Top 20 Best iPhone X Cases in 2023 Reviews

iPhone X has taken the market by a storm. Currently, it is the treading phone and one of the greatest smartphones ever. Buying the phone is a great achievement an inspiration. However, it would be a zero work to invest in such smartphone, and leave it ‘naked.’ Without a protective cover, you risk scratches, spills, damage due to accidental drops and other uncertainties. This calls for equipping the cell phone with a solid iPhone X case.

Unlike its predecessors, the phone is large and has a curved screen which makes it impossible to fit into universal phone cases. Also, if you are thinking about using your iPhone 7 wallet case, reconsider your decision as it won’t work. You just need to get a customized iPhone X wallet case for the maximum safety of your phone. Furthermore, the cases specifically designed for this phone will ensure that you can easily access ports and camera with ease.

Now, these cases are designed by different makers. Due to this, quality differs across the available brands. As a result, checking for the ideal wallet case will ensure that you give your maximum phone protection. We have different materials also used in the construction of this case; some are made genuine leather, plastic leather while others are plastic made. Instead of installing universal case that is not effective, why don’t you look for a customized iPhone X phone case? Check these top 20 best iPhone X cases in 2021 reviews and keep your phone clean.

List of Best iPhone X Cases

20. Otterbox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone

Otterbox SYMMETRY SERIES Case for iPhone

Otterbox iPhone X case is one of the best offers you can give to your iPhone x for ultimate protection. It features a friendly design. Thanks to the sleek, thin and Stylish design. It is wrapped with beautiful colors and graphics to enhance a seamless style. For ultimate shock absorbing, it is equipped with dual material construction. In addition to the beauty and shock absorbency, it features raised beveled edges that keep your touchscreen ultimately protected. The ease of installation is yet another essential feature of this phone case. It is authentic, and installation is a breeze.

19. Maxboost HyperPro iPhone X Case, Maxboost Hybrid Apple iPhone X Clear

Maxboost HyperPro iPhone X Case, Maxboost Hybrid Apple iPhone X Clear

The fact that this case has been exclusively designed for iPhone x is a clear indication that all the engineering has been employed. It boasts a double injected and soft plus hard GXD material. This material makes it proof against all shock damages. Besides, this material helps to keep the device resistant to water damage.

This is a unique material that has a profound property of shock proofing at only a fraction of the size. The sleek profile and TPU frame allow excellent grip. Also, it has an additional size of the lips to offer protection of camera and the screen. Last but not least, it features a stylish appeal. Thanks to the colored bumper and transparent backing.

18. Trianium iPhone X Apple iPhone X, iPhone 10 Case Wallet

Trianium iPhone X Apple iPhone X, iPhone 10 Case Wallet

Trianium iPhone x CASE WALLET provides ultimate protection to your phone under all circumstances. Apart from protection, it also acts as a wallet for keeping small documents that you feel you should carry wherever you go. Now, the main material of construction is TPU which is weather resistant and shock absorbing is great. Whether you’re worrying about bumps, scratches, drops, Trianium is the best shield for your iPhone device. It safely elevates the phone with an incredible protective front bezel. The material has an excellent grip and features special patterns and textured size to enhance a comfortable grip.

17. ESR iPhone X Case, with a metal kickstand

ESR iPhone X Case, with a metal kickstand

ESR iPhone x case brings innovation at its best. It features a sturdy metallic kickstand that allows you to position the phone at convenient angles. That way, you can incline it to a position where you can watch movies, music and enhance hands-free operation.

But when it comes to shock absorbency, this case is among the best for that work. Thanks to the dual layer protection, i.e., flexible bumper and a hard PC backing. The combination of the two enhances ultimate protection. The case also features a peculiar design that maximizes camera and screen protection, and it also provides for an incredible charging port.

16. Spigen Thin Fit iPhone X Case with Non-Slip, SF Coated Matte Surface

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone X Case with Non-Slip, SF Coated Matte Surface

Spigen iPhone x case is designed to offer both luxury and protection. It features a thin profile that doesn’t weigh much, hence easy to handle and looks nice. Thanks to the incredibly lightweight PC material that is durable and keeps the phone protected from drops, bumps, and scratches.

Apart from being highly portable, this case also supports magnetic car mounts so that you can enjoy hands-free operation when driving. The slim fit design allows easy installation and makes the phone look awesome. Besides, this case is compatible with iPhone 10 and iPhone X.

