Top 15 Best Snowboard Pants in 2023 Reviews

For the hikers, and other mountain climbers, an alpine wardrobe is a must. Arming yourself with right snow attires means you can easily enjoy even when the weather is prohibiting. The current world presents different snow pants in various styles, technologies, and materials. This makes the buyers have a rough time when choosing their best pants. With snow pants, they are usually tough and ensure you can wear them during extreme conditions.

As opposed to picking snowboard bindings or snowboard helmets, finding the right yet sexy snowsport pant may not be as easy and fun to do as you may presume. However, snow pants are an essential item and picking the wrong pair could make you face a lot of adversaries when outdoors during winter. Snow pants will help keep the snow out while letting you stay warm during any snow sport.

Just like the rain clothing, these pant for snow use needs to be waterproof. Additionally, insulation is vital in protecting your feet from the freezing temperature. Besides, the other features like pockets, layered design, and breathability are essential in keeping the pant protective. To have a great experience, check out our top selected snow pants in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Snowboard Pants

15. Arctix Men’s Snowboard Pants

Arctix Men’s Snowboard Pants

Arctix non-insulated snow pants for men come with a mesh-lined interior and an adjustable waist to keep you warm and comfortable during your outdoor winter sports activities. The breathable high-tech material used to design these pants wicks away moisture to help you stay dry all day long.
They are machine washable and have boot zippers, a zippered fly, and articulated knees allowing you to take them off easily. The boot gaiters will integrate with your boots to keep the warmth in. Arctix pants are available in different sizes, and aside from the black color, you’ll equally find it in charcoal color thus you can settle with your best.

14. Arctix Snowsports Cargo Pants for Men

Arctix Snowsports Cargo Pants for Men

Aside from the fact that you’ll buy these pants with just a few coins, Arctix men’s pants are available in many different colors aside from charcoal and black you can always choose your favorite. The 85 grams of ThermaTech insulation will promise you warmth in these lightweight pants that additional have an adjustable waist to keep you warm.
Moreover, they offer boot zippers and articulated knees for an easy on and off while promising you great comfort. The O-ring is perfect for keys while the boot gaiters help keep moisture out. It additionally has belt loops, gloves and lift ticket, zippered fly for additional performance. You’ll love the zippered hand-warmer-style pockets that function perfectly to keep you warm whenever you’re outdoors.

13. White Sierra Insulated Pants

White Sierra Insulated Pants

These asphalt-colored White Sierra men’s pants have front hand warmer pockets and gaiters to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold weather.
The nylon taslon shell and polyester lining allow you to enjoy any outdoor sport or activity without worrying about the cold or the snow. Conversely, the fabric is waterproof and breathable with fit back elastic you’ll surely stay warm and comfortable while outdoors.

12. Arctix 1960-Parent Snowsports Cargo Pant

Arctix 1960-Parent Snowsports Cargo Pant

Arctix is a highly recognized brand known for making high-quality weatherproof outfits for winter activities, and the 1960-Parent will prove just that. It’s multilayered design features heat-trapping microchambers and lightweight insulation meant to keep you warm all through.
The breathable high-tech outer shell material additionally helps keep moisture out with reinforced seams intended to keep the pants wind and water resistant. Further, these men’s snow pants have leg pockets large enough to accommodate your wallet, keys, phones or anything you’d like to carry with you while outdoors.
Don’t let your pants weigh you down this winter. Get the Arctix’s 1960-Parent Snowsports pants for any outdoor activity you’ll engage in.

11. Columbia Bugaboo II Men’s Pants

Columbia Bugaboo II Men’s Pants

The Bugaboo II Pants are additionally available in five different colors you won’t run out of choices for the best color. If a colorful design is equally as important to you as the performance, then you’ll want to give these men’s pants your attention.
The Bugaboo II have an internal leg gaiter meant to keep you warm and prevent moisture from getting in while the exterior adjustable waist keeps you comfortable and fit during any winter sport whether skiing or snowboarding. Furthermore, they are waterproof and breathable with a critical seam sealing that guarantees you warmth during the cold winter.

10. Columbia Snow Gun Pant

Columbia Snow Gun Pant

These pants by Columbia were indeed made with the real winter sportsperson in mind. Not only are they elegant and affordable, but they also have the most ergonomic design to keep you comfortable and warm throughout the day in the cold season. You don’t have to stay indoors or go out with a pair of shorts anymore.
These machine washable pants are well insulated and designed with waterproof fabric guaranteeing you’ll stay warm and free from weather elements whenever you’re out. The adjustable waist and security pocket additionally make the Snow Gun pant a must buy for anyone looking to enjoy their favorite winter sport.

