Top 20 Best iPhone X Wallet Cases in 2023 Reviews

iPhone X is the latest talk of the day in the town. The smartphone has everything the cellphone should have to make your experience unique. Due to its outstanding design and other sleek features, the phone is premium priced. Therefore, buying an iPhone X is a significant investment. Now, buying the phone is not an issue, the real hassle arises when you want to protect it.

With its high price tag, repairing this phone would also cost you a fortune. However, buying a protective case is exceptionally cheap than replacing any part of the smartphone. Getting a protective wallet case for iPhone X is highly recommended. Not only a wallet case but, when you have a customized wallet, it means that you can have an easy time accessing the necessary features efficiently.

Now, if you are planning to use a universal smartphone wallet, it is not going to work here. Even wallet cases for iPhone 8 or 7 won’t work on iPhone X since it has a broader orientation. Therefore, the experts’ recommendation is to check the wallet is designed for the phone. Amazingly, even though the devices are ‘new’ in the market, there are plenty of protective cases. Apart from protecting the phone, wallets are designed to house other slim personal items like cards and identification cards.

The range of wallet cases available on the market doesn’t guarantee full protection. Some are cheap and offer inferior safety. However, you have a reason to give your phone special treatment. The following are the top 20 best iPhone X wallet cases in 2021 reviews.

List of Best iPhone X Wallet Cases

20. Pasonomi PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X Wallet, Detachable Slim Case

Pasonomi PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X Wallet, Detachable Slim Case

For perfect protection, your iPhone X needs a customized wallet case to provide excellent protection. The Pasonomi PU leather case is specifically designed for iPhone X. unlike other wallet cases; this one is safe and eco-friendly. Furthermore, with magnetic closure, it is easy to close after using the phone. Apart from protecting the phone, the wallet features 9 slots that enable safe and easy card storage. The precise cutouts leave the camera and sensors uncovered for improved convenience. Also, the slim detachable case is great for ensuring that you can use it separately without the phone.

19. Spigen iPhone X Case – Foldable Cover and Kickstand

Spigen iPhone X Case - Foldable Cover and Kickstand

Spigen always takes your smartphone’s security with a lot of concerns. That is why they deliver great products to improve the safety of your devices. Now, this foldable cover case is among the best iPhone X wallet cases that are superior and hardy to keep your phone safe. The design is impressive since it has sleek synthetic leather that keeps the phone safe. For easy closure, the case boasts a magnetic strap that keeps the wallet closed throughout when the phone isn’t in use. Whether calling, receiving a call or taking photos, there is no need to remove the cover since it has precise cutouts. With cover converting into a kickstand, it is easy to watch movies when relaxing.

18. Speck Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X

Speck Presidio Wallet Case for iPhone X

Treat your iPhone X with tender by offering it reliable protection to keep it looking great. The Speck Presidio wallet case is an ultimate choice that can keep it looking outstanding. There is no more scratched on the body or damage due to impacts. With great shock absorbing ability, it keeps the phone safe even when dropped from high heights. Furthermore, with two layers of protection, it has been tested to withstand up to 10 feet drop. This is because of a combination of polycarbonate and impaction rubber that helps to disperse impact. Amazingly, the wallet has built a screen protector to safeguard the phone screen. The 3 card slots perfectly and securely keep your cards safe.

17. TUCCH Premium PU Folio Leather 10 Wallet, TPU Shockproof Interior

TUCCH Premium PU Folio Leather 10 Wallet, TPU Shockproof Interior

Forget about the cheap plastic phone cases that last for a few days, and they get damaged. The Tucch premium PU leather wallet is an absolute choice that every iPhone X owner should have. The Folio book design adds elegance since it boasts 10 slots to enable the storage of credits cards and ID cards. Despite its ability to hold up to 10 cards, the wallet is slim to provide ease of carrying. The flaps don’t move around since the case features a magnetic closure that also boosts the screen protection. Precise cutouts leave vital features such as camera speaker and charging ports easy to access without removing the wallet.

16. Gear Beast iPhone X Slim Protective PU Leather Men and Women Case

Gear Beast iPhone X Slim Protective PU Leather Men and Women Case

If you are looking for the ideal wallet cover for your iPhone X, here is the right pick that won’t disappoint. The Gear Beast PU leather is specifically designed for iPhone X hence perfect fitting without hassles like with universal wallets. Unlike other cases, this one is compatible with Qi wireless charging technology thereby there is no removing when charging. Boasting folio style, the wallet is perfect for making cards since it has 3 slots. Moreover, the slim design is ideal for keeping this wallet easy to fit in your pocket. The upper part features polyurethane with sleek stitching to give the case an elegant look with a fashionable finish.

