Top 20 Best Leather Belts for Men of 2024

When buying a pair trouser nowadays, it’s accompanied by belts. Although many people wear belts to hold their pants, men belts are designed for supports and also to improve the overall appearance. Men belts are designed from variety of materials which gives them differing durability. Leather belts for men are popular since they are usable in casual and formals dressing modes.

When looking for a leather belt, it’s ideal to have information on which type you need. This is because we have various styles such as, calfskin, exotic, woven and studded leather belts. If you are looking for men belts, you deserve the best. Following are the top 20 best leather belts for men as reviewed in 2021, to make our grooming exceptional.

List of Best Leather Belts for Men

20. Savile Row Top Grain Leather Reversible Men’s Belt

Savile Row Top Grain Leather Reversible Men's Belt

When looking for a perfect leather belt to look classic, the Savile Row men’s belt is the answer to your worries. Designed from 100% to grain leather, it means the belt is classic and highly durable. On the other hand, the versatility is superb whereby you can use either side with just a twist of a buckle. It is colored in black and brown to ensure that you get 2-in-1 belt for improved elegance. The belt is ideal for casual and professional dressing thus rendering it versatile. Also, the belt has 5 holes, which are perfectly designed to fit different sizes.

19. Synthic Apparel Men’s Classic Dress Leather Belt

Synthic Apparel Men's Classic Dress Leather Belt

Forget about cheap belts which are made from inferior synthetic leathers. Here is premium quality 100% genuine leather from Synthic Apparel. It’s a classic and stylish belt which is ideal for use by all men of all ages and sizes. This is because; the belts from this company are available in a range of 30 to 60-cm hence ideal for everyone. Moreover, with a broad variety of buckle colors it’s possible to get your perfect appearance. Additionally, you can always trust this belt in terms of durability since its features leather crafting and hole sizing is perfect. Exquisite stitching and double looping ensures the belt has added security thus nothing to worry about when wearing.

18. Timberland Classic Jean Belt for Men

Timberland Classic Jean Belt for Men

For an excellent look, you need a perfect belt to compliment jeans outfits. The Timberland jeans belt for men is an ideal solution when it comes to people who have perfection for jeans. It’s a durable products which is 100% leather made to improve on durability. Further, the secure buckle combines with leather to offer maximum protection. Designed for casual wear, the antique single prong buckle design complements your appearance when you want to have a perfect casual appearance.

17. Bullko 7059 Men’s Retro Pin Buckle Leather Belt

Bullko 7059 Men's Retro Pin Buckle Leather Belt

Are you looking for a perfect belt for wearing in all occasion, whether casual or official? There is no need to struggle again, the Bullko 7079 is a premium belt designed to give you a peace of mind and full satisfaction. Having a width of 1.5-inch wide and various lengths, the belt is perfect for any waist size. Unlike in other belts, this one has a buckle fitted with screws and is highly polished to deliver an elegant look. To ensure that Bullko 7059 belt last for longer, it’s manufactured from genuine cow leathers. It provides maximum comfort and comes with a premium packaging.

16. BS-40 Vintage Full Grain Leather Belt BS-40 Vintage Full Grain Leather Belt

Nowadays, it’s hard to get genuine leather belts like it used to be in 40’s. However, this BS-40 vintage belt is a real full grain cowhide leather belt which is durable and stylish. This ensures that whenever you are wearing it, no doubts of classic looking. In addition the buckle unlike in other belts, this enjoys snaps for interchanging buckle. This gives it extended life spans without breaking and also improves on ease of resizing. It’s a versatile belt which is suitable for as variety of occasions.

15. Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckle Leather Belt

Xhtang Men's Solid Buckle Leather Belt

The Xhtang men belt is a superb product which is worth buying. Designed by experts, the belt is ideal in ensuring you achieve a perfect appearance. Further, it’s an exceptional product whereby, once you get it, you can trim it to fit your size. The automatic buckle is easy to use and ideal for people in business and also for leisure. Moreover, Zinc alloy buckle gives it a stylish finish while keeping it free from corrosion while it’s possible to interchange it. The genuine cowhide leather which is unprinted makes the belt ideal for variety of wearing styles.

