Top 10 Best Tape Measures of 2024

Measuring is part of daily activities, especially in workshops. They are among the essentials that garage owners, carpenters, tailors, and other people. Different tape measures exist depending on where you are going to use them. They also come in different lengths hence one can pick the best one for their job. Although there are many options available online and in stores, buying the right one always ensure you can get reliable measuring.

Well, a handy tape measure is excellent when working outdoors. They allow people to use them without getting damaged due to extreme conditions. Whether its carpenter measurement or for measuring larger distances, the construction need to be premium to avert any inconvenience. While to many people buying tape measure can be seen as walkover process, the accuracy, and overall quality matters a lot. We have selected the best tape measures in a list reviewed below, to make everyone enjoy each time taking measurements.

List of Best Tape Measures

10. Komelon 6622 Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure, 200-Feet

Komelon 6622 Open Reel Fiberglass Tape Measure, 200-Feet

While tape measures are among the most overlooked items, it pays back to have the best with you. Here is a splendid innovation from Komelon that could change your measuring experiences. It features a robust design that entails double coated blade. It is resistant to abrasions and chemical alterations. Thus, the markings can remain visible for many years. Besides, the stakes and the ring hook make it easy to measure. It is 200 feet long and hence suitable for a variety of applications. It also boasts shock-absorbing rubber bumpers to protect the device from mechanical damages.

9. Stanley Tylon 8m/26′ Measuring Tape

Stanley Tylon 8m/26' Measuring Tape

It doesn’t matter the field you are working in, but having the best tape measure always produces excellent results. It also makes the measurement process easy and fun. Here is Stanley tape measure. It is precisely designed to ensure maximum survivability in all applications. Well, it features a true zero hook for hassle-free inside and outside measurements. It measures in both imperial and metric units to ensure maximum versatility. The blade is ergonomically designed with Tylon coating to ensure extended durability. It is easy to handle as it features ergonomic rubber grip. Besides, it has a belt clip on the back to allow convenient storage access when working.

8. Kutir Measuring Tape Measure

Kutir Measuring Tape Measure

Here is another top-rated tape measure from Kutir. It features a thoughtful design with a matte blade which is 0.15mm thick. It is strong and boasts 7 feet stand out. It is a perfect measuring tool for a carpenter, metal worker, and everyday home caretaker. It features a shock-absorbent case made of rubber material to allow 100 percent shock absorption. It also features a magnetic hook that makes it easy to work alone. It combines both metric and inch ruler to provide accurate measurements on all scenarios. Moreover, it is ideal for both interior and exterior measurements.

7. Tape Measure by Clear Style

Tape Measure by Clear Style

Now, this is the option to go for if you’re looking for something that can withstand tough industrial jobs. It is a tape measure measuring 0.16mm wide and features nylon bonded steel blade. This blade is shatterproof and preserves the calibrations for many years. Amazingly, it can stand out 25 feet to allow hassle-free measurements. To make this happens, this tape measure triple-riveted magnetic hook. Hence, it is incredibly strong yet easy to work with even when you’re alone. Moreover, the fraction nit markings are pretty easy to read even for a person with eyesight difficulties. The blade is self-locking and retractable to allow hassle-free operation.

6. Finder 328-Feet Open-Reel Long Steel Tape Measure

Finder 328-Feet Open-Reel Long Steel Tape Measure

Do you want to make proper measurements without any room for error? Here is Finder open reel tape measure. It features a heavy-duty steel blade. This tape measure features a unique casing with excellent shock-absorbing capacity. The blade is self retractable and has a locking feature to prevent the blade from hurting you. The carbon steel blade can withstand daily use and remain in vibrant condition for years. The strong ABS plastic cover allows excellent shock absorption and offers the perfect grip for convenient handling of the measuring device. It boats planetary gearing to allow quick rewinding. For easy reading, it offers an imperial and metric decimal scale.

5. MulWark 16ft Digital Tape Measure

MulWark 16ft Digital Tape Measure

If you’re searching for a modernized way to measure your yard, here is a digital tape measure from Mulwark. It boasts a high definition LCD screen with backlight. So, it is simple to use, and you can take the readings while in the dark. It features a hold function and two long term memories. It makes the inside and outside measurements very easy. It also boasts auto midpoint measurements among other functions. The construction features nylon embossing coating. Therefore, it is anti-rust and water-resistant. The blade is 25mm wide and 5 meters long. And, it provides a standout up to 92.5 inches. Well, the package includes a replaceable lithium-ion battery.

4. TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

TACKLIFE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

Excellent accuracy is what you need in all your measurements. Ordinary tape measures may offer some room for errors. But, laser tapes measures will never offer any bias. It is a two in one device that combines 131 feet laser measure and 16 ft tape measure. The design also offers a functional button that allows you to switch between different measurement units. Amazingly, the accurate distance can be read within the best range while moving. It has double sensing holes that increase the stability of the measurements. It is easy to store this measuring device as it features a magnetic hook. The laser and LCD will auto off when there is no operation. So, it is an energy-saving laser tape measure.

3. DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

DTAPE Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

Selecting the best tape measure can be hard, especially if the measurement is not your thing. And if you are a newbie or a professional, this tape measure from DTAPE will surely impress you. It features a USB port to allow easy recharging. However, it can operate for up to 5 hours under continuous use on a single charge. Well, the laser measure is 131 feet long while the inch tape measure is 16 feet. This device, therefore, offers a lot of versatility. Also, you only need to hit the Unit button to switch between different measurement scales. With IP54 waterproof rating, this device is perfect for all weather conditions. Besides, it auto sleeps after every 30 seconds of inactivity to ensure prolonged working on a single charge.

2. CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, PRO-11, 25-Foot

CRAFTSMAN Tape Measure, PRO-11, 25-Foot

This tape measure is the USA made using the finest materials available on the globe. It boasts 11 feet standout offering unmatched performance. It outshines the traditional tape measures to its ease of use and durability. Besides, reading the measurements is extremely easy as it features a very wide blade with large-font numbers for better visibility. The blade also features an improved coating to ensure its survivability in all scenarios. Price-wise, this is something any handyman can afford. Also, it offers readings in all basic units of measurements. So, anyone can have a good time with this device and meet his daily goals.

1. DAYOU 25ft Measuring Tape Retractable

DAYOU 25ft Measuring Tape Retractable

Well, here is yet another innovatively made tape measure. It not only adds style in your work but also allows 100 percent accuracy. The blade is 40 percent thicker than the conventional tape measures. It has fractions and can stand out 100 inches. This feature makes it a[applicable in different fields or situations. In upright orientation, it can stand out 157 inches. That sounds fantastic if you’re used to the old school tape measures. Besides, the blade features a unique nylon coating to enhance rustproof functionality. Additionally, it features a true zero end hook to ensure unrivalled accuracy in all your measurements. It offers readings in inches, mm, metric, and tenths. It is hence a great gadget for a professional engineer and any DIY enthusiast.