Top 20 Best Shower Curtains in 2023 Reviews

In essence, shower curtains provide a barrier between the shower and the tub area plus the rest of the bathroom. They are typically like drapes that hang on a shower curtain rod to avail you with some privacy. Apart for privacy purpose, they act like a focal point of the entire bathroom itself, that in the case of a decorative shower curtain. Due to that fact, various brands come in different colors, sizes, styles and patterns to make your bathroom an elegant place.

Many people have learned that having the best shower curtains is a cost effective way of enhancing the bathroom outlook. In a bid to find the best purchase for you, our review narrows down to the 20 best choices. So, we have the top 20 best shower curtains in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Shower Curtains

20. Croscill Fabric, Shower Curtains

Croscill Fabric, Shower Curtains

Bathtubs are well aligned by the use of shower curtains. Croscill shower curtains are the best type of curtains you might find for purchase. These curtains are machine washed with cold water in a gentle cycle ensuring that you do not bleach them. The curtains conform excellently to the alignment to form a beautiful combination to enhance style and total privacy in the bathroom.

Also, the curtains are made from 100 % polyester fabric material which repels water and dries quickly after washing. Also, the curtains comprise of Metal grommets in the upper hem which are water and rust proof with a weighted plastic hem to increase durability.

The curtains have a standard dimension of 70 by 72 inches for easier handling measures. They also have an easy care because they are machine washable.

19. Epica Shower-Curtains

Epica Shower-Curtains

For you to get the best shower curtains, you need to try Epica curtains. Although the best mildew resistant shower curtains hold off mold for only a few months before wearing off, these curtains, with their modified advances, eliminates chances of having disgusting bacteria, mold, and other infectious organisms for two years.

Epica shower curtains also contain some water proof liners which hold them against the bathtub to ensure that your privacy is maintained during shower exercise. In addition, Epica curtains are well suited for use in ordinary standard bathtubs having a moderate size of 72 by 72 inches. This also ensures that bulkiness is reduced to ensure a safe handling and washing exercises.

18. Lush Decor Lucia-Shower Curtain

Lush Decor Lucia-Shower Curtain

Bathing tubs and shower rooms are among the most critical areas that one has to put much consideration into. This is because they appear to be more private and therefore requires an installation with the best shower curtains ever. Lush décor Lucia is therefore perfect for use under normal conditions.

These shower curtains are manufactured with a 100% pure polyester fabric material which is waterproof, and that dries quickly when washed to ensure dry and clean conditions suit the curtains. This reduces the chances of wearing out to increase durability.The curtain has a standard dimension of 72 by 72 inches to ensure easier installation and handling.

17. Maytex-Sylvia Shower Curtains

Maytex-Sylvia Shower Curtains

Maytex Sylvia shower curtains are perfect for use and are the best a buyer needs to consider most while performing his purchase. These shower curtains are modified into a delicate leaf design on Semi-sheer faux silk fabric to ensure that they last longer.

Their manufacturer pertains a 100% polyester silk material which is water proof, and that is mold and mildew resistant to reduce the allegations of getting infected with some bacterial diseases.

The curtains are also machined washable to ensure an easier handling technique and care. They also measure 70 by 72 inches to enable them to fit any standard bath tubs.

16. InterDesign Trellis-Fabric, Shower Curtains

InterDesign Trellis-Fabric, Shower Curtains

Are you among many who walk undecided in search of a perfect model of shower curtains? If yes, what you now need to do is to go to the market and purchase InterDesign Trellis Fabric Shower Curtains which will ensure you have all the standards you might require from them.

This is because they are made of 100% polyester silk fabric material which is water repellent and sweat proof to terminate chances of tearing. Cleaning and maintaining them becomes a breeze such that you just need to toss it in the washing machine and wait for them to dry.

These curtains also have 12 Reinforced Button-Holes with the accompaniment of 12 plastic hooks to minimize chances of rusting.

15. InterDesign Mildew-Free Shower Curtains

InterDesign Mildew-Free Shower Curtains

Many people experience severe headaches wondering what to do with their open bathtubs. This should not keep you in that condition. All you need to do is, use InterDesign Mildew-Free shower curtains and all your problems shall be over.

These perfect curtains are reinforced with button-holes and the weighted hem which are water resistant to ensure the hooks do not rust. They are made from polyester fabric material which is machine washable and easier to dry off.

