Top 10 Best Silk Pillowcases of 2024

Silk is one of the luxurious fabrics available today. Many clothes designed from this material are elegant and makes your bedroom get perfect beauty. Just like when buying a silk dress or any other attire, the quality is the key. It doesn’t mean because the case is made of silk, they are always what you need. Getting the real mulberry silk is the first thing in ensuring you get the best quality and long lasting pillowcase.

Well, depending on the size of your pillow, you need to check a right case for proper fit. Without right size, it can lead to compacted pillow leading to the development of hard spots when sleeping. The quality of weaving is also vital in ensuring you enjoy great quality. Stitching matters a lot when you are looking for the quality of a pillowcase. Invisible stitching gives your pillow a uniform look, hence maintaining its elegant look.

Another important aspect is the silk weight and thread count. Typically, lighter threads are ideal for lighters clothing. For instance, silk threads within 8-16 are perfect for use in making clothes. However, for bedding like pillowcases, they should have thread weight of about 22 momme. The right silk threads ensure your pillowcases are machine washable, wrinkles resistant and has a soft liquid fee. There is no doubts silk is the perfect way of keeping your bed looking magnificent. Therefore, if you want to achieve a luxurious look, check these top 10 best silk pillowcases reviewed in 2021.

List of Best Silk Pillowcases

10. Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcase

Fishers Finery Silk Pillowcase

This pillowcase is made of long strand pure mulberry silk. The pillowcase is available in two different sizes; king and queen. There are also different colors to choose from depending on your room’s décor. The side entry envelope flap keeps your pillow secure so you can sleep on either side. Fishers Finery pillowcase is a bit heavier and thicker material. It is super comfortable to sleep on.

9. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase

Alaska Bear Natural Silk Pillowcase

Alaska Bear is made of 19 Momme Mulberry silk. It is a 600 thread count silk pillowcase. The pillowcase is strong, breathable and very smooth. This pillowcase is made of natural organic fiber and is 100 percent hypoallergenic. There are numerous reasons you’ll prefer silk pillowcase over other material. Thanks to their cool touch and breathability, these pillowcases help prevent wrinkles and dry skin. The pillowcase measures 20 x 30 inches and fits queen-sized pillows. There is a hidden zipper in this pillowcase included providing better fit and maximum comfort.

8. HC COLLECTION Pillowcase


HC COLLECTION pillowcase is 100 percent microfiber that is double brushed on both sides for maximum softness. As opposed to cotton, this material is highly breathable and softer. The inner stitching features an open pocket that creates an envelope enclosure to hide the pillow. This pillowcase measures 20 x 30 inches and can fit a queen size pillow. With a variety of colors to choose from, this pillowcase will surely match your room’s décor.

7. Mulberry Park Silks Pure Silk Pillowcase

Mulberry Park Silks Pure Silk Pillowcase

You can also check out this silk pillowcase if you are shopping for the best silk pillowcase on the market. Being 100 percent silk, this pillowcase provides the best solution for those who want a beautiful night sleep. The material helps prevent sleep wrinkles while keeping your hair beautiful throughout the night. The 19 momme silk fabric is 100 percent hypoallergenic and resistant to mold and mites. Its size 20 x 30 inches fits most queen size pillows. The silk pillowcase has an envelope style enclosure with an 8-inch flap to hide your pillow.

6. MYK Natural Silk Pillowcase

MYK Natural Silk Pillowcase

While we review the MYK white silk pillowcase, there are different shades to choose from that share the same features as this pillowcase. It is 25 momme mulberry silk which is great on your hair and skin. The material helps your skin stay hydrated. It is also 100 percent hypoallergenic and contains no chemicals or dyes. The pillowcase features a deep envelope enclosure. It is the perfect size for a queen or king pillow.

5. MYK Silk Pillowcase

MYK Silk Pillowcase

The 25 momme silk pillowcase gives you a luxurious and comfortable sleep. You don’t have to worry about your hair or skin when you use it. Because it boasts a higher silk weight, you can be sure that this pillowcase is highly resistant to dust and allergens. Ranking among the best silk pillow covers on the market, this pillowcase is just the right size for a queen size pillow and a king size pillow. It features a deep envelope closure that hides your pillow. We love this silk pillowcase because it is 100 percent natural and does not contain any chemicals or dyes. If you are looking for the best silk pillowcase for skin and hair, then this is a product you want to take home.

4. MYK White Silk Pillowcase

MYK White Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillow covers are dominating the market. This should come as no surprise though because they pack the most benefits over other pillowcases. Dermatologists recommend them because they help sooth your hair and skin. This is a 30 momme long strand mulberry silk that is 60 percent more silk than 19 momme. The pillowcase is softer than other products we’ve reviewed. It has hypoallergenic properties and is resistant to dust, mold, fungus, and allergens. We love this silk pillowcase because it is the best silk pillowcase for different hair types and textures. The pillowcase helps prevent dry skin when you sleep.

3. YANIBEST Satin Silk Pillowcase

YANIBEST Satin Silk Pillowcase

Ranking on our top list is this satin silk pillowcase by YANIBEST. The pillowcase is perhaps the most affordable product on this list. While this is designed for a queen size pillow, there are two different sizes to choose from. You can settle with the 20 x 26-inch pillowcase for your standard pillow or a 20 x 36-inch pillowcase for your king size pillow. Aside from the white silk pillowcase, there are also 4 different shades to choose from depending on your preference. The pillowcase is soft and silky. It feels goods on your face and maintains your hair as it is when you wake up. Buyers love it because of the benefits it has on the skin and hair. You can’t pass up this price if you are shopping for the best silk pillowcase for skin that is affordable.

2. Linenwalas Rayon Pillowcase

Linenwalas Rayon Pillowcase

When you buy this product you get 2 soft pillowcases. This pillowcase is a 300 thread count rayon fabric derived from bamboo. The pillowcase is 20 x 40 inches and fits your king size pillow. It comes in different shades packed in a beautiful rayon fabric bag designed with a satin string. What makes this product stand out from other designs as the best pillowcase is the high-quality material that is more absorbent than cotton. The material keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night regardless of the season. You can send it as a wedding or anniversary gift to your loved one.

1. THXSILK Silk Pillowcase

THXSILK Silk Pillowcase

This is a 19 momme silk pillowcase designed to give you softer skin and smoother hair. It comes in different sizes and colors so it is easy to find your exact match. Being hypoallergenic and dust resistant, this pillowcase helps prevent allergies and asthma. It is also bacteria and odor resistant. We love that the material is soft and breathable. The 405 thread count mulberry silk pillowcase should assure you a good night sleep.