Top 20 Best Sleep Masks of 2024

Many people may find the concept of the sleep eye mask odd: but then think about this, you’d like to have a good night’s rest yet you are being woken up essential because of the light. They say quality health is important to our health and overall wellbeing. This is true, so if you’d like to keep the sun’s rays out but don’t want to invest in window shutters, there’s always a cheaper alternative – the sleep mask.

If you’re having a hard time sleeping in your bedroom or if you’d like to nap and block the light out while traveling, then you’ll need to find the best sleep mask. Good quality sleeping masks will fit you comfortably and block all the light out; allowing you to have a peaceful environment for sleeping. We care about quality sleep just as much as you do: this is why we have created a top list of the best sleep masks for sleeping to help you find one that meets your unique needs.

List of Best Sleep Masks Review

20. Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Sleep Eye Mask

Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Sleep Eye Mask

The BTB01 by Bedtime Bliss is soft and comfortable and will block all light out to help you relax or meditate even when traveling. It is contoured and has a light weight that won’t put pressure on the eyes. Besides, you can easily rest in the darkness with your eyes open when you buy this sleep mask. The mask is ideal for meditation, travel, will fit both men and women and will not smudge your makeup.

19. 40 Winks 3D Eye Mask

40 Winks 3D Eye Mask

When you buy this eye mask for sleeping, you equally get ear plugs and a free carry pouch for added convenience and easy storage. It is suitable for men, women and also children. The cooling eye mask gives you good naps while traveling without uncomfortable pressure on the eyes. The foam molding adds comfort while sleeping in any position while the adjustable strap ensures a more customized fit. It is made with super-soft material to guarantee you the best sleep at night.

18. Ally Black 3D Eye Mask

Ally Black 3D Eye Mask

This sleep eye mask has a length of 23cm and measures 9cm in width. It is made of super soft fabrics to ensure you sleep comfortably without too much pressure on your eyes. It will fit any face shape because it comes designed with an adjustable stretch band. Price won’t be an issue with the Ally Black Sleep Mask because it sells at a very reasonable cost that won’t interfere with your budget.

17. Infinity 3D Eye Mask Set of 2

Infinity 3D Eye Mask Set of 2

The soft satin material and elastic band make this sleeping mask soft and comfortable to use. It has a contoured 3D shape and light weight that won’t put pressure on your eyes. Packaging comes with two sleep eye masks. The Infinity eye mask is ideal to use while traveling, meditating or for shift work. It is pretty easy to adjust and very durable for long term use.

16. Pretty Care 3D Sleep Mask

Pretty Care 3D Sleep Mask

PrettyCare’s comes in a pack of two with two quality ear plugs and a silk travel bag. The 3D tech used on this sleeping mask makes it quite comfortable: the large eye cavities will not put pressure on your eyes, and the mask will never smudge your makeup.
The mask has a slim design weighing only 0.4 ounces with a thickness of 0.6mm. Its strap can extend to 7.8 inches for a perfect and more customized fit without tugging your hair. The thick memory foam makes this mask comfortable to wear even for an extended period. It can be washed either by hand or with a machine.

15. Woodyknows 3D Light Sleep Mask

Woodyknows 3D Light Sleep Mask

This is the latest release of sleeping masks by WoodyKnows designed with the most recent cutting-edge material for improved functionality and extra durability. The mask has large eye cavities and two different sizes of the nose bridge so you can choose one that comfortably matches your face.
The material used is also soft, light weighing only 0.7oz, and air permeable. This 3D eye mask will perfectly match your face and nose. If you want the best sleep mask that will not let light in, then WoodyKnows cooling eye mask is the design to settle with. It comes at a very reasonable price selling at only a few dollars. You’ll be able to feel your money when you consider WoodyKnows 3D eye mask.

14. KEKU 3d 2 Pack Eye Masks

KEKU 3d 2 Pack Eye Masks

The KEKU eye mask for sleeping is made of high-quality material and will completely block sunlight or any unwanted light to help you get to slumberland quickly. The 3D eye mask is quite light and has a comfortable contoured design that will avoid contact with your eyelids. You can therefore still have your eyes open when wearing the mask.
The Velcro strap is long enough and fully adjustable to allow you a more customized fit. Aside from being anti-bacterial, it is also anti-fade and anti-mite. This is the best eye mask for shift work, to relieve fatigue and also for travel. It comes in a pack of two – pink and black – thus you can share it with your spouse if you want.

