Top 10 Best Medical Face Masks in 2018 Reviews

A medical mask also referred as a surgical mask or procedure mask, is a loose-fitting disposable face mask designed to create a physical barrier between the wearer’s mouth and nose and any potentially harmful contaminants within the immediate environment. They protect the wearer so that they do not inhale airborne bacteria and virus particles. Health care workers mostly use the procedure mask. Further, the general public uses it to avoid spreading airborne diseases, or at times the medical mask has been used for other non-health related issues.

Working in a medical facility, keeping yourself protected is one of the essential requirements. Medical face masks are designed to protect your nose and mouth. Mostly these face masks ate designed to protect user from contracting airborne infections as well as germs and dust which can cause irritations. Also, for people work outdoor, medical face masks are essential for keeping off debris from getting into the mouth.

Where do I buy medical masks?

With the market growing by the day, you may have a hard time finding the best place to buy medical masks. Well, aside from your nearby store, you can equally consider shopping for medical face masks online which come at affordable prices. Sites like Amazon have an excellent reputation in giving their clients nothing but the best products at quite affordable rates. Besides, online purchases are great because you equally get product reviews and customers recommendations on any surgical mask you’d like to buy.

To get an ideal face mask check these top 10 best medical face masks reviewed in 2018.

List of Top 10 Best Medical Face Masks in 2018 Reviews

1. McKesson Dynarex 2201 Medical Surgical Face Masks

McKesson Dynarex 2201 Medical Surgical Face Masks
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This face mask comes from a brand with a great portfolio and reputation when it comes to medical supplies. The face mask sells in a pack of 50 at a reasonable price. It is recommended for single use only. The medical mask consists of fine-mesh absorbent gauze with an emulsion that contains Xeroform. McKesson’s Dynarex Surgical mask is sterilized and has no natural rubber latex.

2. 3M 1860 N95 Surgical Mask

3M 1860 N95 Surgical Mask
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This medical mask is NIOSH approved and may be used during electrocautery or laser surgery. It can equally be used during other procedures that involve powered medical instruments. It is the best surgical mask designed to help reduce exposure to harmful pathogens that are generated during such medical procedures. The mask is equally fluid-resistant and is available in regular and small sizes. There are 20 masks in every box.

3. Curad Antiviral Face Mask

Curad Antiviral Face Mask
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This face mask has a comfortable design and can kill 99.99% of tested flu viruses within 5 minutes of contact with the face mask. It will protect the wearer from other people infected and will equally protect other people if the wearer is affected. The patented antiviral technology improves it convenience though it will give the mask an odor that may dispel over time.
It is individually wrapped and recommended for single use only. The universal face mask will be ideal for you if you’re also taking care of any sick member of your family. It has human-friendly ingredients that are otherwise toxic to harmful pathogens. The easy breathing and comfortable design equally make this medical mask unique and different from other masks.

4. CLK ME3399L X200 EarLoop Medical Masks

CLK ME3399L X200 EarLoop Medical Masks
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There are five different shades to settle with when you consider CLK’s face mask. It sells in a pack of 50, and there are ten boxes per case. The mask allows for a light, comfortable and soft feeling to the wearer throughout your activity. Its distinctive design allows easy dispensing as well and is recommended for one-time use only. The medical mask is latex-free as well as fiberglass-free. It is fluid-resistant to synthetic blood.

5. P& P Medical Surgical EarLoop Disposable Medical Mask

P& P Medical Surgical EarLoop Disposable Medical Mask
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This is a USA product manufactured by P & P Medical Surgical. It is FDA-Approved and equally meets ISA and CE standards. It has a blue shade and comes in a pack of 50. The mask is made with the latex-free material. It offers fluid resistance to blood. The mask has melt-blown material between the fabric layers which equally adds to its excellent performance. It provides easy breathability.

6. Upstore Mouth Cover Face Mask

Upstore Mouth Cover Face Mask
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The white ear loop medical mask is resistant to fluid and is used as a surgical mask to cover the face thus acting as a protective barrier. Upstore’s mask is disposable and made with non-woven fabric. It is pleated for extra comfort to the wearer. The mask is available in tie bands and has an elastic strap for perfect fitting. It comes with a nose clip that prevents fogging of spectacles and also maximizes filtration efficiency. The surgical mask has a length of 17.5cm, a width of 9.5cm and sells in a pack of 50.

7. Dealmed Disposable Blue Medical Mask

Dealmed Disposable Blue Medical Mask
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This Procedure mask is flexible enough to protect you against exposure. There are 50 masks per box that have a fluid-resistant shield for added convenience. The masks equally have ear loops, and their pleated design with glass-free filter make them even better and safe to use than other masks. Moreover, they are latex-free and sell at an affordable price.

8. Starryshine 3-Ply Premium Medical Mask

Starryshine 3-Ply Premium Medical Mask
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This blue face mask can be used for dental and surgical procedures. It is FDA-Approved and has ear loops for increased performance. The mask is disposable and recommended for one-time use only. There are two boxes with a total of 100 masks inside that are quite affordable and will meet your financial needs. Besides, the surgical mask Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) is more than 99 percent. The 3-ply medical mask is fluid resistant and equally latex free.

9. SG Nonwoven Face Mask

SG Nonwoven Face Mask
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This face mask is designed with an elastic ear loop and an adjustable nose bar for a perfect fit thus improving its efficiency. There are no pressure points. Therefore, it is quite comfortable for children and adults. It is designed with three-ply pleat without glass fibers thus provide up to 99 percent Filtration Efficiency. The mask is breathable, fluid-resistant and disposable. They are perfect for everyday use and will protect you against harmful air pathogens. They are hypoallergenic and latex free, so it is ideal for anyone.

10. Dukal 1530 Medical Mask

Dukal 1530 Medical Mask
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Dukal’s procedure mask comes in a pack of 50 at a pretty reasonable price. It provides BFE of 97 percent. The mask is designed with ear loops and a flexible nosepiece for a more custom fit. It is 3-ply pleated, is lightweight nature and made with material that is breathable for added comfort. Besides, this procedure mask is made of latex-free material.

Overall, it may be said

Although these face masks are designed to offer protection, it’s wise to look for one which won’t cause allergenic reaction. This is because different brands utilize variety of construction material and some are reusable while others are disposable.