Top 10 Best DJ Controllers of 2024

If you love music mixing the ultimate thing to have is a DJ controller. Although there are many software available for DJs, having a controller is a great step. They are just like the software only they are operated manually. Whether a beginner or expert DJ, there is a need to have the best controller. They provide the most features and also let users enjoy a superb experience. On the other hand, depending on where you are going to use the deck, you should be considerate on the features.

Before buying the controllers, the user needs to understand the basics. But, not always since it can be tricky to master all the essentials you need to know. It’s therefore important to have a reputable review to assist you in getting the ideal DJ mixing deck. After a thorough researching and comparisons, we have made a premium list of 10 best DJ controllers in 2021.

List of Best DJ Controllers

10. PIONEER DDJSR Pro DJ Controller


This Professional controller by Pioneer is one of the best DJ controllers featuring in our list. With 16 new performance pads, it provides some of the essentials for smooth music control. Additionally, the hot pad comes with hot cues, sampler roll, combo fix among others.

Apart from the updated interface, the controller comes with dual large jog wheels. They ensure you have precise and enjoyable scratching. With a combination of useful features, this controller brings a new revolution in your deejaying life. Amazingly, the control is Serato compatible.

9. Epsilon Quad-Mix Powerful 4-Deck Pro MIDI/USB DJ Controller

Epsilon Quad-Mix Powerful 4-Deck Pro MIDI/USB DJ Controller

When you are learning to mix songs, there is a need to have a manual controller. This Eplison quad mix is a premium quality device that enables beginners and professionals to enjoy playing music. Whether it’s in events or for use in your home studio, the controller offers an excellent solution. Instead of learning through software, it’s a good control deck for outstanding training.

Amazingly the 4 deck controller gives the user the ability to enjoy high versatility. Also, equipped with virtue DJ software, it makes every move simple. For efficient scratching, the control has large 134 mm jog wheels. The built-in soundcard and USB 2.0 ensures you can use the control without a computer.

8. Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3-K Compact DJ Deck Controller

Pioneer DDJ-WEGO3-K Compact DJ Deck Controller

Experience great improvement in your DJ career. All you have to do is to have this pioneer controller. It’s a modern and updated controller deck with dual controls. To make sure you have easy usage, the deck come with an intuitive interface. Therefore, you can always enjoy a great performance without struggling. With dials positioned around the jog wheels, they enable instant access.

To make the event fantastic, the deck comes with pulse control lights. They are great to make sure you know when the tack is loaded; filters are engaged and filter. The compact nature eases portability hence a good control to have for outdoor activities. With simple to use interface, it’s controller worth having for every DJ.

7. Gemini GMX Series Pro Audio DJ Multi-Format Controller with Touch-Sensitive High-Res Jog Wheels

Gemini GMX Series Pro Audio DJ Multi-Format Controller with Touch-Sensitive High-Res Jog Wheels

Are you planning to get the best all in one DJ controller? Here is a good choice by Gemini. This GMX series is a modern and effective deck that is compatible with most of the media formats. The compatibility is great as this control is superb. It can work with PC and Mac audio interface through USB 2.0. Also, it offers different options like recording, playback and other through fitted RCA outputs.

One of the notable features in this control is the customizable interface. This makes it possible to build your ideal settings for easy mixing. For sound visualization, the deck has lights that synchronize with your music. The light wave is also adjustable to suit playing music. You can use this control as standalone and also is compatible with virtue DJ.

6. Denon DJ MC4000 Standalone DJ Controller

Denon DJ MC4000 Standalone DJ Controller

With Denon MC400 standalone DJ controller, it is possible to enjoy your music even without the need to have a computer. It’s a premium2 deck that gives outstanding quality music mixing. Unlike with other decks, this comes with included DJ Serato intro that is upgradable to DJ Serato. With its 2 deck control, it keeps your music mixing ability to your fingertips.