13. Cherainti Blindfold Sleeping Mask

Cherainti Blindfold Sleeping Mask

This sleep mask comes in three different shades: pink, purple and blue. It comes with ear plugs and a pouch. This is the best choice if you want to have a nice nap or sleep like a baby at night. The mask is made of high-quality polyester material and soft sponge type goggles, making it comfortable.
What’s more, the 3D contoured shape ensures natural eye movements without pressure on the eyeballs and eyelids. Use this high quality sleep eye mask when meditating, traveling, taking a nap or sleeping at night, and you’ll surely love the outcome.

12. PrettyCare 2 Pack 3D Contoured Eye Mask

PrettyCare 2 Pack 3D Contoured Eye Mask

PrettyCare’s eye mask for sleeping is super slim with a thickness of 0.23 inches only and is equally light weighing only 0.88oz. Therefore, this sleep mask will not put pressure on your face or smudge makeup. The 3D eye mask has large cavities and is made with high-density memory foam for added comfort.
Its Velcro strap can adjust to 20cm thus will fit comfortably any face without tugging the hair. Further, the raised nasal bridge ensures that this sleeping mask can equally fit any face. Aside from two sleep masks, you equally get a silk travel bag and two sets of ear plugs for added convenience.

11. Otioti 2 Pack Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

Otioti 2 Pack Contoured Sleep Eye Mask

This may probably be the best deal you’ll ever get when it comes to buying the best sleep mask. For a few dollars, you get a set of two sleep masks by Otioti in shades of purple and black. What’s more, there are two ear plugs and a nice travel pouch that can hold both masks.
If you want great relaxation during yoga or would love to have a nice sleep at night, then this should be your first choice amid other models of sleep masks. It is very light, soft and breathable with an adjustable Velcro strap for a custom fit. The 3D contoured shape of this eye mask for sleeping will neither put pressure on the eyes nor smudge makeup.

10. Outgeek Black 3D Eye Mask

Outgeek Black 3D Eye Mask

Outgeek’s sleep eye mask sells at a very reasonable price and comes with a pair of ear plugs and a storage bag. The breathable polyester cotton used to design this sleep mask gives it a very lightweight, comfortable and soft nature. It has a width of 9.1 inches, a height of 3.1 inches and a diameter of 2 inches.
The strap is easily adjustable and will not tangle your hair, unlike other sleep masks. It is perfectly fitted around the nose to block any unwanted light. The eye coverings have a convex shape preventing the mask from touching your eyes. This mask will block light perfectly and is very comfortable and convenient to use.

9. Alistart Contoured 3D Eye Mask

Alistart Contoured 3D Eye Mask

You can either buy two black sleep masks or settle for the blue and purple sleep masks by Alistart. This is the best deal since for just a few dollars; you get two high quality and efficient sleep masks that will block light out when sleeping. Owning this sleep eye mask is like traveling with two mobile black-out curtains.
The technology behind this model is very simple: it has a deep, contoured design with molded cups that won’t put pressure on your eyes for a rub-free comfort. Much as you can easily fold this sleep mask and carry it in your purse, it will never lose its shape.

8. Cooling Tch 3d Cooling Eye Mask

Cooling Tch 3d Cooling Eye Mask

This is the best sleep mask for shift work and travel. It has a soft elastic strap that is easily adjustable making it ideal for men women and also children. It comes in a pack of two; thus you can always share it with your partner. The black and purple shades with soft, high-quality material give this sleep mask an attractive look. The 3D eye mask has a unique contoured shape that puts no pressure on the eyes and will not smudge makeup making it the best eye mask for napping anytime of the day.

