Top 10 Best Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors of 2024

For Samsung Galaxy S8 owners, you will agree this smartphone boasts a large screen enabling you to enjoy a variety of functionalities. Although the manufacturer has invested in the display shielding from scratch, it’s always important to put an extra protector. The screen protector should not be necessarily expensive to provide your phone screen; there are some which are cheap and offer premiums protection.

Due to its curved screen design, you need to be sure about the protector you are buying. It should fit perfectly and also provides a natural phone look without any distortion. No more struggle as you look for a perfect Samsung S8 phone. Here are the top 10 best Galaxy S8 screen protectors as we have reviewed them.

List of Best Galaxy S8 Screen Protectors

10. Biuzko Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Biuzko Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Biuzko’s model is compatible with your S8 screen. It ranks among the top screen protectors for Galaxy S8 devices because it is made of highly durable and scratch-resistant material that is 9H toughened. The device has a thickness of 0.33mm giving it a super slim design that fits naturally on your device’s screen. The protector has hydrophobic and oleo-phobic screen coating that protects the screen against sweat and oil residue.

It is easy to install and will automatically suck itself down on the phone’s screen without any hassle. The Galaxy S8 screen protector is transparent and ensures HD viewing conditions. And while it has all the unique features as expensive products, it sells at a very fair price that will not affect your budget. Besides, you also get a cleaning cloth, dust-absorber, wet/dry wipes, dust removal stickers, a Sim card adapter kit, and a Sim card tray open eject pin.

9. Skinomi 2-pack S8 Screen Protector

Skinomi 2-pack S8 Screen Protector

The screen protector is made of TPU and not glass. It has an updated design that offers full coverage and is equally case friendly. The protector is compatible with S8 screens and will offer coverage even on curved devices. It has self-healing properties and will absorb impact. What’s more, the model ranks as the best Galaxy S8 screen protector because the flexible material will protect against the UV rays and will not yellow.

It ensures bubble-free installation to give you a smooth glass-like surface that is optically transparent and offers HD clarity. If you’re looking for a protector to keep your device safe or replace your old-disappointing model, then it’s time to consider this product by Skinomi. Beside’s it comes with a risk-free lifetime guarantee, so you will feel comfortable where you place your money.

8. Otium S8 Screen Protector

Otium S8 Screen Protector

This product by Otium is made of tempered glass and comes with a 3D curved installation tray, wet/dry wipes, and dust removal stickers. It is specially designed for any 5.8 inches Samsung Galaxy S8 2019 device. The protector offers full-screen coverage and edge-to-edge protection.

Besides, if you still want to use a mobile device case, then you do not have to worry because this screen protector is case-friendly. The protector has a 95% transparency that allows optimal HD natural viewing experience. It is shatterproof, scratch-resistant and highly durable. Further, the device has a thickness of 0.33mm with a 2.5D rounded edge that promises compatibility with your device. It has a 9H hardness and is equipped with long-lasting anti-fingerprint coating.

7. G-Color Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

G-Color Samsung Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The protector is easy to install since it has the newest wet application that lets you slide it around to match the cutouts and the edges. There will be no bubbles left after installation, but even if they do, they will disappear after 24 hours. The protector for a Galaxy S8 screen is compatible with most cases thus you can still use your mobile device case after installing it. It provides full coverage to your device to protect it from accidental falls or daily scratches. The best part is the screen protector sells at a very fair price that will not affect your budget.

6. iTurbos 2-Pack Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

iTurbos 2-Pack Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Screen protectors serve one main purpose: to protect your device’s screen from scratches or breaking. But this model by iTurbos serves two: protecting the screen and adding a nice touch to your Galaxy S8 device. It is a curved fit PET that offers HD clarity and 100% light transmittance to maintain an image’s bright and colorful quality.

It is ultra-thin and will maintain your device’s touch feature. The product is made with the latest tech plus new method that ensures easy installation. It has a special scratch-resistant coating that ensures nothing affects your phone’s screen, whether scratch, dust or normal wear.

