Top 10 Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases of 2024

It’s large and improved; the OnePlus 6 is here with a bang. Offering a great camera, large screen, and a ton of features, the smartphone is one of the best affordable options. Released in May 2020, it’s still a new phone worth investing in. Although it comes with the aluminum body, there is every need to provide extra protection. Investing in the best OnePlus wallet cases, it gives everyone peace of mind. Wallets are superb ways of offering smartphones proper covering and protection against scratches, and impacts.

For people upgrading from OnePlus 5 to 6, you will still need to update the wallet cover. This phone is a bit large and won’t fit in wallets designed for previous versions. Well, with wallets designed and crafted by third-party manufacturers, chances of getting premium or knock-off are half. However, selection depends on the user’s preference. For instance, there are wallets made of leather, PU leather, and other materials. They are all good but, durability and performance differ. For the best OnePlus 6 wallets covers, check this listing for exceptional quality.

List of Best OnePlus 6 Wallet Cases

10. SailorTech Case OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

SailorTech Case OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

Anyone with the desire to have the best wallet case for OnePlus 6, will appreciate the state of the art technology applied by SailorTech. This is a wallet case like no other which combines aspects of durability and style without increasing the bulk. Well, the design offers convenient card storage. The back of this wallet case features two card slots that offer reliable card and cash storage. Besides, it is made of leather hence offers durability and performance. For maximum protection, it features reinforced corners and raised lips. Furthermore, it boasts precise cutouts that offer hassle-free access to buttons, speakers and other external features.

9. OnePlus 6 Case Cover EMAXELER Stylish Wallet Case

OnePlus 6 Case Cover EMAXELER Stylish Wallet Case

For the elegance seekers, here is the best OnePlus 6 wallet case. It is a stylish smartphone cover that is designed by the diamond embossed state of the art printing process. So, the outlook is stunning. Also, the design is reliable in terms of access to buttons, ports, and speakers. Thanks to the cutting edge technology employed in designed the cutouts. The case features a softback that is purposed to protect your phone from bumps, knocks, scratches, and dirt. It is a slim case that doesn’t add unnecessary weight or volume to your phone. Moreover, the external texture is perfect for easy handling of your gadget.

8. ICoverCase Genuine Leather Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

ICoverCase Genuine Leather Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

The quality of the material that makes a wallet case is a determinant in performance and durability. This is evident if you would consider the icoverCase. This is the OnePlus 6 wallet case which is made of genuine leather. Well, it features premium top layer cowhide. This material is of high quality and incredibly durable. For elegance, this case features a low profile design. With good outer layer texture, it offers a comfortable handling. The inside features a soft lining to ensure it doesn’t scratch your phone. Also, it features exquisite cutouts that offer effortless access to buttons, speakers, sensors, ports, and cameras. It covers all the corners of your phone and therefore provides all-around protection.

7. YEEGG One Plus 6 Wallet Case

YEEGG One Plus 6 Wallet Case

Here is a remarkable innovation for all OnePlus 6 owners. The YEEGG OnePlus 6 wallet case is specially designed for easy use of your phone while ensuring maximum protection. It features premium leather construction. Hence, durability is a guarantee and allows a comfortable grip while using your smartphone. It also allows the comfortable storage of your accessories. Thanks to the exquisite design which features three card slots and a side pocket. Also, it features a kickstand function. Well, the case folds into an ergonomic shape that allows hands-free use of your phone. For secure storage of your items, it features a double-sided magnetic closure. The material on the outside is PU leather and the inside is TPU. Hence, protection, durability, and performance are what you get from this OnePlus 6 wallet case.

6. Badalink OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

Badalink OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

For elegance lovers and those seeking for maximum durability of their OnePlus 6 devices, Badalink has everything you need. This is a wallet case that is exclusively designed for this particular phone model. It features precise cutouts for flawless access to important features. The exterior features premium material while the inside features soft skin made of TPU. So, the case is impact-proof and hence provides maximum protection. Moreover, the cover can fold down to form a functional kickstand. The built-in magnetic lock keeps your accessories secure and easy to access whenever you want. Additionally, the cover features butterfly printings which are extremely elegant.

5. kwmobile Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

kwmobile Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

The kwmobile wallet case for OnePlus 6 boasts an interesting design that combines aesthetics with functionality for individuality. Well, it offers endless styles that will fit everyone’s taste. It comes in a variety of tones so that you can have several to fit your occasions. Material wise, it features textile fabric and faux leather. So, protection and durability are aspects that this wallet case guarantees. Besides, it boasts a precise cut design for easy access to ports, buttons, cameras, and speakers. Also, it acts as a kickstand for comfortable handsfree viewing. You just need to prop the device in landscape orientation and have endless fun with your hands-free. Also, it features a magnetic closure for secure storage and convenient access to your accessories.

4. Pierre Cardin Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

Pierre Cardin Wallet Case for OnePlus 6

The Pierre Cardin wallet case for OnePlus 6 is uniquely designed to offer more benefits. It features genuine leather construction with a self-repair function. Well, it features soft and shockproof TPU material and genuine cowhide leather on the outside. It boasts a good smell and comfortable touch. The design also entails three card slots for maximum storage. Also, the magnetic closure keeps your belongings safe inside the slots and allows effortless access whenever you need them. When put in a horizontal orientation, this wallet case acts as a kickstand for awesome hands-free viewing. Besides, it boasts a slim fit without any bulky feel. Additionally, it boasts exquisite workmanship combined with sophisticated handcraft to make it an elegant piece.

3. REAL-EAGLE Oneplus 6 Wallet Case

REAL-EAGLE Oneplus 6 Wallet Case

Despite its sleek design, the REAL-EAGLE OnePlus 6 wallet case offers maximum protection. With its precise cutout design, it provides an exact fit without affecting the usability or the aesthetics of your smartphone. Also, its high quality and the durable material mean that this wallet case should serve you for years. The material is fashionable and protects your device from scratches, shock, dirt, dust, and fingerprint. Moreover, the one card slot and magnetic closure keep your cards accessible and organized. Thus, this wallet case not only protects your smartphone, but it eliminates the need for a separate wallet.

2. Orzly OnePlus6 Wallet Case Multi-Function Wallet Case

Orzly OnePlus6 Wallet Case Multi-Function Wallet Case

For the maximum durability of your OnePlus 6, you need to ensure it is fully protected. Here is a remarkable wallet case by Orzly. Now, this features durable leather construction to ensure it remains scratch-proof. It also keeps your gadget shockproof and resistant to dust and dirt. It features a double layer construction whereby the outer one is leather and the inside is TPU. So, it provides maximum shockproof protection. With its built-in card pockets, there won’t be any hassle in ensuring convenient storage and access to your business cards, access cards, credit cards, cash, and such items. Also, it includes a magnetic clasp that folds back for an enjoyable handsfree view. Besides, it has accurate cutouts for trouble-free access to ports, cameras, buttons, and speakers.

1. Olixar for OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

Olixar for OnePlus 6 Wallet Case

Everyone loves to have a fashionable smartphone. That’s is the main reason why the Olixar OnePlus 6 wallet case considers every aspect of its construction as a boost in fashion details. Well, it boasts a leather effect material forged from faux leather. Hence, it makes your smartphone luxurious and stylish. Besides, it includes two card slots to eliminate the need for a wallet when traveling. This case is ergonomic as it folds down to form a media viewing stand. Thus, you can watch your favorite content with your hands-free or engaged in doing other stuff. Additionally, it features a magnetic clasp that secures your device and other items stored in the wallet case.