Top 10 Best Shower Curtain Rods of 2024

If your bathroom is looking tired, it’s high time you install curtains to make it appear tasteful. Though most people concentrate much on curtains, it’s also ideal to consider the type of accessories you fit to give a perfect look and durability. Shower rods and shower rings are essentials when installing bathroom curtains.

They are designed from various materials, but one needs to choose a premium material which resists corrosion as well as rusting. Moreover, for efficient curtain hooks movement, rods are supposed to be smooth enough. Get the top best shower curtain rods in 2021 below and gives your bathroom a lively look.

List of Best Shower Curtain Rods

10. Moen CSR2145BN Curved Shower Rod, Brushed Nickel

Moen CSR2145BN Curved Shower Rod, Brushed Nickel

For an elegant bathroom rod, this brushed nickel curved shower rod from Moen is a perfect selection. Unlike other straight bars, this one is curved to ensure you get extra space. As a result, when you want to divide your bathroom, it perfectly leaves you ample showering space. Additionally, it is 5-feet long to sufficiently provide length to fit in your bathroom correctly. For durability, the rod features brushed nickel which is resistant to rust and corrosion. This material further gives your bathroom an appealing look.

9. Moen 63-F Donner Chrome Shower Rod Flange

Moen 63-F Donner Chrome Shower Rod Flange

This is shower rod from Moen, which delivers strength and durability. Manufactured from premium material, the rod is resistant to corrosion and rust due to the chrome finish. The shiny surface is great in adding décor to your bathroom. Additionally, when it comes to cleaning, the only a damp cloth is required. On the other hand, installation is fast and as the rod comes with exposed mounting. This means no specialized tools or technicians are required to mount. When you buy, each set comes with 2 rods each measuring 1-inch diameter thus ideal for use with many available rings.

8. Moen DN2141CH Adjustable Chrome Shower Rod, Double Curved

Moen DN2141CH Adjustable Chrome Shower Rod, Double Curved

Having beautiful curtains in your bathroom gives you a relaxing mood especially when resting in your bathtub. In order to get an elegant looking bathroom, having right accessories enable fixing if curtains to be easy. The Moen DN2141CH double curved rod is an excellent section when it comes to curtains installation in the shower room. Unlike other rods, this is enhanced with double rods. One of the bars is ideal for curtain hanging, while the other one is suitable for hanging towel. The curved design, on the other hand, allows easy curtain and liner separation. Also, the curved design combined with chrome construction ensures that this rod looks stylish and is strong for a guaranteed durability. Adjustability feature is ideal in ensuring it features different bathroom.

7. InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Bronze Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Bronze Bathroom Shower Curtain Rod

InterDesign curved shower curtain rod is here to give your bathroom a new look and added space. The rod features a sleek and attractive curved design which ensures you have an added space for a comfortable showering session. Besides, the rod is expandable thus ideal for fitting different bathroom areas. Installation is a breeze as it is wall mounted thus facilitating quick installation. Apart from strength and stylish construction, it has a sleek bronze finish which prevents corrosion and rust. Smooth surface is ideal for allowing smooth ring sliding without causing scratches.

6. ZPC Zenith Zenna Home 35633SSP Curved Shower Curtain Rod

ZPC Zenith Zenna Home 35633SSP Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Forget about rusting bathroom curtain rods which are unreliable and has limited durability. With this Zenith Zenna curved shower curtain, no more worries about corrosion and rust. This is because, unlike other rods, it is manufactured from never rust aluminum. As a result, it ensures you enjoy lifetime usability. Also, regarding installation, there are no hassles, once you have it, no tools or wall drilling required thereby making the whole process easy and quick. It fit most of the standard bathtubs up to 72-inches, and the adjustability features ensure it can adjust up to 6.5 extra inches.

5. Moen CSR2164BN Brushed Nickel Adjustable Shower Ro

Moen CSR2164BN Brushed Nickel Adjustable Shower Ro

With Moen shower rods, there are no doubts that your bathroom will look great. This curved Moen CSR2164BN rod is designed to make curtains and liner hanging to be a breeze. The curved design is dedicated to ensuring more space in your bathroom hence ideal than straight rods. Additionally, to be able to fit different bathrooms, it is created to be adjustable, where it can adjust from 5 to 6 feet. The surface is nickel brushed meaning no corrosion as well as impacting a sleek appearance. The 180 pivoting installation flanges make mounting this rod simple.

4. BINO Chrome and Acrylic Shower Curtain Tension Rod

BINO Chrome and Acrylic Shower Curtain Tension Rod

Bino shower curtain rod is a bathroom accessory for every person, to give your shower room a modern look. Manufactured from steel, it makes sure that it won’t corrode or rust and is robust enough to support your curtain without bending. Further, polished chrome is used in its finishing to enables it to withstand humid conditions in the bathroom without corroding. Installation is easy whereby no tools are needed. Moreover, to keep it tight, the rod is twistable at the edges hence keeping it locked. Bino shower curtain rod is designed to fit spaces measuring 42 to 72 inches.

3. Bennington Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable

Bennington Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod, Adjustable

Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? No need to incur heavy expenses, all you need is to get a solid shower curtain rods and beautiful curtains. The Bennington double curved rod bathroom curtains is a perfect accessory to select to makes your shower room look news again. With capability to adjust from 60inches to 72 inches, it means the rod is highly versatile. Further, its 1-inch diameter gives it ample strength to support your curtain perfectly. Satin Nickel finish allows the rod to last for a longer period without corroding, or getting scratches for ultimate beautiful bathroom.

2. BINO ‘Bedford’ Chrome Shower Curtain Tension Rod

BINO 'Bedford' Chrome Shower Curtain Tension Rod

This is another shower curtain tension rod from Bino designed for enhancing ease of installation and durability. Unlike other rods which need you to drill wall, this one requires neither tools nor drilling. Additionally, the rod is versatile enabling installation in different bathroom ranging from 42 to 72-inches. Apart from easy installation, when there is need to improve tension, only twisting is required to tighten and lock the rod. Durable steel polished with chrome gives this rod a beautiful and extended lifespan.

1. Dynasty Hardware DYN-SR60-PB Shower Curtain Rod, Mounting Brackets

Dynasty Hardware DYN-SR60-PB Shower Curtain Rod, Mounting Brackets

Get this Dynasty Hardware curtain rod and enjoy easy curtain installation. Unlike other bathroom rods, this comes accompanied by full installation accessories like flanges and brackets. The tube rod is manufactured from aluminum to deliver excellent strength while exterior is furnished with polished brass for a beautiful appearance. Due to this combination of construction techniques, it provides exceptional durability. Brackets are made from die cast zinc alloy for enhanced strength and corrosion resistance. For efficient adjustability, it’s possible to cut tube with a hacksaw.


Having right shower curtain rods and rings makes a great combination to ensure your bathroom looks up to date. Unlike having to overhaul your whole bathroom, these rings and bars prove useful in ensuring that you install your curtains perfectly. With the above-reviewed accessories, you can be sure that your bathroom will regain its appealing look. The rods and rings are durable and ideal for complementing your shower room décor.