Top 10 Best SuperMats in 2023 Reviews

If you are looking a way of improving your home, proper flooring is the best way to give your house a new and appealing look. Apart from the general house appearance, other places like gym also require proper flooring which is strong durable and providing a firm grip. Now, SuperMats are the ideal flooring components for a solid floor. They are available in various sizes, materials of construction to suit to suit your flooring needs. To give your home a nice treat, here we present top 10 best supermats in 2021 reviews.

List of Best SuperMats

10. Super Mats Heavy PVC Duty Mats

Super Mats Heavy PVC Duty Mats

If you want to safeguard your floor or carpet from tearing and also increase the durability of your gym equipment durability, you are encouraged to use a high-quality super mat. For a perfect mat, SuperMats are considered the topmost. This is because they are made of super-tough durable PVC material which provides maximum protection to your carpet and the floor from heavy impact from a mechanical device such as workout equipment. Also, these mats have a dimension of 2.5 by 6 feet to enable them to fit into any standard room surface. Correspondingly, these mats are affordable and offer long time services and increase the lifetime of your workout equipment in that they reduce dust caused by vibrations. This is due to their material which drains water at a higher rate when cleaned.

9. Heavy Duty PVC Super Mats

Heavy Duty PVC Super Mats

Have your floors and carpets got damaged from effects of heavy exercise equipment and debris from mechanical parts? Yes, you got me right. Your solution is embedded here in heavy duty PVC super mats. This is the mat that increases the durability of your machine by preventing dust from the floor and carpet from penetrating belts and mechanical parts of your machines like steppers, exercise bikes, step aerobics and much more.This mat is easily cleaned using a damp cloth they are also available in a standard size to fit any room in the house. However, they are available in dimensions of 3-feet by 6.5 feet.In addition, they dampen vibration that causes wear and tear on equipment. These mats are pocket-friendly long lasting at your service.

8. PVC Heavy Duty Super Mats

PVC Heavy Duty Super Mats

The mat ideal for spinning bikes is the heavy duty PVC super mats which protect your floors and carpets from the heavy exercise equipment and mechanical parts debris’.It dampens vibrations and muffles noises so that those around you are not disturbed.However, the tough PVC material protects the floors and carpets from damage exercise of heavy exercise machines. These mats are perfect for steppers, exercise bikes, step-aerobics or just stretching. PVC heavy duty mats are convenient in all sizes to fit in your exercise room. They are available and affordable in all sizes at your service.

7. Solid PVC Super Mats

Solid PVC Super Mats

If you are looking for the ultimate mats to enhance safety to your carpets and surfaces, you should consider buying Solid PVC super mats. This is due to their super tough and durable material which helps in protecting your floor and carpets from effects of heavy mechanical debris. This mat also dampens vibration to reduce the chances of tearing and wearing of the mats. Also, they maximize the life period of your equipment by preventing dust from penetrating through the belts and mechanical parts. They are also well designed, featuring a dimension of 3 feet by 8.5 feet to fit into any standard room.

6. Solid Equipment Super Mat

Solid Equipment Super Mat

If you need a perfect mat that will ensure that your carpet and surface is safe from machine and debris, you should buy Solid equipment Super mat. This is because the mat features a durable material which drains water easily after washing to ensure that they do not wear out or tear. Also, the mat is ideal for steppers, exercise bikes among other practical activities. Also, the mat has a moderate dimension of 3 feet by 4. It dampens vibration to reduce the disturbance the neighbors and family members experience.

5. Pro – Impact Treadmill Mat

Pro - Impact Treadmill Mat

As the name implies, pro impact is a reliable mat which any treadmill user should have right in the house. It not only offers maximum protection against the impact of the treadmill but also to some gym machines. It boasts the same high impact professional grade fabric used by a professional sports team and in health clubs. Their quality surpasses the foam mats in that they don’t curl, indent or curl no matter how hard you train on them. Besides, they are available as black or gray mats to suit your color preference and the décor of your home.

4. Gympak Treadmill Equipment PVC Ma

Gympak Treadmill Equipment PVC Ma

Gympak treadmill mat is still another top rated gym mat that has earned great popularity in health clubs and sports training. The reasons behind its success in acquiring such a good rating are due to its durable and protective features. You can now experience the difference with this high-density PVC mat. The material is tough enough to withstand vibrations and compressions for various gym equipment. It is specially made to lessen the vibrations and protects the carpet and the for from damages. Hence, Gympak is non-bleeding and of high density offering a great way of keeping the floors clean.

3. Stamina Equipment Mat- Fold-to-Fit Design

Stamina Equipment Mat- Fold-to-Fit Design

Featuring a fold-to-fit design, this equipment mat offers one of the easiest and reliable ways of protecting your floors from damages by treadmills and other gym machines. Its excellent ratings are as a result of its ability to safeguard the floors from unsightly blemishes and scratches. The seven folding sections ensure that it is easily customizable to fit and to provide maximum shock absorption from aerobic workouts. The textured and pebble surface ensures that the floor is easily cleaned to remove all debris. And the size dimensions of 84 x 0.25 x 36 inches provides an accurate fit for any standard room. That said, this mat is an ultimate way of protecting your floors if you own elliptical machines, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines among others.

2. Xmark Fitness Mat, Ultra-Thick Equipment Mat

Xmark Fitness Mat, Ultra-Thick Equipment Mat

Of course having a heavy duty and rugged equipment mat is a necessity in a healthy lifestyle. Xmark Fitness mat is a mat that you should be having right in your home to protect floors against damages from all gym equipment. It ensures Measures 4′ x 6 and has a thickness of one-half inches making it ideal for accommodating up to 75 lbs in weight. Besides, you should buy it at the essence of being environmentally conscious. After all, it is made from recycled rubber. The overall product boasts rugged and textured non-slip surface for placing your gym equipment. It comes at achievable and friendly prices.

1. SuperMats Weightlifting Equipment, Rubber Mat

SuperMats Weightlifting Equipment, Rubber Mat

Whether you are looking for a better commercial gym or home flooring, SuperMats weightlifting mat will work best. This is an innovatively designed mat that offers reliable protection to your floor regardless of how rigorous you train. It measures four (4) feet by six (6) feet by 3/8 inches thick, making it ideal for a perfect fit in a standard size room. It is made from recycled rubber but boasts rugged and non-slip surface to accommodate any gym equipment. The strength of the PVC material allows it to be strong and resist compression. It features a cool black color and comes in a nicely packed heavy-duty poly bag.


While gym equipment is must have accessories in any modern home that come with various provisions. You need to place them on well-designed mats to ensure that the floors are protected from any rough of damage. Remember that these gym equipment are hefty and can cause detrimental damage to your floors. But, as we’ve seen, the products discussed in the review are sturdy, durable and strong enough to eliminate the damaging effect of gym equipment to floors. Spend less and maintain your floors as clean as new.