This type of material is mold and mildew free and water repellent to minimize infections. After washing the curtains, water glides off to provide a clean and a dry environment

14. Kassatex Paisley-Shower Curtains

Kassatex Paisley-Shower Curtains

Due to modern technology growth, many people are trying to fit into the overgrowing technology. Having advanced into private showers, people now scratch their heads to determine what to hang around their bath tubs.

Therefore, Kassatex Paisley shower curtains are best regarded for installation around the bathtubs due to their distinctive design with a material of manufacture being 100% cotton material. Therefore the curtains are durable if only you prevent bleaching.

The material is also mold and mildew proof to reduce aspects of infections from an external bacterium and also to ensure that they are perfectly maintained. They are also machined washable.

13. Magic-Vida Shower Curtains

Magic-Vida Shower Curtains

Privacy is one critical thing maintained in the shower rooms. Luxury is another. Among other considerations, shower curtains need to be installed to ensure that privacy, comfort, and luxury among others are maintained.

Magic Vida shower curtains are ideal for use since they arev100% brand new and are of high quality. They are also made of 100% polyester fabric, which is easy to clean and machine washable for easier handling and maintenance.

They are also comprised of many colors to light your bathroom with an adjacent reflection of normal rays. They are bacteria repellant, and therefore you are most confident while using them.

12. Ambesonne Nautical-Anchor Shower Curtains.

Ambesonne Nautical-Anchor Shower Curtains.

Shower curtains are very critical when it comes to handling and maintenance. In the case of maintenance, they are supposed to be machine washable, as it is for Ambesonne Nautical Shower Curtain whereby you only toss your material into water and expect a cleaner and dry curtain afterward.

These curtains are made of a high-quality Turkish fabric with no liner needed and are accompanied with free hooks. The curtains also feature a waterproof, mold mildew, and soap resistant mechanism to ensure that they are environmentally friendly and that they do not contain infections. In addition, they measure a standard dimensional design which keeps them fit for use under ordinary bathtubs.

11. Foot Home Shower – Curtain

Foot Home Shower - Curtain

People expect that everything good comes on a silver plate. This is wrong because you may have a better shower room, but without the best matching curtains, you cannot boast of having better bath tubs.

The best among many shower curtains in the markets today is Sloot home shower curtains which feature a mold and mildew proof fabric.

The material is 100% durable polyester which reduces the ways of transmitting some bacterium diseases to you. Their metal grommets are rust proof and the curtains themselves last long. This is because they are well polished to eliminate chances of wearing out and tearing. Additionally, they also have a moderate dimensional of 72 by 78 inches, a fitness design to be used in any ordinary bathtub.

10. InterDecision ShowerCurtains

InterDecision ShowerCurtains

By installing the best shower curtains around your bathtub, you experience the perfect time while using the bathtub. InterDecision shower curtains are therefore the option to make while purchasing your shower curtains. This is due to their rust proof metal grommets and handles and a weighted hem. This ensures that your curtains become easier to handle.

These curtains are also machine friendly and can be washed by a machine washer. After every washing, the water glides off quickly, and therefore the curtains dry hastily. InterDecision bathroom showers have mold and mildew resistant measures and water repellant to ensure them last longer.

Also, the curtains have a standard measurement of 72 by 72 inches to enable them to fit into ordinary bathtubs.

9. Amazon – Basics Shower Curtains

Amazon - Basics Shower Curtains

Among the best shower room curtains in the modern market, Amazon basics shower curtains are top ranked as the best. This is due to their material makeup of 100% polyester with mildew and mold resistant to ensure they last longer.

Also, the fabric material is water resistant and friendly to machine wash. Their grommets are rust proof and include 12 plastic curtain hooks and a relative dimension of 72 by 72 inches to be used in all standard bath tubs.

The curtains have a decorative appearance and provide privacy while using them. The perfect design of these curtains makes them durable and therefore cheap to maintain.

8. Ufaitheart Extra-long Shower Curtains.

Ufaitheart Extra-long Shower Curtains.

If you have wandered around the markets in search of perfect shower curtains and still haven’t settled a conclusion, consider Ufaitheart shower curtain to offer you with the desired specification. This type of shower curtains features 100% polyester fabric with rust proof metal grommets. This is to ensure you curtain remains dry and clean.

They also feature a waterproof, mold and mildew free designed to prolong their lifetime. The curtains are also machined washable with a 72 by 76 inches dimension to fit into any bathtub present nowadays.

They also possess 12 best quality plastic rings which ensure the curtains remain in place and that it is easier to handle them.

