Top 10 Best Physical Books in 2023 Reviews

If you love physics, there is always good news for you. To improve your understanding of different aspects of the subject; it is ideal to look for the best books. It is a subject that is vital and touches our lives in all aspects. Therefore, whether you are looking books for kids, or high-level grades, it is important to get essential books that will provide necessary information.

Just like other fields, physics is divided into numerous branches. We have various branches such as modern, classical, atomic and geophysics among others. Therefore depending on the areas of interest, it is advisable to invest in quality information. You only need a book that is relevant to what you are looking and not fluff. The complexity of the information differs according to the levels of study. Hence, with the wrong book, you are going to encounter difficulties.

When you need to boost your physics understanding, the ideal way is to look for a reliable bookseller. This will enable comparing and selecting the only books you need. Amazingly, nowadays, you can be able to learn more about physics, discoveries and even history just for fun. Also, you can self-train yourself on basics. Some of the best ways to acquire student physics books is by checking on the online stores. Some stores like Amazon offers tons of collection of books. We have selected some of the top 10 best physics books in 2021 reviews to help people choose the ideal book depending on their specialization.

List of Best Physical Books

10. 3,000 Solved Problems in Physics

3,000 Solved Problems in Physics

Schaum’s Outline is a must-read Physic book used by millions of students looking to increase their knowledge in the field. It is a compilation from renowned experts, each covering topics in their respective field from math to science, language to nursing. The authors take you through a step-by-step process in coming up with solutions to different topics.

The book has 3,000 solved problems as the title suggests covering every area of physics. It is published with clear diagrams and illustrations to help you understand it easier. The Physic book is perfect for both high school course and undergraduate physics courses.

9. Michio Kaku Physics of the Impossible

Michio Kaku Physics of the Impossible

Michio Kaku is not only a bestselling author, but he is also a renowned theoretical physicist. In his book Physics of the Impossible, he takes an informed and serious look at what our understanding of the universe’s physical laws may permit in the future. He draws his inspiration from the fantastic worlds of Back to the Future, Star Wars and Star Trek.

The book is not only entertaining, but it is quite imaginative and informative, probing the limits of human ingenuity and scientific possibility. Are time machines, teleportation and interstellar spaceships on since fiction or potentially attainable future technologies? Read Michio’s physic book to find out.

8. Six Easy Pieces by Richard P. Feynman

Six Easy Pieces by Richard P. Feynman

Six Easy Pieces is a book compiled from Feynman’s famous lectures on Physics at the California Institute of Technology. It is among the best physics books to read if you want to understand topics like basic physics, quantum mechanics, atoms, energy, and gravitation. Besides, this physic book will equally help you understand the relationship of physics to other topics.

Being considered the Most Brilliant Teacher in Physics, Richard Feynman fills his book with clever illustrations and great examples you’ll surely be able to grasp a thing or two on any challenging topic. Six Easy Pieces is definitely the best physics textbook to introduce you to the fundamentals of physics. You’ll find this book written by the most admired physicists of modern times quite enriching and informative.

7. Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

Basic Physics: A Self-Teaching Guide

The second edition of Basic Physics by Karl F. Kuhn is the fastest and easiest way to master the fundamentals of physics. The book is the most practical and easy-to-use guide available in most bookshelves that will help you understand basic physics and the physical world.

Kuhn’s book ranks among the best popular physics books in modern times because it is easier for everyone to understand, whether you consider yourself a “Science” person or not. You will find this Self-Teaching Guide useful and informative if you want to review the basics for an exam, if you need help in a course or if you simply want to understand basic physical phenomena like sound, energy, light, color or electricity. This new edition ensures you teach yourself about physics.

6. Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials

Your Guide to Regents Physics Essentials

Dan Fullerton’s physic book is a fun roadmap to the New York State Regents Physics curriculum. It will prepare you for success in your high school physics class and help you rank higher in class on the Regents Physics Exam. The book features over five hundred questions from past Regents exams that have worked out solutions and clear illustrations. It is integrated with the free APlusPhysics website. Topics covered in this book include electric circuits, modern physics, waves, magnetism, optics, kinematics forces, pre-requisite math and trigonometry among other topics.

5. The Pope of Physics

The Pope of Physics

The Pope of Physics is a book written by Gino Segre and Bettina Hoerlin. It has been named the best book of the year and ranked among the top ten science books in various platforms. The book introduces you to the world of Enrico Fermi, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and leading architect of the atomic age.

‘The Pope’ as he was referred by most of his peers, made discoveries that truly changed the world. He struggled with issues that are relevant today and became a leading figure in building the atomic bomb. Among your list of the best physics books to read, you should truly include the biography of the world’s renowned physicist.

4. Clifford A. Pickover, The Physics Book

Clifford A. Pickover, The Physics Book

After massive success with The Science Book and The Math Book, Clifford releases yet another educative and informative book for physicists: The Physics Book. The 528-page hardcover book is filled with rich 250 entries that are short, thought-provoking and quite entertaining.

In his book, Pickover explores engaging topics like parallel universes, Maxwell’s demon, dark energy and the Doppler Effect. Its timeline extends way back to the hypothetical Big Bang and even moves forward trillions of years to the time of ‘Quantum Resurrection’. Just like other titles in the series, this physic book will help you understand major concepts without scratching your head hard. It is the best physics textbook for anyone above eight years.

3. Barron’s AP Physics C

Barron’s AP Physics C

This fourth edition physics book is an updated version that reflects the most recent AP Physics C exam. It has one diagnostic test and two full-length Physics C practice tests. It also has all the test questions answered and well explained for you to understand. Barron’s AP Physics C book also gives you a detailed review of the test topics, study advice and some test-taking tips to get you prepared. In this book, you will also find an appendix of Physics C equations. You will definitely put it on your list of the best physics books to read this year.

2. Chris Ferrie ABCs of Physics

Chris Ferrie ABCs of Physics

Chris Ferrie’s book makes it to our top list of the physics books because it is the perfect physic book in the Baby University Series that introduces your youngest physicist to the physical world. It is a colorful and simple introduction for babies and older kids to grasp the concept of physics at an early stage. Each page in this board book features multiple levels of text, so the book definitely grows along with your upcoming scientist. Help your child learn basic physics terms with this ABC Physic Book by Chris Ferrie, from an atom, all the way to Zero-point energy.

1. Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam

Cracking the AP Physics 1 Exam

This premium edition reviewed by Princeton experts is the best physics textbook to help college students ace the AP Physics 1 exam. This edition includes thorough content reviews and targeted test strategies. It also has five full-length practice tests with complete answer explanations.

The comprehensive content reviews cover topics on energy, dynamics, work, kinematics, electrostatics, mechanical waves and much more. There are tons of charts and figures included in this book to illustrate some concepts. The Princeton Review also assures you of some tried and true strategies that will help you avoid traps, tactics to help you work smarter and tips for pacing yourself and guessing logically.