15. Spigen Neo Herringbone Hybrid iPhone X Case

Spigen Neo Herringbone Hybrid iPhone X Case

The Neo hybrid case is uniquely designed to offer premium protection without losing the attractiveness. It is a classic case that remains best seller day in day out. It boasts of flexible construction and a rigid bumper that enhances 100 perfect shocks absorbing efficiency. The unique design keeps the screen and camera contact-free. So, it is an ideal case if you are worrying about drops, bumps, dents or scratches. Besides, it doesn’t lose the functionality. Thanks to the precise cutouts and tactile buttons which allow quick access and feedback.

14. Spigen Liquid-Air Armor iPhone X Case

Spigen Liquid-Air Armor iPhone X Case

Do you want to maintain the modernity of your iPhone X? Well, you have to make the right choice when selecting the phone case. At this juncture, Spigen liquid air case delivers the best protection. It functions by delivering excellent flexibility that makes it 100 percent shockproof. Thanks to the TPU material which is incredibly durable and flexible to accommodate all drops it might encounter.

Besides, the anti-slip matte finish allows the luxurious use of your phone. It is lightweight and has precision cutouts which allow easy access to the button, charging and vital features. Hence, luxury feel, comfortable grip, and ultimate protection are the reasons why you are supposed to buy this phone case.

13. Spigen Slim Dual Layer Armor CS iPhone X Case with Slim

Spigen Slim Dual Layer Armor CS iPhone X Case with Slim

Spigen iPhone X cases have the best reputation and are among the best selling products today. It features a unique dual layer construction that boasts of air cushioning technology. When the dual layer construction is combined with air cushion technology, you’ll enjoy the absolute protection of your phone.

Also, it has an exterior card holder that can accommodate two need to carry wallets, yet this case can accommodate all your needs. Besides, it has a minimal design that is slim in appearance hence very classic.

12. Anker iPhone X Case and iPhone 10 Case, Anker KARAPAX Breeze

Anker iPhone X Case and iPhone 10 Case, Anker KARAPAX Breeze

Are you searching for the best case to support all the modern features of iPhone X. Anker iPhone X Case and iPhone 10 Case is the best you can have. It boasts of a revolutionary design that supports wireless charging without necessarily removing the case. Also, it features a slim line design with raised ridges to safeguard the camera and screen excellently. Thanks to the military grade TPU material that makes up the shell while remaining soft to the phone. The high responsive button covers and precise cutouts make the use of this case a breeze without reducing the functionality of the device.

11. TOZO for iPhone X Case, Ultra-Thin Hard Cover

TOZO for iPhone X Case, Ultra-Thin Hard Cover

Thin profiled TOZO iPhone X case is one of the cases with the highest demand in the current market. This slim design enhances the aesthetic of the phone while offering maximum protection. It is simple, elegant, and semitransparent which all sum up to enhance a concise design. Featuring matte finish, it has a user-friendly texture; anti-glare and which reduces fingerprints or grease build up.

The camera hole-ring features a raised material that enhances complete camera protection. The raised ridges, on the other hand, improve full-screen protection. Last but not least, it has some precise cutouts that enhance the original functionality of speakers, charging system and buttons.

10. Torras iPhone X Case

Torras iPhone X Case

The Torras model is an affordable iPhone X case that can slide in and out of your pocket with ease. It has an anti-fading varnish coating and has a smooth finish that looks and feels great. The case is thin and super light you will not notice it on your phone. It, however, guarantees extra protection and assures you of an excellent grip whenever you use your device. The case can fit your phone perfectly, and it has precise cut-outs for easy access to the device’s important ports and buttons. It is pretty easy to install and has a slightly raised lip that will protect the screen and camera from damages.

9. Torras Love Series iPhone X Case

Torras Love Series iPhone X Case

This is the best iPhone X case t buy if you want to protect your new device from damages and accidental drops. It features a liquid silicone gel rubber that is shockproof and has a soft microfiber cloth lining cushion for extra functionality. The case fits perfectly on your iPhone device and has precise cutouts making it easy to access important features of your phone like the volume buttons and earphones port. The exterior has a silky soft-touch finish that will feel great in your hands, and its lightweight nature will not feel bulky whenever you carry it. It fits most charging cables and is very easy to clean.