9. Arctix Cargo Pants

Arctix Cargo Pants

It’s time you considered these high-quality weatherproof Snowsports pants from Arctix ideal for any winter sport. These pants are undoubtedly the perfect combination of comfort warmth and durability.
Besides, the Arctix Cargo Pants, perfect for men, have belt loops, boot gaiters, articulated knees and an O-ring for your keys. You’ll want to try pot these pants if you’re looking for the best snowsport pant available in the market at a reasonable price.

8. Arctix Avalanche Ski Pants

Arctix Avalanche Ski Pants

The Avalanche Ski Pants are meant for those who truly understand the importance of a good pair of snow pants for men during winter. These high-quality pants made from Nylon ThermaLock fabric are light in weight, comfortable and warm enough to keep all weather elements out during your ski adventure. Just as other quality designs from Arctix, these pants will fit you comfortably since the adjustable waist helps prevent it from riding up. Conversely, the zippered, fly, boot zippers and zippered pockets make these pants very easy to put on or take off.

7. Arctix Snow Pants Womens Cargo

Arctix Snow Pants Womens Cargo

No, we haven’t forgotten you, ladies. If you’re working on a fixed budget but still want to look sassy during winter while out skiing, snowboarding or hiking, then these are the right pants for you. The Arctix Cargo pants designed for women have denier ballistic that will help prevent any wear and tear.
Furthermore, they are a low bulk garment made from high-quality, lightweight material that promises you warmth all day. The seamless integration of boot gaiters with boots additionally keeps you warm while keeping all the moisture out. And the boot zippers allow for an easy on and off while the articulated knees will help keep you comfortable too.

6. Arctix Youth Snow Bib

Arctix Youth Snow Bib

The Youth Overall Snow bib will let your kids stay warm and play out for long without worrying about the cold weather. The high-tech wind and water-resistant outer shell will make sure this happens.
Moreover, the multi-layered flexible construction makes the Youth Snow Bib very light with a unique breathable material perfect for kids even during active play. With this outwear, you get more than you pay for from elastic boot gaiters, secured zippered front pocket and accent color lining.

5. Volcom Carbon Pant

Volcom Carbon Pant

Volcom’s men Carbon Pants is made of 100% polyester and have an adjustable inner waistband and back pockets. These pants are ergonomically designed for the snowboard rider looking to stay warm and enjoy a great time on their local hill. They are machine washable with polished tricot lined hand warmer pockets for additional warmth.
The Volcom area made from two-layer Oxford fabric making them waterproof and breathable. They equally feature stone butt patch, stone ticket ring, and boot gaiters.

4. Arctix Waterproof SkiGear Snow Pants for Men

Arctix Waterproof SkiGear Snow Pants for Men

Arctix SkiGear Pants are perfect for snowboarding, skiing or any other outdoor winter activity you’d like to engage in. Designed with the sportsman in mind, these waterproof pants have two front zippered pockets and snow cuffs to keep the snow out. They also have a D-ring for keys and boot zippers making them easy to wear or take off.

3. Arctix Chicago Bears Cargo Snow Pants

Arctix Chicago Bears Cargo Snow Pants

These men insulated snow pants offers maximum protection from weather elements keeping you warm and comfortable whenever you’re outdoors in the cold temperatures.
Whether you’re out working in the snow, skiing, hunting or ice fishing, these Chicago Bears Cargo Pants will provide you with that warmth you’ll surely need if you’re looking to enjoy your activities even throughout the day. They have two zippered front pockets and reinforced scuff guards for added durability.
These lightweight pants are made high-quality nylon fabric making them not only sturdy but conversely comfortable allowing you maximum motion.

2. Arctix Insulated Snow Pants for Women

Arctix Insulated Snow Pants for Women

The Arctix Insulated Snow Pants for Women is available in five different colors. It is made with ThermaLock coating to keep you warm and comfortable during winter sports. The Denier Ballistic holds up against wear and tear making these pants durable.
Moreover, its adjustable waist allows for a comfortable fit you’ll surely spend more time doing other things you like. Well, aside from its elegant and sassy look, these women’s pants are also affordable and the perfect choice if you’re working on a tight budget.

1. Arctix Essential Men’s Snow Pants

Arctix Essential Men’s Snow Pants

You’ll want to own these bad boys if you’re looking to stay dry through every winter fun and sports. These might just be the right cold-weather outwear for skiing or snowboarding. They are rugged, warm, and comfortable and have enough room for motion.
Features such as the two zip-front pockets, ankle zippers and cuffs make the Arctix Essential among the best high-quality snow pants for men that promise excellent performance in the cold weather.


Hopefully, our top fifteen list will help you make an informed final decision based on the quality of material, breathability, fit and other important considerations you’ll need to take into account before purchasing snowsport pants. Whether you want snow pants for men or snow pants for women, remember that having the right pair equally ensures you have the best time during winter sports or other cold-weather outdoor activities you’d like to engage in.