7. Moldly–Grey Shower Curtains

Moldly–Grey Shower Curtains

Why roam anymore trying chose the best shower curtains from the modern markets? Try Modly curtains, and that will end your frequent roaming around the market. These curtains feature a modern design that in they are easily cleaned because they are machine washable. You just need to toss them in a machine washer and wait for them to dry which takes less time drying.

They also include 12 metal grommets which are rust proof with a modified top header. The curtains are made of a polyester fabric which is water repellant and resistant to mold and mildew buildup. A dimension of 72 by 72 inches makes them ideal for use in the ordinary bathtubs.

6. Dodou-Elephant Shower Curtains.

Dodou-Elephant Shower Curtains.

The factors that you may put into much consideration while purchasing shower curtains are the material and durability of the curtains. Dodou shower curtains feature all this and therefore should be your option. This is so because they are manufactured from 100% polyester fabric material.

This material is mold and mildew free and water repellant to ensure they offer the best services without tearing up. This feature also ensures that the curtains remain clean and dry to reduce the chances of getting infections.

They also have an additional of 12 waterproof metal hooks which increase their durability. However, to ensure better manual handling, the curtains are not machine washable.

5. Utopia Home-Shower Curtains

Utopia Home-Shower Curtains

Utopia home mildew resistant shower curtains are regarded the best from the markets today. They are wide, 3 dimension curtains with a 72 by 72 inches dimensions, therefore, fitting any standard bathtub and with an average weight of 6.5 gauge.

The crystal curtains are modified into a modern design which provides elegance in the bathtub and also retains confidentiality while bathing. It is mildew resistant, and molds free ensuring a long time service since they last long.

Their metal hooks are rust proof and therefore will remain fitted for better handling. The curtains are durable and therefore offer long time services without replacement.

4. Magic Vida- Decorative Flowers Shower Curtains.

Magic Vida- Decorative Flowers Shower Curtains.

Magic Vida shower curtains are such decorative curtains which partially serve for decoration and partially for bathtubs. These curtains are made from 100% polyester fabric material to ensure that they are easily washed and handled and that they are also machined washable.

Their color is also well arranged and ordered to ensure your bath tub acquires light through the light reflected by those vivid colors. Although they exclude curtain rings and hooks, they a plastic saver around the hole to act as curtain rings and to ensure your curtains are easier to handle and wash.

They are standard with a dimension of 72 by 72 inches to ensure they are ideal for use with the ordinary standard shower rooms.

3. Peralng High Quality Shower Curtains.

Peralng High Quality Shower Curtains.

You might roam about in search of shower curtains of high quality, but without Peralng, you might not come into conclusion. Peralng shower curtains are anti-bacterium and mildew resistant therefore providing protection from infections and leave your bathroom clean and dry.

Their dimension of 72 inches long by 72 inches wide enables it to fit into any standard bathtub and shower area. An accompaniment of copper hooks which do not rust ensures the curtains last for long thereby increasing durability. The curtains are strong and long lasting and do not contain any foreign smell making them the best for use.

2. Xixov Premium-Shower Curtains.

Xixov Premium-Shower Curtains.

Shower curtains are ideal to ensure that you have a comfortable shower exercise. Xixov Shower Curtains are best preferred since they are made of a polyester fabric ensuring that it can also be used for home decoration.

The curtains are made from non-toxic and chlorine free material to ensure safety while using them. Also, they ensure healthiness in that they are antibacterial inhibiting mold and mildew buildup. To compare with the ordinary curtains, Xixov is better off, being waterproof and that they dry quickly if washed.

They also have dimensions of 72 by 72 inches thereby fitting any shower room. The curtains are durable since they are rust proof to minimize chances of tearing.

1. Homefly ABxinyoule Shower-Curtains

Homefly ABxinyoule Shower-Curtains

You may be experiencing hard times during shower sessions. One may be due to the absence of shower curtains or having some who do not please you. Homefly shower curtains are the perfect curtains to use with consideration to their distinct features that give you luxury while working under them or when using them.

These curtains are manufactured from a waterproof material which is mold and mildew resistant. The curtains do not quickly fade and have a professional hook set up. Their material is machine washable and therefore gives you ample time to leave them dry. They have a standard dimension to fit an ordinary small bathtub.


Conclusively, we’ve thousands and thousands of brands on our market. But, not all make a perfect purchase choice. The 10 products in our review, as you have seen, possess great features and come at worthy prices. They form a simple way to modernize your bathroom and rejuvenate its appearance.