15. FYY iPhone X Wallet Case, with Cosmetic Mirror

FYY iPhone X Wallet Case, with Cosmetic Mirror

Carrying your phone without a protective wallet is risky as it exposes it to damage in case of an accidental drop. The construction of this wallet gives it outstanding performance since it not only protects your phone but credit cards. The materials used are great in blocking the RFID technology that is used to steal chip technology data from a distance. The PU leather used is sleek and dedicated to ensuring that the case is fashionable besides providing ample protection. Fitted with a cosmetic mirror, this wallet gives you a chance of keeping your face make up intact. Furthermore, the kickstand function is great when you want to experience hands-free watching.

14. FYY Handmade RFID Blocking Wallet Case for iPhone X

FYY Handmade RFID Blocking Wallet Case for iPhone X

The FYY is one of the iPhone wallets makers that are of high quality to keep your smartphones safe and free from shock damage. Among the best cases, they have made is this RFID blocking wallet case for iPhone X. this means that as it protects your phone, it also assists in keeping your credits cards from data theft. The construction features handmade and of genuine leather that gives it outstanding durability and performance. With a variety of features, the wallet is ideal for movie watching and hands-free calling. The slim design improves ease of fitting in your pocket while the convenient answering button ensures no opening when answering calls.

13. Lopie Fabric Slim Fit Hard Back Case Wallet Cover iPhone X Case

Lopie Fabric Slim Fit Hard Back Case Wallet Cover iPhone X Case

Feel the sleekness when holding your phone with this wallet case from Lopie. It is a high-quality case that is designed for your iPhone X. Therefore, there are no hassles to fit when you fit it into your phone. With a combination of construction materials, the wallet is strong and offers high protection. The sea cotton fabrics and genuine leather card holder finish gives it a soft touch. With power and volume buttons covered, it gives the phone full protection from scratches, bumps, and dust. Despite its heavy-duty design, the wallet is extremely light.

12. Filoto Premium PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X

Filoto Premium PU Leather Wallet Case for iPhone X

With Filoto PU leather wallet, there is nothing to worry about when it comes to protecting your iPhone X. It is a percent choice to function as a phone case and also provides 3 slots for carrying your credit card and for carrying money. Amazingly, unlike other wallets, it provides easy access to the slots without having to open the case. For easy access of camera, speaker and buttons without removing the case, it has precise cutouts. The PU leather used is sleek and delivers a sleek and fashionable look.

11. Benuo Genuine Leather Case Vintage Book iPhone X Case

Benuo Genuine Leather Case Vintage Book iPhone X Case

Give your iPhone vintage look by having it clothed with this vintage leather case from Benuo. Made of top-grain leather the wallet is soft and gives you a soft feel. Apart from housing your phone, it is excellent for watching movies as well as reading eBooks and hands-free callings. The inner shell features a polycarbonate shell that gives the iPhone X perfect hugging. With retro book-style cover with 2 cards slot, it means that you have an easy time accessing the pocket. No more knockouts, this iPhone case is genuine leather made for style and extended durability and protection.

10. Shamo’s iPhone X Wallet Case

Shamo’s iPhone X Wallet Case

Shamo’s iPhone X wallet case is a brown shockproof cover made of PU premium leather. The 2019 model has soft rubber material inside to protect your Apple iPhone from dirt and scratches. It measures approximately 5 by 0.3 by 2.6 inches and weighs only 0.8 ounces. This thin and lightweight nature makes it easy to slip in and out of your pocket. Besides, the cover is pretty easy to install and has a low price tag. There is a card slot where you can keep your ID card and other important credit cards you will need. Shamo’s cover also has precisely cut openings allowing you full access to the phone’s ports.

9. iPulse iPhone X Wallet Case

iPulse iPhone X Wallet Case

This case is made of premium Italian cowhide leather with details that give it a classic vintage look. Aside from the brown shade, there are four different shades to choose from if you do not prefer this one. Its flexible and durable TPU material makes it easy to insert your phone without breaking it. There are two credit card slots, an ID slot, and one pocket to keep your bills and money. It also features a built-in phone stand for hands-free video calling or when live-streaming. The magnetic closure ensures the case stays closed while the precise cutouts let you access ports and buttons easily.

8. Lameeku Protective iPhone X Leather Case

Lameeku Protective iPhone X Leather Case

This 2019 release is the best iPhone X wallet case to fit your 5.8-inch model. The reinforced stitching makes it more durable and shockproof. The wallet case has two hidden card slots to keep your IDs and credit cards safe. What makes this leather case unique are the raised edges and TPU lip that keeps the screen safe from scratches or touching the ground.