5. Supershieldz 2-Pack Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Screen Protector

Supershieldz 2-Pack Samsung Galaxy S8 Active Screen Protector

The protector is made of tempered glass that is highly durable and 9H toughened. It will ensure maximum protection when installed and prevent residue when removed. The screen protector is not fit for the Galaxy S8 screen or the S8 Plus model. It has a 2.5D rounded edge that ensures comfort on the fingers and hand. Further, the model offers 100% HD clarity and maintains the original touch sensitivity of your device for a better experience.

The hydrophobic and oleophobic coating protects the device against sweat and equally reduces fingerprints on the screen. Besides, it is easy to install and maintain. There are two pieces of tempered glass protectors in the package, so you will always have a spare one to replace your old protector. You can also give it to your friend or family member provided they have a Galaxy S8 Active device.

4. SuperGuardZ Galaxy S8 Active Screen Protector

SuperGuardZ Galaxy S8 Active Screen Protector

The protector is specially designed for Galaxy S8 Active and will neither fit an S8 screen or anS8 Plus screen. It has a thickness of 0.3mm and has 2.5D round edges to ensure a perfect fit. The tempered glass is 9H toughened and will keep your device’s screen safe from accidental falls or breaking.

There is a risk-free replacement guarantee, so you will always rest easy knowing that you put your money in the right place. The high-quality, optical-grade tempered glass is the best protector for your Galaxy S8 Active device. Aside from being shutter-proof, it is also fingerprint-resistant and does not allows bubbles to form during installation. The product if super-clear with the real-touch sensitivity you will feel like you are using your normal screen.

3. Tanaab Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Tanaab Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Tanaab’s model is the best Galaxy S8 screen protector that can fit only on 5.8-inch devices. It has a 3D curved design that follows the shape of the Galaxy S8 model to ensure 100% fit. It will work with all phone cases for the best experience and double protection. The 9H strong glass is anti-scratch and offers triple protection against falls and sharp objects as opposed to the PET screen protector.

The strong adhesive ensures easy, bubble-free application. The screen protector is super thin and transparent to ensure you get the same optimal experience as you do with your original screen. The tempered glass protector comes with an installation tray for added convenience. Besides, it has a reasonable price tag, so you will not worry about changing your budget.

2. Danteng Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Danteng Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

The 2-pack product by Danteng offers HD Clear and scratch protection for your S8 screen. It is black and provides full coverage for improved functionality. It has a thickness of 0.33mm which is super thin thus promises full compatibility with the sensitivity of your touch screen.

Furthermore, the screen protector is highly transparent to give you an HD clear screen that is smooth for a real-touch viewing experience. The color of the edges matches the shades of your original phone making it even more unnoticeable. The price is reasonable, but the quality makes it stand out as the best Galaxy S8 screen protector.

1. Kiomi 2-Pack Black Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Kiomi 2-Pack Black Galaxy S8 Screen Protector

Kiomi’s screen protector offers full-screen coverage against scratches and accidental falls. The material is flexible to ensure edge-to-edge coverage. The material is also fingerprint-resistant with 9H hardness to prevent shatter from high drops. It is super transparent and fully compatible with the touch sensitivity of your device.

This natural viewing experience is what you’ll get when you consider the Kiomi Black Galaxy S8 Screen Protector. Besides, there are two pieces thus you can replace your old model or consider it as a gift to your family member or friend who has a Galaxy S8 model.


The internet may be swamped with information about screen protectors, but we believe there is a paucity of relevant information about the best Galaxy S8 screen protector and protectors for Galaxy S8 Plus screens. Hopefully, this list will help you make the best buying decision. If you do not prefer the naked feel of your smartphone and believe that a screen protector is a must-buy accessory for your S8 screen or S8 plus screen, then it’s time to use this list to purchase the best and latest model in the 2019 market.