Top 20 Best Ski Masks for This Winter in 2023 Reviews

Skiing is a great sport and part of recreation, especially during winters. But, to effectively enjoy the game, you need to have proper protection to prevent feeling the biting winter cold. Now, besides gloves and heavy clothing, face masks are vital accessories that every person who loves skiing must have. Not only every mask designed to keep your skiing enjoyable, but cheap ones can also still let you feel the winter effects.

Although buying these face masks isn’t a big deal, you need to pick right one or else; you get an awful moment out there. First of all, even before actual buying, you need to have in mind what you are looking for. One of the features to check is the materials used in the construction of these masks for skiing. The type of materials used determines how useful gloves will be in protecting your face while keeping you warm. The most available materials include cotton, neoprene, wool and even blended materials.

The type of ski mask you need is also ideal for ensuring you have the required comfort and protection. In most cases, these masks are either available in full face, bared mask, and balaclava. Usually, what differs in these covers is only the style depending on the user but provide exceptional warmth and protection against freezing. However, the weight of a mask creates a lot of concerns and this why some mask like beard ski masks are becoming popular among the skiers. Other includes the fit and design as well as the cost. For worry-free skiing, here are the tops 10 best ski masks for winter in 2021 reviews.

List of 20 Best Ski Masks for This Winter

20. Zerdocean Winter Fleece Windproof Ski Mask

Zerdocean Winter Fleece Windproof Ski Mask

Look no further if you’re in need of a warm, full cover winter face mask. The Zerdocean Winter Fleece is just right for you. This ski mask will keep you warm in cold temperatures. It has a breathable vent part design and is made of silicone material. It is very long and can come all the way to your shoulders promising to keep both your face and neck warm when snowboarding.
Moreover, this winter face mask is windproof, and you can easily hand wash it before wear. This is the best face mask for winter available for anyone looking to enjoy outdoor activities during the cold weather like skiing, hiking, and cycling.

19. Sunland Lycra Fabrics Winter Face Mask

Sunland Lycra Fabrics Winter Face Mask

This high-quality face mask is perfect for all outdoor winter activities and comes designed with a moisture management and breathing hole. It is made from Lycra fabric with high elasticity making it very soft and comfortable.
The breathing hole allows for easy breathing while preventing fogging. This is a one-size-fits-most mask ideal for anyone looking to participate in winter sports such as cycling, hiking or skiing.

18. Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava

Ergodyne N-Ferno 6823 Balaclava

For an affordable price, you can walk away with wind resistant, versatile full-face coverage ski mask as part of your snowboard accessories. Its long length means you’ll be covered from face to neck while still maintaining breathability.
Moreover, you can wear it in different ways whether as a neck gaiter or full face mask. It is warm and stretchable enough to fit any head size providing ultimate winter protection for both men and women. Its lightweight design makes it fit comfortably under a hard hat or helmet.

17. Xpassion Skull Musk

Xpassion Skull Musk

Would you rather have a half face mask during your outdoor activities? The Xpassion Skull mask might be the perfect choice for you. Whether male or female, adult or teen; this ski mask is designed for anyone looking to go out camping, hunting, motorcycling or skiing.
It is a multifunction face mask for winter that can be used as a scarf, headband, helmet liner, and bandana or neck gaiter. It is extremely skin friendly designed to keep you warm and comfortable during the cold times. It is small and light in weight you can easily slip it in your pocket and take it with you even to a costume party.

16. Self Pro Balaclava Ski Mask

Self Pro Balaclava Ski Mask

Self Pro’s snowboard mask has ultimate thermal retention keeping you super warm and comfortable in the outdoors. It is the perfect fit for both adults and children protecting you from the cold, UV Rays, wind or dust.
Their premium high-tech polyester fiber makes it highly durable and abrasion resistant aside from being soft, lightweight and wrinkle free. It is super comfortable promising premium breathability performance that can additionally be worn as a hat, ninja hoodie or neck gaiter.