Forget about the hard to learn to use controls. With this one, it offers simple operation. With touch-activated jog wheels, that enables accurate track scratching. On the other hand, the dedicated hot cues and sampler trigger pads enable illuminated feedback. Above all, 1000 pitch faders and drivers free connection improve your DJing skills.

5. Numark MixDeck ExpressPremium DJ Controller with CD and USB

Numark MixDeck ExpressPremium DJ Controller with CD and USB

Do you know it’s not a must to have a computer to enable music mixing? Here is one of the CD and USB DJ control deck from Numark. Created by experts, it has all the features qualities you need. It can mix directly from a CD or USB hence eliminating the need for the use of media devices. This creates great versatility as you can use this controller in different places.

The dual touch-sensitive jog wheels are superb when it comes to precise track scratching. For fast beat matching, the deck has automatic BPM analyzer. On the other hand, it allows external mic and other sound sources. Includes DJ Serato intro ensures the machine is ready for use.

4. Numark NS6II 4-Channel DJ Controller

Numark NS6II 4-Channel DJ Controller

Numark N S611 is one of the premium controllers for JDs. The upgraded deck has all the essential features that allow everyone to enjoy improved music mixing experience. The dual USB ports are great for enhancing easy mixing without inconveniences. Additionally, the deck comes with a large 2 inches LCD screen hence easy to select your tracks easily.

The sleek jog wheels are easy to scratch. Apart from the wheels, the capacitive touch knobs are impressive and ensure fewer struggles as you control the music. Equipped with 2 phono inputs, the deck can be used without the need for a computer or software. Generally, this control deck is ideal for learners and professionals.

3. Roland 2-channel, 4-deck Serato DJ Controller with Serato DJ Pro, Upgrade

Roland 2-channel, 4-deck Serato DJ Controller with Serato DJ Pro, Upgrade

Roland 2 channel 4 decks DJ control is all you need and give your audience superb music mixing. Compared to other decks, this has easy control and improved features that ensure every user get the best experience. With optimized jog platters, they are easy and effective for scratching. For the maximum performance, this deck enjoys a built-in drum kit.

In each of the TR kit, it has eight sounds including closed hut, bass drum, snare drum among others. Also, the onboard sequencer helps in the DJ Serato sampling to create on the fly beat. For outdoor parties, this control is rugged and portable thus giving the DJs peace of mind.

2. Hercules Universal DJ Bluetooth Controller with R100 Stereo Headphones

Hercules Universal DJ Bluetooth Controller with R100 Stereo Headphones

Mixing your music is now easy than before. With this Hercules Bluetooth universal DJ controller, it enables various controlling devices without disconnecting others. Whether it’s mixing from your computer, phone or tablet, this control deck enables you with ease.

Apart from the deck, it comes with Bluetooth connection; this deck comes with stereo headphones. Also, the mini cables are great when connecting the deck with audio output accessories. Pressure sensitive wheels are superb for improved scratching.

1. Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

Pioneer DDJ-SB3 DJ Controller

With this intuitive pioneer DJ controller, there is no need to have a turntable. It’s a high-quality standalone DJ controller that makes every event thrilling. Boasting an intuitive layout, it ensures ease of control without a struggle. Thereby for starters and professionals, they can have dream music mixing. Although this deck has large jog wheels, it also has a scratch pad to give your hands easy time.

When it comes to portability, the deck is easy to carry. It comes fitted with handles which makes sure you enjoy comfortable lifting. Moreover, onboard sound cards are superb in ensuring exceptional music output. Construction is from premium materials hence great for use even on outdoor occasions.


Whether you want to make it a side hassle, full-time job or passion, mixing music requires you to use the best DJ controller. With a plethora of options, you need to check the specs well to ensure you get what you deserve. The number of decks supported, connectivity and smartphone control are among the features that should not be bypassed. To be precise, you must consider your budget, the necessary tools and whether it is compatible with different DJ applications. However, the above-listed DJ controllers feature premium design and have all the features balanced to meet your aspirations.