Top 20 Best Snowboard Bindings in 2023 Reviews

Snowboarding is an excellent sport that people enjoy especially in winter. To make sure that your legs have excellent grip when snowboarding, it is crucial to ensure you have perfect snowboard binding. The bindings are the components between your legs and the snowboard and are dedicated to keeping your legs safe and offer driving force without fatiguing easily. To have efficient snowboard control, it is ideal to ensure that you have perfect binding to enables perfect conversion of body maneuverability into snowboard control.

The snowboard bindings consist of several components that combine to deliver outstanding control and leg support. To start with is the base plate. It is the backbone of bindings where other parts attach. Together with the heel base, these two are the chassis a snowboard binding. Additional components that ensure that the whole system stay in place include the ankle strap, toe strap, ladder and others which one need to check the quality before buying binding for snowboard.

Besides the features, when shopping for this system, looking for the right size is mandatory to ensure you have a perfect fit. Oversize or undersize will compromise your legs stability and overall performance. Generally, a stable system with sturdy chassis, straps and perfect fitting will enable your legs have ample support leading to improved experience and performance. Below, are the selected top 10 best snowboard bindings in 2021 reviews that will take your snowboarding to the next level.

List of Best Snowboard Bindings

20. Burton Freestyle Men’s Snowboard Binding

Burton Freestyle Men’s Snowboard Binding

The Burton name is widely known for designing exceptional snowboard bindings models, and the Burton men’s Freestyle is no exception. This model features a single-component baseplate construction that makes it perfect for all-terrain domination.
It’s lightweight design, and bomb-proof polycarbonate encourages relaxed laid back cruising during your mountain adventure. The cushioning system allows for full coverage with a cushioned platform that makes you comfortable in turn reducing fatigue.

19. Flow Flite LTD Snowboarding Bindings

Flow Flite LTD Snowboarding Bindings

These bindings are convenient, comfortable and provide excellent performance, ideal for anyone looking to have a memorable mountain experience. It has unique features as the ExoFit strap, the mini-ratchet buckles, molded rockered hi back and baseplate and EVA toe and heel pads that make them unique and great.
If you’re working on a tight budget, then you’ll need to consider these sleek bindings as part of your snowboard equipment for an enjoyable mountain time.

18. Flow Alpha MTN 2019

Flow Alpha MTN 2019

Welcome 2019 in style with these best snowboard bindings that blend unmatched performance with ease of use to create an affordable model that gives you a memorable experience. With these snowboard bindings, you won’t have to sit down and tighten ratchets to strap in.
Features such as the locking micro ratchets and EVA padded hibacks and footbeds make this model very comfortable and quite easy to use. The ExoFit PowerStrap has an exoskeleton support-frame that will provide great ankle support. The Alpha MTN are truly worth considering if performance and market-affordability are your key concerns.

17. Ride Rodeo

Ride Rodeo

The Ride Rodeo is designed for freestyle mountain action with premium flexibility and is the best model for freestyle thrill-seekers. Aside from it’s numerous color options and low-end price range, the Ride Rodeo are made with aluminum to offer unmatched durability with the perfect minimal weight balance.
It has finely tunable adjustable, a performance micro-disk mounting system and stance correct heel cup all unique features that complete this binding and make it irresistible. The asymmetrically-designed Freestyle strap helps improve lateral support and comfort. And when it comes to elegance, the Ride Rodeo truly look as good as they function you’ll surely want to own these bindings.

16. Rome United

Rome United

Rome’s United snowboard bindings have an easy highback rotation, ConFormist toe straps and strap positioning that make this model highly useful and perfect for your local hill adventure. It has a flex rating of 5 with a smooth and responsive pattern. Its Unibody Baseplate is super light in weight allowing for smooth responsiveness.
The United Snowboard Bindings additionally feature a tool-free forward lean adjuster, EVA inbase pad and subbase pad. You’ll love the contour ankle strap that is flexible and 3D shaped for a comfortable ankle support.

15. Men’s Burton Freestyle

Men’s Burton Freestyle

The Burton Freestyle is perfect for rookies looking to up their game. It is designed to improve any board ride and give you a wonderful time. The Burton Freestyle have a lightweight yet sturdy design ranking it among Burton’s best selling snowboard bindings. It has a FullBED cushioning system with soft padded straps that make them extremely comfortable. The single-component lightweight baseplate allows for an easy setup and adjusting making it compatible with most snowboard mounting systems.

14. K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding for Men

K2 Hurrithane Snowboard Binding for Men

The Hurrithane has a tweakable park performance and includes simple to use features making it ideal for a memorable mountain time. Their tweak-ability indeed takes flex to a whole new level with the urethane laced highback. The EVA footbed takes the edge off high impact landings while the Easy Feed ratchet housing will save you some hill time. The K2 Hurrithance is the best park bindings available in the market today.

13. Ride EX

Ride EX

Ride’s EX are men’s snowboarding bindings built for sturdiness and flexibility. The aluminum Edge chassis provide all-mountain functioning and flex while the Wedgie footbeds allow for complete support and pop boost. Moreover, the Ride EX have a ThinGrip toe strap, AstroGlyde OG ratchets, and RAD ankle strap all adding to its excellent performance. They are the best model for any level rider you won’t find anything like them in the market.

12. Burton Mission EST

Burton Mission EST

Ranking among the most affordable best snowboard binding available in the market today, the Burton Mission EST provides you with enough rigor to blast through crud. Their smooth glide trade buckles have aluminum levers and steel making them durable.
This snowboard equipment is perfect for the intermediate or advanced rider with pro skills who ride anything. Its customizable cushioning beds with multiple stance options make you feel comfortable while the hiback design is ergonomic improving lateral ankle support. The react strap trade will conform to any boot, and the rugged flex slider system makes it easy to strap in.

