Top 30 Best iPhone 7 Screen Protectors in 2018 Reviews

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus are among the most expensive and high quality phones that you can have today. This is mainly because the phones have additional features that other phones might be lacking. Whether you just want to take fascinating pictures or even listen to quality music, iPhones have it all. As a result, the last thing that you would want to happen to the iPhone 7/7 plus is being damaged. Damages usually come in many different ways such as cracking of screen.

Your iPhone 7/7 plus might fall down accidentally on hard surfaces and get damaged. However, that should not worry you because most manufacturers have already noticed this and they have decided to produce iPhone 7/7 plus screen skins. These protectors are specifically designed to protect this precious gadget. They also promote the durability of the iPhone. In the following top 10 most popular iPhone 7/7 plus screen protectors in 2018 reviews, we bring to you the best quality protectors for 100 percent satisfaction.

1. IPhone 7 Screen Protectors, IQ Shield

IPhone 7 Screen Protectors, IQ Shield
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Made with a very unique liquid molding process, the IQShield’s protective film is well-designed to ignore conventional “layer stacking” so as to deliver ultimate protection in one sheet of tough, frictionless, flexible, durable, thin and crystal clear film with their “True-Feel” sensitivity. Being one of best scratch guard, the screen protectors are visually invisible and they offer edge-to-edge coverage of the iPhone 7’s screen. IQ Shield always stands behind the superiority of all of their products. For instance, the screen protector is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and it’s also covered by a lifetime warranty.

2. SPARIN IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors

SPARIN IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protectors
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This iPhone screen protector features an excellent design and it has precise cut outs that will fit your iPhone perfectly. It’s super thin and it can also maintain 3D touch feature of the iPhone 7 plus. The skin screen protector is also made of 9H strong hardness that’s anti-scratch and 3x stronger when compared to the regular screen protector’s film. The SPARIN Screen Protector will also protect your iPhone against the accidental scratches by keys and marks. It has 99% HD clarity and 99% light transmittance. It will also keep bright and colorful image qualities.

3. IPhone 7 6S 6 Screen Protector Glass, AmFilm

IPhone 7 6S 6 Screen Protector Glass, AmFilm
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This premium iPhone glass protector by AmFilm features all the latest in state-of-the-art iPhone screen protection technologies. It’s scratch resistant, chip resistant and highly durable. The stronger 9H hardness protector shall offer your phone with the best protection against drops, normal wear and tea, scratches and bumps. The model will not mess up with your touchscreen’s sensitivity but offer exceptional functionality and performance. It is designed to be 99.9% transparent to promote a natural, crystal clear and optimal viewing experience.

4. IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, PLESON

IPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector, PLESON
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The oleophobic coating found in this screen protector prevents oil stains and fingerprinting. It also makes the screen protector quite easy to clean. There’s also the silicone bubble-free adhesive which will adhere to the iPhone’s screen without any gaps or bubbles. This anti-shatter film is well-designed to protect you as well as your device by ensuring that the tempered glass sticks together. This glass screen protector also comes with 2 alcohol cleaning wipe (wet and dry), dust absorber and the installation user guide.

5. IPhone 7 Screen Protector, G-Color

IPhone 7 Screen Protector, G-Color
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This iPhone 7 screen protector has been specially-made with a transparent glass. It has also undergone specialized tempered glass treatments to protect your iPhone’s screen from scratches and other external damages. It also features oleophobic coating that will prevent any excessive fingerprinting and oil stains. This makes the film very easy to clean. It also adheres to the phone without creating bubbles thus leaving your touch screen’s sensitivity unaffected.

6. IPhone 7 Plus 6S/6 Plus Screen Protector, AmFilm

IPhone 7 Plus 6S/6 Plus Screen Protector, AmFilm
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The use of ultra-thin 0.33mm glass is going to save you from lots of disappointments that are often a problem to protecting the iPhone’s screen. It has a 99.9 percent clarity that ensures that you’re going to receive the best transparency so that you’re able to receive the best viewing experiences. What you’ll get from AmFilm is a protector that promises the best screen protection and the scratch resistant feature from one of the best products ever. It has also been well-designed with a surface having 9H hardness so that you’re able to protect your iPhone’s screen from fingerprints.

7. OMOTON IPhone 7 Screen Protector

OMOTON IPhone 7 Screen Protector
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The OMOTON Screen Protector has laser-cut dimensions that will offer optimal protection for your phone’s screen. Its curved edges aren’t covered and it fits perfectly the iPhone 7 Plus. At 9H hardness, the screen protector can protect your device effectively from unwanted scuffs as well as scratches by keys, knife and other hard substances. The HD retina clarity will also provide high-definition clear viewing. The screen protector is also equipped with oleophobic and hydrophobic screen coating. As such, it can protect the screen against sweat and the oil residue from fingerprints while still keeping high-sensitivity touch screen response.