14. Levi’s Men’s. Genuine Leather 2-Pronged Buckle Belt

Levi's Men's. Genuine Leather 2-Pronged Buckle Belt

Lev’s is a renowned brand in the fashion industry. This time they are presenting this premium quality men belt to make your general appearance look charming. The construction constitutes genuine leather which is durable and elegant. For a stylish and enhanced support, it is equipped with two prongs not forgetting double perforations and a gunmetal finishing tone. It is available from 32 to 46-inches thus ideal for al waist sizes. The surface is unprinted; hence the belt is perfect for a variety of occasions.

13. Dante Men’s Leather Ratchet Dress Belt, Automatic Buckle

Dante Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt, Automatic Buckle

For men, wearing pants without a belt, one feels incompletes. Therefore, you need to have a comfortable and reliable which increases your self-confidence. The Dante leather belt for men is a modern looking belt which is professionally made to enhance great look. Fitted with an automatic buckle, it means that using the belt is easy. Also, unlike other belt, this one doesn’t have holes thereby you can bet on its increased durability. Apart from being holeless, the belt is genuine leather manufactured, which further add the durability. The buckle on the other hand is scratch resistant, hence ideal for keeping you charming and fashionable all time. The sleek packaging renders it perfect gift option.

12. Marino Avenue Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Marino Avenue Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt

Make your dressing complete by getting a high quality and genuine leather belt. The Marino Avenue genuine leather belt for men is a product to get without doubts about the quality. It’s a beautiful belt comprising genuine leather construction hence ideal for all ages and events. Fitting this belt is easy and convenient as it enjoys an automatic buckle. This means no more struggle since it has no holes; instead, it has 38 unique adjustments which allow easy sliding. The buckle is also removable for easy interchangeability and is also scratch resistant for extended elegance. A bonus special key leather chain accompanied the belt upon purchase and backed by 180 return policy.

11. Bullko Men’s Pin Buckle Casual Leather Belt

Bullko Men's Pin Buckle Casual Leather Belt

When attending a party or any casual occasion, you need a complete dressing mode for the event. However, many people forget to wear the belt thereby compromising your look. The Bullko men’s casual leather belt is an excellent selection for a perfect elegant and outstanding appearance. It’s wide enough 1.5 –inches hence perfectly fitting while length is designed to fit different sizes. When the trouser is long, it’s possible to adjust length since its buckle is screwed thus easy to unscrew and cut the leather. Premium craftsmanship ensures that belt is excellent in terms of wearing comfort.

10. Marino Avenue Men’s Leather Belt, Classic Jean Style

Marino Avenue Men’s Leather Belt, Classic Jean Style

Dressing in a pair of jeans requires you to have a matching belt. If you are looking for one which will give you a perfect look, this one from Marion Avenue brings elegance and comfort to your wardrobe. Its high–quality belt featuring a single prong buckles which adds an elegant casual look. The belt is heavy-duty and rugged meaning you can rely on it for an extended time. Additionally, the fastener is zinc alloy manufactured hence resistant to corrosion and rust to keep its shiny look. The double row stitching, further give this belt a durable life; while, complementing any man’s fashion.

9. Dickies Mens 1 1/2 in. Leather Belt, Two Row Stitch

Dickies Mens 1 1/2 in. Leather Belt, Two Row Stitch

Dickies is a famous company has been manufacturing clothes for a long time. Among many products they make, this 100% men leather belt is popular among many customers. Designed featuring high craftsmanship, it ensures that proper and comfortable fitting due to ample thickness and length. Additionally, the double stitching gives it a reliable and durable while the brown color without prints makes ideal for a broad range of wearing.

8. Dickies Men’s 1 3/8-inch Genuine Leather Belt

Dickies Men's 1 3/8-inch Genuine Leather Belt

This is another premium-quality belt from Dickies designed for men. The 100% genuine leather belt is charming durable and comfortable. Unlike other belts, this one features circular perforation along the belt which makes it easy to fit all sizes without requiring any adjustments. Its buckle has a nickels finish and a roller for smooth sliding and double prongs. The belt is ideal for casual fitting and is available in a range of 32-46-inches.

7. Marino Avenue Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt, Linxx Buckle

Marino Avenue Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt, Linxx Buckle

When looking for a belt, get one which is durable and easy to use. In connection to that, Marino Avenue has crafted this genuine leather ratchet dress belt for men with a linxx buckle. Unlike the prong based belts, this one features an easy to use auto-locking buckle which releases on slight lifting. Due to this, it means the belt has no holes which further ensure it has a durable lifespan besides being genuine leathers crafted. With scratch resistant buckle with beautiful decorations, the belt ensures you get a charming appearance when wearing it under all conditions.