8. Zizo iPhone X Case

Zizo iPhone X Case

Zizo case for iPhone X is available in different shades, so you have the flexibility to choose a shade that matches your style. The static Series by Zizo meets military grade compliance; therefore, it is certified to protect your iPhone device. It features a slim design, and the chic tones will add a nice touch to your phone. This iPhone X case by Zizo is also compatible with wireless Qi technology, and the included kickstand feature makes hands-free viewing possible.

7. Dshot iPhone X Case Cover

Dshot iPhone X Case Cover

The special design of this case will keep your iPhone X device safe for many years. It has a durable two-layer construction for extra toughness, but it has a silky soft nature that feels smooth. The inner microfiber cushion is abrasion-resistant giving your device extra protection. The liquid silicone case fits snugly over all the important buttons for easy access. It is pretty light and can fit most charging cables, so you don’t have to take it out every time you want to charge your phone. This silicone rubber case by Dshot is easy to clean and has a chic design that makes it stand out from other models.

6. Lavensa iPhone X Case

Lavensa iPhone X Case

The Lavensa model is specially-built for iPhone X devices to keep them safe from damage and accidental drops. The case is made of durable TPU material that is flexible and shockproof. The full corner bumper protection protects your phone from scratches. Besides, this flexible nature makes it easy to install and take off without scratching the device. It holds your phone tightly and supports the back and side while still allowing full access to important buttons without hiding any feature. The case looks quite elegant and is comfy to touch without feeling any extra bulk.

5. Ocean Love iPhone X Case

Ocean Love iPhone X Case

The high-professional design of this case makes it compatible with all version of iPhone X carriers like Sprint and Verizon. The detachable belt-clip holster can hang on your waist when you are outdoors but do not want to leave your phone behind. It equally doubles as a kickstand to allow hands-free media viewing. The high-quality material assures you long-term phone protection without thinking about a replacement. Furthermore, unlike other bulky cases, this iPhone X cover case by Ocean Love has a slim design to reduce unnecessary bulk. Its versatile nature makes it rank as the best iPhone X case to buy this year.

4. SenseValue iPhone X Case

SenseValue iPhone X Case

The latest design by SenseValue is built with the latest technology to offer extra protection of your device. The soft TPU material provides maximum protection from bumps, and the four reinforced corner cushions will protect it from shocks. This case supports wireless charging and has precise cutouts for easy access to all the ports. It is scratch-resistant and has raised bezels to protect the screen and camera when placed face down. The thin transparent design of this iPhone X Case will add a natural beauty to your device. This light nature equally makes it easy to carry around without feeling any extra bulk.

3. Besiva Case for iPhone X

Besiva Case for iPhone X

If you are shopping for a sleek yet versatile model, then this is the product to consider. The case has a chic design with a perfect finish that will add an elegant look to your iPhone X. it is also versatile because the 360-degree rotating kickstand allows you to enjoy media viewing from any angle without using your hands. The material used is shockproof and also ensures a comfortable grip of your device. Features like the silicone camera protection, four-layer protection, and two interlocking plastic pieces make this the best protective case for iPhone X. its multifunctional nature equally makes it a must-buy case for your new device.

2. Vafru iPhone X Case

Vafru iPhone X Case

This model by Vafru is an ultra-thin iPhone X case cover that can slip in and out of your pocket without any hassle. It is designed with premium material that helps protect your device from drops and impacts. It is specially made for the iPhone X models so it will fit perfectly on your device and the cutouts will allow easy access to all the important buttons and ports whenever you want. The smooth texture makes it comfortable to hold in your hand, and its sleek design adds a nice touch to your phone. The Vafru iPhone X case comes backed by a lifetime warranty from the brand so you can rest easy knowing you’ve put your money in the right place.

1. HokoAcc Case for iPhone X

HokoAcc Case for iPhone X

If you are shopping for something affordable to give to your loved one this season, then the HokoAcc Case for iPhone X devices is the perfect gift. It has a chic design with a nice red color to give it a beautiful finish. The heavy duty case has a dual layer structure and raised edges to offer full protection against drops and scratches. The fully covered edges and the corners extra cushion protects the device from bumps and drops. This case has precise cutouts to allow easy access to all ports and buttons any time you want. There is a removable neck strap lanyard that you can use to free your hands when you want to do something else but still need your phone within reach. The product is backed by a 12-month warranty for your peace of mind.


The iPhone X cases are vital in improving the safety as well as maintaining your phone clean. As seen in the featured products, it is now easy to keep an iPhone X clean and secure with a high-quality case. Thereby, there is no need to gamble with your phone safety; a protective case is all you need.