15. Coofit Snowboard Face Mask

Coofit Snowboard Face Mask

If you intend to go out snowboarding, you’ll surely want to take with you the black Coofit Ski Face Mask made from cotton. It has a head circumference of 26 cm with a 34-cm length perfect for any outdoor activity whether snowboard, ski, hunting or airsoft. Additionally, the scary skull design makes it ideal for any costume party; so don’t forget to carry it with you.

14. Under Armour ColdGear Men’s Tactical Hood

Under Armour ColdGear Men’s Tactical Hood

This ski mask has a soft thermo-conducive inner coating that will absorb and retain your body heat. It offers full face protection during freezing weather and can equally be worn as a neck gaiter or with the chin dropped. The Evo fabric design makes it super warm and comfortable. This men’s ColdGear Infrared Tactical ski face mask maintains shape and allows great mobility.

13. Super Z Outlet Knit Sew Acrylic

Super Z Outlet Knit Sew Acrylic

Super Z Outlet’s ski face mask will keep you warm in cold weather with the knit thermal full face cover. The three holes cut leave your eyes and mouth exposed making it highly functional. It is soft and comfortable knitted out of acrylic allowing you to breathe.
This mask measures 14 by 7 inches and is sure to fit any adult size head. If you’re looking for an outdoor winter face mask while snowboarding, cycling or skiing, then you need to purchase this readily-available ski mask.

12. Fitabolism 2 Pack Black Ski Mask

Fitabolism 2 Pack Black Ski Mask

Protect yourself from weather elements – head to neck – all year round with Fitabolism’s ski mask. This mask is made from durable stretch polyester making it comfortable and non-bulky. It is perfect under any ski helmet and has numerous functions whether you want an open face mask, neck gaiter or closed mask.
This machine-washable mask is extra warm and is packed in two black high-quality polyester microfiber masks. Its unique design makes it comfortable to wear under your helmet without worrying about skin irritation or heat loss.

11. 1611MAIN 3-Hole Knitted Ski Face Mask

1611MAIN 3-Hole Knitted Ski Face Mask

If you want an affordable snowboard mask to add to your snowboard accessories, then you’ll want to own this beanie-knitted three-hole face mask that is not only comfortable but extra soft. The three holes are meant for your face and mouth adding to this mask’s excellent functionality.
It is additionally made from acrylic and will fit perfectly on most heads whether big or small. You can equally purchase it with the color of your choice since it comes in five different colors from red to black to white.

10. Chaos –CTR Tempest Windproof Face Mask

Chaos –CTR Tempest Windproof Face Mask

This windproof face mask is designed with a hinge allowing you to move it up and down with ease. It is a multifunctional mask that can be worn either as a balaclava or a neck gaiter. The windproof and waterproof breathable fabric keeps your face warm even in the coldest weather.
Moreover, the Lyra binding around the face will seal out all weather elements promising you complete face protection. It is the best snowboard face mask perfect for any die-hard snowboard rider

9. Proven Platinum Unisex Balaclava Face Mask for winter

Proven Platinum Unisex Balaclava Face Mask for winter

Proven Platinum’s black balaclava is elastic and comfortable enough to wear during winter. It keeps your face, neck, and ears warm and breaths easily. Much as it is soft and comfortable on the face, this ski mask is made from a sturdy and durable material that will undoubtedly handle the harshest winter.
Its sleek design won’t block your peripheral vision thus you can wear it during your toughest challenge. The face mask is perfect for both men and women looking to go out skiing, motorcycling, and mountain climbing or snowboarding. Don’t worry about skin irritation either when you wear Proven Platinum’s high-quality face masks.

8. Aegend Multifunctional Ski Face Mask

Aegend Multifunctional Ski Face Mask

With its brand name conspicuously printed on your forehead, everyone will surely understand your taste of the best when it comes to purchasing snowboarding accessories. This balaclava will serve three purposes in one; as you face mask, hat, and scarf. Don’t mistake its simple, elegant design with less performance; Aegend’s face mask can withstand the toughest weather elements – dust, cold, wind burn and even mosquito bites.
The high-class fabric used to design it makes it highly durable, super comfortable and lightweight. Aegend’s ski masks are additionally tear resistant, sewed with high-quality seaming threads. You’ll surely feel your money’s worth with this machine-washable black unisex face mask.

