Top 5 Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors of 2024

Do you own a OnePlus 6 smartphone? Relax as there is good news to extend the durability of your device. Although the phone is fairly new on the market, there are a lot of accessories designed for it. Among the vital ones are screen protectors. Although the screen is robust and made of anti-scratching materials, it’s prudent to offers additional protection. Adding a screen protector gives your phone a new look and feel. These protectors add screen strength as well as preventing breaks when the phone experience an accidental drop.

This phone has a screen measuring 6.28 inches. Therefore, deciding to install a protector designed for predecessors won’t work. The ideal way is to look for a protector purposely designed for this device. By all mean, the device is larger than previous phones. The customized screen protector offers great performance and fitting hence excellent protection. However, it should be easy to install, high clarity and enable installation of phone cases.

List of Best OnePlus 6 Screen Protectors

5. Stilluxy OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Stilluxy OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

The model comes in a pack of two compatible with OnePlus 6 devices and not any other model. The 9H hardness glass effectively protects your device from accidental scratches. Besides, thanks to its coating, fingerprints, oils or dust are not easy to spot. The screen protector is also easy to clean. We love that this screen protector because of its ultrathin design. It is also highly sensitive and provides the best natural viewing experience.

4. UniqueMe Screen Protector for OnePlus 6

UniqueMe Screen Protector for OnePlus 6

If you’re looking for the best tempered glass screen protector OnePlus 6, then this is the most affordable model we recommend. The package includes 3 pieces of tempered glass screen protector for you and your loved ones. Buyers love it because it is highly responsive and sensitive with clarity. It delivers the best natural performance for your OnePlus 6 device you would even notice it is there. The added oleophobic coating repels oils and smudges plus its 9H hardness assures you effective protection against falls and scratches. UniqueMe also throws in a better deal for this screen protector since it comes with a lifetime replacement warranty.

3. ICHECKEY OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

ICHECKEY OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Another quality product that you should consider is this case-friendly OnePlus 6 glass screen protector. This unique model is designed to offer 3d full coverage to your device. Its customized design makes it compatible with OnePlus 6 cases and covers. The package also includes a microfiber cloth, alcohol wiper and dust cleaner for maximum performance. Some of its best features include 9H surface hardness, oleophobic coating and nearly 100 percent transparency for the best viewing experience.

2. FENGJ OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

FENGJ OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Among the best OnePlus, 6 Screen Protectors is the FENGJ premium, tempered glass model. The product may not be suitable for other devices except OnePlus 6 models. It is beautifully designed and comes in a pack of 2. It offers 3D to your devices and assures you of a natural viewing experience thanks to its high transparency. It is easy to install and even you remove the screen protector it does not leave any residue. The precise cutout and touch sensitivity are some of the reasons why we all love this OnePlus 6 screen protector.

1. Haorz OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

Haorz OnePlus 6 Screen Protector

We also recommend buying this product if you are looking for the best OnePlus 6 screen protector. Aside from the affordable price tag, this screen protector for OnePlus 6 is also case friendly and offers clear transparency. It has rounded edges and covers only the flat portion of the screen. The screen protector is easy to install and you don’t have to worry about residue when you take it off. There are two tempered glass screen protectors, dust stickers and microfiber cloth in the package.