmet that provides perfect protection without affecting the comfort. With high-density padding lines, you can enjoy a snug fit without feeling any shock impacts. The padding is also ideal in providing moisture wicking properties. For adjustments, simple screw maneuvering and strap adjustments are needed.

7. GY Polypropylene Ice Hockey Helmet- High-Density

GY Polypropylene Ice Hockey Helmet- High-Density
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How does it feel knowing that you’re wearing the best hockey helmet? It feels great, and great hockey players can testify this by mentioning the GY Polypropylene Ice Hockey Helmet. This is a helmet like no other in terms of comfort, breathability, agility, robustness, and durability. It features high-density PP shell and the inside features a softer and thick EPP foam lining. Featuring plastic ear loop with TPU protector, your ears will be perfectly safe and comfortable.

8. GY 2017 Perfect Version Ice Hockey Helmet Steel Mask

GY 2017 Perfect Version Ice Hockey Helmet Steel Mask
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People view the best hockey helmets differently. But, there is something with the GY 2017 version ice hockey version. It features two-piece designs with high-density PP shell. This is incredibly lightweight but equally robust. The inside features thick EVA foam. The ear loops are wear resistant and provide excellent coverage. The mask is made of sturdy and tensile steel.

9. Bauer Ims 5.0 Hockey Helmet-Mask Combo

Bauer Ims 5.0 Hockey Helmet-Mask Combo
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Hockey helmets add confidence, especially to beginners. However, professional players know that not all hockey helmets are the best. Some are just made to mimic the original thing. But for the best helmet, the Bauer is a great brand that never disappoints. It is agilely designed to match the demands of the game and make you unbeatable. The ear loops are uniquely shaped and positioned to give you full protection and comfort.


10. GY – 2018 Sports Kids Hockey Helmet Colorful

GY - 2018 Sports Kids Hockey Helmet Colorful
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There are many helmets which can be regarded as the best for hockey. The GY, as already proven, is a great brand that performs as expected. This 2018 GY sports kid’s hockey helmet features an innovative design that lets you play with vigor and confidence and lasts for a long time. Well, it features exceptional design whereby the cage is a bit rounded in shape and made of high tensile steel to ensure maximum protection. The shell part is a bit raised above the cage part. This is purposeful to ensure maximum ventilation and easy fit.