7. Cozia Design MaxPro Windproof Face Mask

Cozia Design MaxPro Windproof Face Mask

The MaxPro has a unique 3D design offering you superior protection in any cold environment. Don’t give up any outdoor activity because of the cold; try out Cozia Design’s MaxPro Balaclava winter face mask and enjoy your favorite winter sport.
The extra-long neck will give you, even more, protection from the cold, wind or snow while the mesh breathing panel allows you for superior air exchange. You can wear it as a full face mask, a neck gaiter or a half ski mask when you’re out snowboarding, hunting or mountain climbing.

6. Cailek 2 Pack Balaclava Ski Mask

Cailek 2 Pack Balaclava Ski Mask

This premium unisex face mask is made with high-quality material to maintain warm temperature, prevent heat loss while still being fully breathable. It is made from durable and stretchable polyester fabric promising excellent performance for a long time. You can comfortably wear this ski mask underneath your helmet without worrying about skin irritations.

5. Only U Gray Balaclava Premium Full Face Mask

Only U Gray Balaclava Premium Full Face Mask

The soft material inside will make you very comfortable and warm during winter you’ll want to have this face mask during your outdoor winter sport. It is made from strong and durable material offering superior wind and cold protection whenever you’re out in the cold weather.
Moreover, it can either be worn by itself or under a helmet, yet it will still serve you extremely well. This ski face mask can be windproof and will fit most if not all adult head sizes. It comes in four different colors you can always choose your favorite.

4. Indie Ridge Microfiber Polyester Skull Outdoor Winter Face Mask

Indie Ridge Microfiber Polyester Skull Outdoor Winter Face Mask

Even if you want something for your kids, you can never go wrong with this Skull outdoor ski mask that is perfect for both adults and children. It has no irritating seams, and you can always wear it comfortably throughout the day when outdoors.
The microfiber polyester makes it strong, durable with a lightweight touch while still maintaining its warmth and breathability nature. It is double-sided and will easily fold down for extra warmth aside from being wind resistant.

3. Cozia Design Full Face Mask Plus Headband

Cozia Design Full Face Mask Plus Headband

This full face mask plus headband is a perfect fit for men, women, and children. It offers ultimate protection from dust, the wind, cold and the sun’s UV rays. The new improved design has an extra-long in front and very long neck for better protection.
You can wear this gray balaclava whenever you’re out hunting, snowboarding, motorcycling or running. You can wash it in your machine and will dry quickly within a few minutes. Moreover, if you’re looking for a neck gaiter or open balaclava, then you’ll want to give this face mask some consideration.

2. Dimples Excel 2-Pack Balaclava

Dimples Excel 2-Pack Balaclava

This multipurpose face mask by Dimples Excel will offer you full facial and neck protection whether during summer outdoor activities or winter activities. The 4-way stretch fabrication allows for excellent mobility while helping to maintain shape.
There are many intelligent, stylish ways to adorn this ski mask from a neck gaiter, open balaclava, chin-drop style or closed balaclava. It’s equally easy to tuck it under your jacket for extra warmth by preventing the wind from entering.

1. Outdoor Research Gorilla Balaclava

Outdoor Research Gorilla Balaclava

You need to give this mountaineering Gorilla Balaclava some attention if you want to beat the harshest weather. Its soft fleece interior will keep wyou warm and comfortable whenever you’re out in the cold.
It has a nose and mesh breathing port that is easily removable thus you can always tailor coverage to meet any condition. Aside from this unique feature, the Gorilla Balaclava can be worn in different ways making it perfect for the outdoor person.


Looking to beat the outdoor weather during winter? A ski mask would be an excellent choice for you during your outdoor winter activities thus you’ll need to settle for nothing but the best. Consider buying a winter face mask that will fit nearly most head sizes with a face coverage that will guarantee excellent performance.
Moreover, you want a material that will provide warmth, wick away moisture and is machine washable. When it comes to snowboard mask, you don’t want to go wrong as this will significantly impact your snowboarding activity.