6. VRLEGEND Men’s Genuine Leather Belt

VRLEGEND Men’s Genuine Leather Belt

If you are tired of old styled hole based belts, here is a modern looking one from VRLEGEND. Its manufacturing featuring features genuine leather which is sleek and durable. Created with a removable buckle, it means that when you need to adjust the size, it’s possible without inflicting damage to the belt. Further, the automatic locking mechanism is ideal in and easy to use. Now, depending on the type of color you need to fit your occasion, this belt is available in a range of finishes. Double stitching and holeless design ensures you achieve a stunning elegance. It’s a reliable, casual, high grade and easy to use for your daily wearing.

5. Hanks Jean Men’s Leather Belt, 100-year Warranty

Hanks Jean Men's Leather Belt, 100-year Warranty

If you are looking for extra heavy-duty belt, then you need to go for Hanks jean men’s leather belt. Designed for casual wearing, the belt crafted from the highest ever leather to guarantee extra-durability. As a result, this belt is guaranteed to last for 100 years. The retro style is sleek, arising 197’s memories. In addition, the belt is soft unlike other belts on the market, hence comfortable when wearing. The rugged design gives it masculine natures not forgetting its casual complement to your jeans outfit. The Hanks jean men’s leather belt is single prong with a roller for ease of closure and is resistant to cracking or splitting.

4. Savile Row Men’s Dress – Belt, Reversible, Black and Brown

Savile Row Men's Dress - Belt, Reversible, Black and Brown

Savile Row men’s belt is globally known as a premium quality belt. It is made by a company in London and boasts quality artistry by being hand cut and crafted from the finest leather. It comes as either black or brown, making it of high fashion due to its classic finish. For quality assurance, the belts pass through thorough inspection for quality to ensure it reaches the market while being the best. By boasting innovative design, this belt preserves the secret beauty and elegance. This belt offers ultra-perfect fit in addition to the function details. Thanks to the included 5 punched holes, and the durability is due to 2mm thickness and 1.3 inches wide.

3. Falari Men’s Braided Leather Belt

Falari Men’s Braided Leather Belt

If you want to get a belt that will make you proud all the days of your life, be sure to buy Falari Men’s braided leather belt. It is hand braided crafted care and designed by Falari Company itself. Having taken enough time to include the most masculine feature, you can be sure that this product makes a real value for your money. It features a stainless steel buckle and a strap width of 35 mm. These features enhance excellent fit. This incredible design and buckle system makes this belt to fit snugly and comfortably to pants of the sizes 28 to 44-Inches. There’s a variety of belt sizes from the same brand to choose from. Due to its leather material of construction, it is highly durable. Additionally, it earns a good reputation as a perfect gift box for various occasions.

2. Fantastic Zone Men’s Leather- Ratchet Dress Belt

Fantastic Zone Men's Leather- Ratchet Dress Belt

Fantastic zone men’s leather belt is yet another top rated men’s belt which has earned enough honor to be in this top list. It is durably constructed from leather and has a stylishly looking buckle for additional aesthetic appearance. With double edged stitched design, this belt lasts for decades and still doesn’t lose its attractiveness. By having a unique adjustment, you can now forget about the use of holes like in the old belts. The buckling system looks excellent for superb and comfortable fit. The removable buckle allows you to cut the belt to your ideal size for a custom fit. The product gives an excellent impression making it one of the best gifts for holidays.

1. XIANGUO Men’s Genuine Leather Belts, with Automatic Buckle for Man

XIANGUO Men's Genuine Leather Belts, with Automatic Buckle for Man

Every man wants to feel superiorly smart, but not without Xianguo genuine leather belt. It is a high-quality men’s solid belt which boasts excellent craftsmanship. The fact that it is leather made, this belt is stylish ad durable making it perfect for business dressing style. But, if you want it, the belt goes well with everything. Also, it features an automatic buckle which is removable for easy use. Besides, the buckle is made of zinc alloy making it scratch resistant. Further, the design is fashionable, eye catching and will never go out of style no matter how long you wear it.


Men leather belts are ideal ways to go when you want assured pant support and elegance. Being available in variety styles, these belts are sleek, comfortable and durable compared to others materials. Ranging from casual to professional designs, it’s true that having a leather belt gives you a peace of mind and confidence.