Top 10 Best Galaxy S8 Cases of 2024

In the wide world of Samsung Smartphone devices, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus truly stand out. This is no surprise though; these models are packed with excellent features and have beautiful curved designs. Even the tech guru admits that when you want an all-round device that can give you the best, then the Galaxy SS8 or the S8 Plus are a must buy Smartphone devices.
But if you own these models by Samsung, you understand the hassle it takes just to maintain them. No one wants to see their thousands go down the drain. Therefore, when it comes to maintenance, you need to make sure the S8 or the S8 plus get nothing short of special attention especially if you don’t want to hurt your wallet with expensive repair costs.

Do you know what can keep your device even more protected? A phone case. Many people admit that the screen protector and Smartphone case are a must buy accessories that guarantee 100% protection of your Smartphone device. However, the real hassle is finding a good model that will stand by you through tough times.

Well, we give you a list of the best Galaxy S8 cases that have great properties including the ability to stay underwater for some time or protect your screen from everyday scratches. Be sure to read on to find a Galaxy S8 case that will also leave your phone looking sleek and elegant.

List of Best Galaxy S8 Cases

10. Zizo Proton 2.0 Galaxy S8 Case

Zizo Proton 2.0 Galaxy S8 Case

Zizo’s product is a Galaxy S8 case that is military grade drop-tested with a tempered glass screen protector. It has a wide variety of colors from black through to red. The case has layers of protection to ensure it handles all bumps or any accidental drop. The durable case is built to withstand tough conditions so you can always bring along your phone in any adventure. The Zizo Proton 2.0 is also equipped with a 0.33mm tempered glass screen protector that is 9H toughened. This is truly the model for the thrill-seeker.

9. Zizo Bolt Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Zizo Bolt Series Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

The product is military grade drop-tested and comes in different tones. You can choose from ten different shades available to settle with one that matches your color taste. Not only is this case affordable, but it also has a sleek design that makes it stand out from other models. It is the best case to buy because it also comes with an S8 screen protector with 9H hardness.
The screen protector is 0.33mm and offers 100% visual clarity. The case has a built-in kickstand that allows you to enjoy using your phone without holding it in your hands. The bolt series case for S8 can withstand tough conditions thus this is the best case for any thrill-seeker looking for an outdoor adventure.

8. BENTOBEN Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

BENTOBEN Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

BENTOBEN’s Rose Gold Galaxy S8 case is the cheapest yet highly functional model available in the 2019 market. It is specially designed for the 5.8 inches 2019 S8 device and will not fit on any other phone. The case has a solid rose gold color with shiny elements that give your phone a classy modern look.
It can be a good gift for you urbane lady friend. It has a slim design thus allowing you to comfortably carry your phone or fit it right in your pocket. The cutouts are accurate enough to allow you easy access to the phones buttons and other functional ports without removing the case. The stylish case has a pocket-friendly price tag that will neither burn your wallet nor affect your budget.

7. Sharksbox Galaxy S8 Case Commuter Series

Sharksbox Galaxy S8 Case Commuter Series

The commuter series by Sharksbox is the way to go if you’re looking for a simple yet functional case for your Galaxy S8 device. The case sells at a reasonable price and is available in different shades aside from the Cyan-colored model. It is made of TPU Silicone material and hard PC with shock resistant technology that guarantees your phone’s safety.
The case has a two-in-one dual layer shutter-proof structure to provide double protection. The case is thick enough to protect the screen and the camera in case your phone falls. Moreover, it features precision cutouts to allow easy access to the phones buttons, speakers, and other functional ports.

6. Temdan Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Temdan Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Unlike other models, the Temdan Galaxy S8 case is waterproof and can keep your device safe in water under 10ft. It is the best case for underwater activities or other outdoor events. The case exceeds military standards and offers full body device protection against high drops. Temdan’s case is rugged enough to adapt to any harsh environment: it is dust proof, dirt proof and snow proof.
The case has a slim body of less than 12mm, yet it is sturdy enough to withstand the tests of time. There is a screen protector that prevents screen scratches yet allows for 100% visual clarity. Besides, this screen protector is compatible with your device’s touch sensitivity. What’s more, there is a removable kickstand and a floating wrist strap that adds more convenience to the Temdan S8 Case.

5. Sililoli Galaxy S8 Underwater Protective Case

Sililoli Galaxy S8 Underwater Protective Case

The Sililoli case is simple yet sassy. It is a transparent waterproof case the sells at a budget friendly price. The case has shock absorbing properties that protect the phone against drops. Moreover, it is solid and durable to keep your Galaxy S8 device safe from dust or snow. It allows you to enjoy swimming or engage in any underwater activity without worrying about your phone getting wetting and damaged. The case is transparent and features a built in screen cover that equally offers total visual clarity.

4. Tronoe Waterproof Galaxy S8 Case

Tronoe Waterproof Galaxy S8 Case

There is a black and a blue model so you can choose one that matches your taste. The case is highly functional and has a simple yet classy design. It is the best option for those working on a tight budget but looking for a model with all the features of other expensive cases. One great and unique feature of the Tronoe Case is that it is waterproof and will keep your device safe when engaging in underwater activities. The case will equally keep your phone free from dirt, dust or snow.

3. Mascheri Prism Series Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Mascheri Prism Series Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

Mascheri has the looks and is also affordable. Besides, it is packed with excellent features that will ensure your phone is protected all the time. The case is composed of PC material and has a flexible TPU interior. The material, aside from being durable and sturdy, is shock resistant and scratch resistant. The perfect matte finish and geometric patterns give the case a modern look that can surely keep heads turning.
The case has anti-slip properties to ensure more grip while the interior texture ensures the phone is safe from moisture. You’ll love the front raised edges because the y serve the main purpose of protecting your phone’s screen when it is placed facing down. The button covers are flexible and highly responsive while the large cutouts allow easy access to all ports without removing the case.

2. Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Galaxy S8 Active Case

Supcase Unicorn Beetle PRO Series Galaxy S8 Active Case

The model is only compatible with the 2019 Samsung Galaxy S8 Active model, and it will not fit any S8 or S8+ device. It has a slim and sporty design and sells in different shades to give you a wide variety of options to choose. The dual-layer case is composed of PC hard shell and flexible TPU material to give it a strong yet durable nature.
Furthermore, this material is shock resistant and will protect your device from accidental drops. It comes with built-in screen protector that will specially protect your screen from daily scratches and normal wear. There is a swiveling belt clip holster that will make it easy to carry your phone.

1. Supcase for Galaxy S8 Active

Supcase for Galaxy S8 Active

If you’re looking for the best yet affordable case for your Galaxy S8 Active, then the Unicorn Beetle Series will work perfectly. It is very cheap but comes packed with the best features that will guarantee protection of your phone. There are three shades to choose from, so you have a wide choice to settle for.
This case by Supcase has textured bumpers that allow for an ergonomic anti-slip grip. It is composed of soft TPU material and hard PC material for durability and full-phone protection against drops. The case has elevated bezel that keeps your screen safe when the phone faces down.


We hope you now have the best Galaxy S8 case to purchase for your device. Our top 10 list has cases from world-renowned brands of mobile phone accessories, and we’re sure you will find a product that will deliver the best results. Besides, we chose case that also has unique properties like being waterproof to guarantee extra protection of your device regardless of the outdoors condition.