Top 10 Best Tennis Tables in 2023 Reviews

Table tennis is one of the entertaining indoors games ideal for people of all ages. Although many people like the game, choosing the correct table. But, is it’s easy to get a good quality table? Well, it depends on how you take it. We have different brands which are involved in boards construction. But, the quality differs across the makers. That is why evaluation is the ideal way to ensure you get best table tennis board.

Now if you want to spot a perfect board. The first thing to check is the thickness. Generally, board thickness ranges from12-25 mm. If you are buying, look for one which as thick as possible. A thumb of rule is, the thicker the board the, better. Contrary, a thin tennis board is inferior. They usually deliver poor ball bounce and are prone to damage. Always aim for the thickest board. However, they tend to cost more. As an alternative, medium boards can be ideal for training.

Apart from thickness, there are other factors to consider such mobility. Some designed with casters which ensure that smooth movement when the board is assembled. Additionally, the ease of assembling a board is also important to look. Of course, no one needs a tennis boards which will take half an hour to assemble. There are many stores which sell boards for tennis playing. But, it is hard to move from one store to another. That why Amazon is a great consideration for anyone who needs to buy tennis equipment. Below, we have some of the top 10 best tennis tables in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Tennis Tables

10. Butterfly Centerfold 25Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centerfold 25Table Tennis Table

This is a tournament-ready table that comes fully assembled with an easy storage design. It is the best ping pong table perfect for any serious player looking for a high-quality model. The table is ITTF approved and also ITTC wheelchair compliant. Its fold and roll design makes it easy to move and store.
The 280lbs table has 5-inch locking rubber wheels with 2-inch square steel and a 1 inch scratch-proof top. Additional features like the adjustable feet and the safety lock release feature equally make it the best model to have for your next tournament event.

9. JOOLA Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Table Tennis Table

JOOLA ranks among the best table tennis table because it meets customers demands. It is a high-quality, unique table that is ideal for any table tennis lover who is in a tight space. It has a height of 76cm but has two-thirds the length and width of the regulated table.
The table equally remains a preferred model for most customers because it can be used as two separate multi-use tables. Besides, this equally makes it easy to store, so you won’t have to worry about space. You will not worry about assembly because it is as simple as attaching two tables and slipping on the net. The product weighs 62lbs, has a length of 72” and a width of 36”. It further comes with a JOOLA net and a post set.

8. Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table

Killerspin Revolution Ping Pong Table

Two words perfectly describe this model – refinement, and eminence. This is the best model that combines both design and competition-quality. You want a model that has featured in most world-class tournaments and used by most professional athletes. Its unique arch-shaped base design is covered in aluminum making it stable.
The company’s 16-layer RRC (Repeat Roller Coating) process gives the table a ball mark-resistant surface. Besides, there is a 22mm Medium Density Fiberboard that ensures a consistent bounce. It is simple to setup and further has a solid steel frame that makes it highly durable.

7. JOOLA Competition-Grade Table Tennis Table

JOOLA Competition-Grade Table Tennis Table

This is the ideal indoor model to have at home or in your office. Besides, the assembly is pretty easy, and storage will not take too much space. There are four locking caster wheels per half and automatic anti-tilting locking devices that ensure the table is safely in position during the game.
JOOLA’s model equally allows you to use the table for solo practice whenever you want. Packaging further includes JOOLA’s net and post set. If you’re looking to play like a champ, then it’s time to buy products built only for champs.

6. Viper Arlington Table Tennis Table

Viper Arlington Table Tennis Table

You’ll love this model’s striking design and the polished black surface with a perfect red trim finish. The table measures 107 inches in length, has a width of 60 inches and a 30-inch height. The perfect measurements to get you playing like a pro. The 5/8 inch MDF surface and 1 and 1/4 inch frame combined with square legs make this table tennis table have a sturdy structure.
The foldable design allows for solo practice and easy storage. You can easily roll it on most terrain because of the premium wheels with individual locks. This is the perfect enhancement to your game room or living room.

5. JOOLA NOVA DX Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA DX Table Tennis Table

This is both an indoor and outdoor table tennis table designed with rust-resistant material and aluminum plastic composite. It is, therefore, the perfect all-weather table for any serious player. It is designed with adjustable feet and also features a foldable design that makes storage easy.
Besides, this foldable two piece table design allows for solo practice whenever you want. It weighs 166 pounds, comes with a weatherproof net set and further features locking casters and dual anti-tilting devices. Whether you want to play in the house or set up the ping pong table in your backyard, you can always count on the NOVA DX to deliver.

4. Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Junior Table Tennis Table

If you’re shopping for a ping pong table for your little ones, then you will find this space saving table quite useful. It can also be used by adults eager to enjoy the game yet have limited space. The 75-pound table measures seven by 4 inches in length and width with a height of on 2’6 inches.
The 12 mm blue top has a strong steel frame with attractive magenta corner pieces. The legs are foldable for easy storage while the center wheels allow for easy movement. It further comes with a butterfly clip net and a post set. The vibrant color makes it great for your children and also adds some nice touch to the room. Let your children enjoy their favorite game with this affordable product by Butterfly.

3. Kettler Outdoor 10 Ping Pong Table

Kettler Outdoor 10 Ping Pong Table

Kettler’s model is a weatherproof table tennis table designed for the outdoors with a sealed aluminum composite top. It comes with four racquets and six table tennis balls. You can play against friends or fold one side to practice solo. The tennis table has an easy to reach ball box on each half table, removable corner protectors and built in floor levelers on each leg. All these features make the Kettler Outdoor 10 quite convenient.

2. JOOLA Table Tennis Table Outdoor

JOOLA Table Tennis Table Outdoor

This recreational all-weather ping pong table lets you play with friends and family whenever you want. You can take it outdoors and enjoy a game out in your backyard. It has been designed with high-quality material that makes it resistant to weather elements and the outdoor terrain.
Besides, moving the table to the patio won’t be hard because its foldable half-table design and four caster wheels will make work easier. The blue table surface is made of 6mm aluminum plastic composite specially built to resist chipping and warping. The legs and frame are durable enough to endure long term use.

1. STIGA Table Tennis Table

STIGA Table Tennis Table

Stiga’s model is a compact model ideal for the tennis lover who is worried about tight space. It measures only 71 inches in length, has a width of 40.5 inches and the height is only 30 inches. What’s more, even when you’re not using the table, you can fold it up and save it in a small space.
The separate table halves can equally be put to good use for other entertaining and fun activities. This table requires no assembly and comes with a net and post set. The table top is 5/8 inches thick giving you the same bounce and playability as other full sized tables. Furthermore, you can adjust the table height with the molded leg levelers that equally protect the floor from scratches when the table is in use.