7. Cooling Tech Light Blocking Sleep Eye Mask

Cooling Tech Light Blocking Sleep Eye Mask

Cooling Tech’s sleep mask will fit all heads because of the adjustable strap that can be modified to 38cm. It is perfect for both adults and kids. It is the best eye mask for sleeping and also traveling since its 3d contoured shape will not smudge makeup. Besides, the convex shape ensures your eyes don’t touch the high-quality material for a more comfortable nap. This equally makes it easy for you to relax in the dark with your eyes open. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you won’t be fully satisfied with the product.

6. EnClare Premium 4-in-1 Eye Mask for Sleeping

EnClare Premium 4-in-1 Eye Mask for Sleeping

Block out the sun, TV light or any unwanted light with this high quality sleep mask by EnClare. It is the best sleep mask for tired and dry eyes. The mask is made of 100 percent silk and sells at a throw-away price that won’t interfere with your budget. Besides, this product additionally comes with earplugs and a pouch with the company’s name and logo beautifully written on it. The convex shape gives you room to naturally move your eyes while the strap can easily adjust to fit any head.

5. VCOO 3 Pack Adjustable 3d Eye Mask

VCOO 3 Pack Adjustable 3d Eye Mask

VCOO’s offer beats all deals on the market: it not only gives you two but three sleep masks for you, your partner and anyone else. It has a slim design and light weight measuring only 0.6cm thick and weighing 0.4oz. Even with this compact design, the mask will block 100 percent light out to give you room for a good night sleep or a nice nap in the afternoon.
The high-quality material ensures the mask doesn’t lose its shape despite being foldable. It will fit any head and is perfect for both men and women traveling or working in shifts. The contoured design gives you room to move your eyes naturally.

4. Plemo Skin-Friendly Modal Fabric Sleep Eye Mask

Plemo Skin-Friendly Modal Fabric Sleep Eye Mask

This product’s lightweight nature and compact design make it the perfect companion both at home and on-the-move. It is a must have sleep travel accessory if you want to take a nice nap without interference from unwanted light. It is made from breathable modal fabric that is super soft and also skin-friendly to let you enjoy your sleep. It will not put pressure on the eyes and the elastic headband with convenient buckles gives you a more custom fit. It is suitable for adults and children.

3. ZPbliss Eye Mask for Sleeping

ZPbliss Eye Mask for Sleeping

ZPbliss has two sizes of eye masks; with nose contour and without nose contour. They sell their sleeping masks at quite pocket-friendly rates that won’t interfere with your budget. You’ll love this 3D eye mask because it is made of high quality imported eco-friendly material and hot-pressing technology.
Besides, the fabric is super soft and quite durable thus will serve you for a long time. The air permeability property and a contoured shape give you good night sleep without unwanted light. It is perfect for any occasion whether indoors or outdoors.

2. ZHICHEN Silk 3D Eye Mask

ZHICHEN Silk 3D Eye Mask

This new product comes in three different colors; pink, white and gray. The cute rabbit face gives this face mask a chic look making it perfect for young girls and adults who like having fancy accessories. It is the best sleep eye mask to bring along in your next sleeping party, travel or yoga.
The eye mask is made of soft silk material and comes with an adjusting button for a customized fit. There are foam ear plugs, and Ice Bag included when you buy this cooling eye mask. The company gives you a lifetime warranty and also assures you of a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

1. AMAZKER 3d Eye Mask

AMAZKER 3d Eye Mask

Amazker sleep eye mask has an unusual design and sleek look you’ll truly want to buy it. Unlike other sleeping masks it has a deeper eye cavity and higher invisible alar by the nose. The high-quality full foam guarantees comfort and total darkness even in rooms with a lot of light.
The material is anti-fade, anti-mite and anti-bacterial aside from being highly durable. Besides, the elastic polyester material used to make the strap gives a more custom fit for added comfort. The mask weighs 0.88oz and has a width of 0.23 inches. The 3D contoured design lets you blink freely, and you equally won’t have to worry about ruining your makeup. The lovely purple shade gives this sleep mask an eye-catching look.


To conclude, a lightweight, smooth mask that can fit anyone and be worn anywhere is the best sleep mask. Then we just gave you the best options available: our list has nothing but top quality sleep eye masks that promise to give you a good night sleep or nap wherever you are. We promise that you won’t go wrong with the above options.