11. Union Contact Titanium Pro

Union Contact Titanium Pro

These are the lightest bindings you’ll ever find on the market currently available with a 3D direct connect system that helps distribute pressure evenly across the top of your foot. The highbacks are light and durable and will still function better in all types of terrain.
The minimal board to the binding interface allows you to have a smooth and more natural ride and the vaporlite bushing system allows for natural canting. Moreover, it’s titanium color, and chic design makes it stand out from the competition not to mention the low-range price tag will catch your eyes.

10. Burton Freestyle Men’s Snowboarding Binding

Burton Freestyle Men’s Snowboarding Binding

The Burton Freestyle has been built to make any snowboard ride better, perfect for any beginning rider looking to up their game. The technology behind the lightweight baseplate allows for a smoother flex.
This model will work perfectly with major mounting systems. It features a FullBED cushioning system with a lightweight yet bomber design. The Flex Slider lushstrap makes strapping easy with a hinging zone that lets the heel strap flex and open fully saving you time on the hill.

9. Burton Citizen

Burton Citizen

Burton Citizen is an all-mountain womens snowboard bindings with an ultra-light weight and single-component high back for exceptional comfort and support. Its sleek white design and affordable price make them the best pair for most women looking for comfortable bindings with a smoother flex.
The lushstarp design will conform to your boot and keep you locked in. The fullBED cushioning system makes you feel comfortable while the smooth glide buckles ratchet with easy. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced female rider, you can try out these white wallet-friendly models that will undoubtedly make you stand out.

8. Avalanche Serenity Womens Snowboard Bindings

Avalanche Serenity Womens Snowboard Bindings

These bindings will promise any rider an outstanding performance designed with a fashionable design that gives it a sophisticated look. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of cash to get the Avalanche Serenity Snowboard Bindings. They feature an anatomical baseplate with two by two screw inserts, adjustable toe straps, and EVA ankle straps. Other unique features include durable aluminum ratchets and ultralight padded highback that makes any rider comfortable.

7. Union Juliet

Union Juliet

Union’s snowboard bindings are symmetric in shape with asymmetrical flex making them anatomically perfect for excellent performance and comfort. The 3D multi-layer strap core distributes pressure across you top foot locking you in comfortably. You’ll equally love the Duraflex baseplate and aluminum buckles that give the Union Juliet a sturdy and durable nature ideal for most terrains.

6. Ride Women’s DVA

Ride Women’s DVA

The Bordeaux-colored womens snowboard bindings have an aluminum edge chassis system, adjustable heelcup, wedgie footbed and EVA base pad with a Freestyle ankle strap, all incredible features that offer excellent performance.
They are meant for women who can turn the entire mountain into a playground since they’ve been designed for all-mountain functioning. The Thin Grip toe strap gives you great support with a freestyle-driven response while the Slimeback SB allows for a smooth ride.

5. Burton Custom 2019 Snowboard Bindings

Burton Custom 2019 Snowboard Bindings

If colorful, stylish designs are equally a consideration in the best snowboard bindings, then these Grassland-colored bindings by Burton are the right choice for you. Aside from the elegant look, the Burton Custom is well cushioned making them quite comfortable promising great mountain performance.
The Canted Highback design helps improve your legs control while additionally maximizing comfort. It has a comfortable Lushstrap that conforms to your boots allowing for maximum support. They are the best model for an all-mountain freestyle adventure for intermediate male riders you should check them out.

4. Burton Cartel

Burton Cartel

These snowboard bindings have amazing features perfect for the male all mountain freestyle rider. They have received lots of praise for being the best all mountain snowboarding bindings featuring a medium stiffness of 7/10 and a rock-solid strap in ratchet system.
If you’re looking to hit the parks and equally explore the backcountry, then the Burton Cartel will serve you just perfectly. The extra padding is quite advantageous as it helps with impact absorption. The Cartels are perfect on the groomers and feature a broad range of adjustability allowing you to tweak them however you want.

3. K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Binding

K2 Cinch CTS Snowboard Binding

These bad boys have a straightforward and fast operation technology that will make you comfortable while snowboarding. They’ve been upgraded to include harshmellow that reduces vibration. If you want to be faster and beat your friends, you’ll want to try out the K2 Cinch CTS. The all mountain snowboard bindings additionally include an adjustable power ramp, universal disc, and a cam-lock centering.

2. Flow Five Hybrid

Flow Five Hybrid

Flow’s Five Hybrid delivers convenient and mid-flex support along with bombproof durability to help you explore every part of the mountain. It features a toe cap for those who still prefer the traditional binding strap. The rockered baseplate has molded plastic allowing you easy turns along with great comfort.
Moreover, it features rounded edges allowing your board to flex naturally underfoot. The EVA inserts act as shock and vibration absorbers ideal for harsh landings and a smooth chatter.

1. Union 2013 Contact

Union 2013 Contact

The Union 2013 Contact is orange and black in color giving it a sleek, colorful look you’ll surely stand out from your friends and other riders. It will fit boot sizes between 10.5 to 14 and features a 3 and 4 hole disc compatibility.
The Union Contact are very light in weight but are made from a sturdy and durable material capable of handling all mountain riding. This is the binding perfect for a true board flex and control.


When it comes to the best snowboard bindings, you want a pair that will handle anything an all mountain rider will throw at them. Your snowboard binding should be able to ride the park, the groomers, and the back country. Consider the baseplate, flex, boot support and padding along with the material used to design the bindings to get snowboarding bindings that will provide optimal performance with the comfort you want on the mountain.