The cutouts for the speakers and ports will fit your iPhone perfectly, so you don’t have to remove the case anytime you want to use any important phone feature. Thanks to the cover’s unique shielding technology all your card information will be kept safe from thieves. This iPhone X leather wallet case also comes with an 18-month warranty for your peace of mind when buying the product.

7. Lumion iPhone X Case

Lumion iPhone X Case

The premium PU leather material and chocolate brown shade give this wallet case by Lumion a nice elegant look that will surely make you stand out. Besides, this material is durable enough to withstand years of use without losing its fashionable design. The case can also hold your cards and money in one place without bringing along an extra purse or wallet. It is compatible with wireless chargers and has a money-back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.

6. ProCase Apple iPhone X Case

ProCase Apple iPhone X Case

The ProCase model has one feature that most models lack: a kickstand. This case gives you multiple viewing angles without using your hands. Aside from this feature, special features also include three built-in card slots, a side pocket and magnetic clips that firmly secure its closure. The durable PU exterior material offers great protection against accidental drops or scratches assuring you that your phone will be in a safe place. It is portable and lightweight making it convenient to carry around. The case will make you look very stylish and modern whether on a formal or casual occasion.

5. Lupa iPhone X Wallet Case

Lupa iPhone X Wallet Case

If you are looking for the best iPhone X leather wallet case, then this slim and durable Burgundy 2019 version is the ideal cover for your Apple X iPhone device. The lightweight model has a chic and classic design that will look good whether you attend a formal or casual occasion. Besides, there are different shades to match your clothing or your favorite color.

The case lets you travel lighter without carrying an extra wallet or purse because it can hold an ID and up to four credit cards. You also have a pocket to keep your bills and cash. The case has precise cutouts so you can access all ports and the strong magnetic closure provides security to all your important items. The rugged PU leather will resist scratches, and it will not fade over time. You will love the vintage-style design of this wallet case.

4. Amovo iPhone X Wallet Case

Amovo iPhone X Wallet  Case

The black flip wallet case cover for iPhone X comes with a gift box package so you can surprise your loved one on a special occasion. It is designed with premium vegan leather that is highly durable and will stand up on any occasion. The 2 in 1 case has a detachable magnetic back cover and PC plus TPU inner case. There are multiple cash and card slots on this beautiful cover where you put your credit cards, ID, and money. It also lets you access all buttons and ports without any hassle. This iPhone X wallet case has a slim design to add minimal bulk while still retaining your phone’s stylish look.

3. Dreem iPhone X Wallet Case

Dreem iPhone X Wallet Case

The Dreem model comes in nine different shades so you can easily pick a model that matches your favorite color. It also comes with a gift so you can give it to your loved one on any special occasion. This wallet case will fit your iPhone X device and still give you sufficient space to keep your credit cards, ID, and money. The case ranks as the best iPhone X wallet case because of its multifunctional nature.

It has a kickstand for horizontal or vertical hands-free viewing, an easy-open clasp, three pockets with RFID theft protection and a pocket to keep up to ten bills. The secure magnetic attachment holds your device in place, and its slim design makes it very light to carry around without sacrificing your phone’s sleek design. The high-quality faux leather with reinforced stitching will complement your iPhone form and function. It also works great with all magnetic car mounts, screen protectors, and selfie sticks.

2. Zover iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

Zover iPhone X Leather Wallet Case

The Zover latest release is a simple yet highly functional wallet case that keeps your iPhone safe and eliminates the need to bring along an extra wallet or purse. It is made of durable genuine leather that gives it a soft nature and chic design. The case supports wireless charging and works well with magnetic car mounts. Its detachable design allows you to change it from a wallet case to an ultra-thin phone case without any hassle. The automatic sleep and wake function equally make it rank among the best iPhone X wallet cases. Moreover, you can consider this model as the perfect gift for your friend or loved one.

1. LuckyBaby iPhone X Case

LuckyBaby iPhone X Case

You will love the unique and beautiful design of this wallet case by LuckyBaby. It is made of premium leather and has two hidden card slots, folder cash and one back cover holder that can store three cards. This 2019 model will only fit 5.8-inch iPhone X cases, but you can also use it on your iPhone 8 2019 model. The strong magnetic closure feature assures you that your cards and money are safe while the raised bezels and lips will protect your screen from shocks and accidental drops.


There is no need of leaving your iPhone X to survive the uncertainties. Covering it using a wallet case gives you peace of mind. With these reviewed wallets, it is now easy to have a quality iPhone X wallet case.