8. Screen Protector For IPhone 7

Screen Protector For IPhone 7
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Grab this iPhone 7 screen protector that’s backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. It also has a clear tech protective coat with oleophobic properties that will repel fingerprints and grime. It has 99.9% transparent HD tempered glass that will help in enhancing sharpness and detail of the screen. This screen protector will drastically improve your iPhone viewing experience. The model has 9H hardness along with 33mm ultra-thin thickness that adds unparalleled screen protection without any bulkiness. The glide touch precision technology will also keep your iPhone’s screen fully responsive. The screen protector will certainly prove to be your iPhone 7’s lifesaver.

9. Skinomi IPhone 7 Screen Protector

Skinomi IPhone 7 Screen Protector
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This iPhone 7 Screen Protector is well-designed to protect the phone from the most brutal impacts. It’s made from high quality tempered glass hat offers high definition of 99.9% clarity. The ex-touch capabilities shall allow your screen to remain responsive. The screen protector also comes with an oleophobic and electro coated surface that will prevent unwanted particles from accumulating on the surface. This iPhone 7 Plus Screen Protector is also backed by the manufacturer’s warranty.

10. IPhone 7 Screen Protector, Nakeey

IPhone 7 Screen Protector, Nakeey
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With this screen protector scratch, your phone shall get maximum protection from drops, scratches, scrapes and bumps. The protector will provide extreme clarity so as to preserve your iPhone 7’s initial screen brightness and also reduce fingerprints. The 9H hardness makes the screen protector able to resist scratches that are caused by keys and several other hard items. The Nakeey tempered glass screen protector will offer you with a super smooth touching experience and it will not interfere with touch screen sensitivity. Your iPhone’s screen shall be protected from keys, cracks, knives, scrapes and the general wear and tear. This is amazing since your iPhone 7 will get maximum protection against these unwanted elements.

11. Abestbox Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Abestbox Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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The Abestbox Tempered Glass is highly durable and offers excellent protection for your iPhone 7 screen. It has a surface hardness of 9H with a super-smooth touch without losing the touchscreen’s sensitivity. This screen guard is easy to apply and can withstand sharp objects additionally protecting your phone from accidental falls.
Moreover, the Abestbox remains anti-shock, anti-shatter and anti-scratch thus the perfect guard for your device. It is equally resistant to water and oil made with Nano plating coating that makes it easy to clean.

12. Carebol HD Clear Screen Protector

Carebol HD Clear Screen Protector
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Protect your phone’s screen from scratches and shatter with this thin tempered 0.3mm screen protector iPhone 7. The 9H surface hardness makes this screen protector three times stronger and durable than any conventional plastic film.
The oleophobic technology keeps your iPhone 7 screen free of fingerprints or other oily residues while the scratch-proof and anti-shock feature offer maximum screen protection keeping your device safe from scratches or shock.
The two front cutouts have been included for the speaker and proximity sensor. The glass film additionally adds up as a dust shield for your camera helping improve the quality of pictures taken.

13. ZUSLAB Edge to Edge Screen Protector for iPhone

ZUSLAB Edge to Edge Screen Protector for iPhone
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Zuslab’s screen protector is made from tempered glass with a 9H hardness rating. The 2.5D glass material makes it durable and capable of withstanding any bumps, scratches, scrapes or unnecessary impact. Even with its hardness, this screen protector provides perfect touch screen functionality and clarity.
Zuslab iPhone 7 screen protectors have a non-transparent part made of plastic allowing for the best paste effect while eliminating edge damage. The oleophobic coating helps do away with fingerprints and oily residue.
This screen protector is easy to clean with no technical know-how instruction. It is case friendly designed to provide you with a smooth naked screen experience. This high definition clear screen guard will no doubt keep your screen looking like a new one.

14. Tech Armor 3-Pack Screen Protector iPhone 7

Tech Armor 3-Pack Screen Protector iPhone 7
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Tech Armor’s premium HD clear screen protector deserves the right to rank as the best screen protector for iPhone 7 because of its multilayered design and 3D force touch accuracy. It is specially made to keep your Apple iPhone 7 devices free from scratches and safe from accidental drops.
It only covers your screen’s flat surface reducing bubble risks. Besides this screen protector works just fine with most iPhone 7 cases without interfering with their installation.
It uses Japanese PET film and silicone adhesives making it easy to install and remove while providing excellent viewing clarity. It features anti-fingerprints and anti-shatter layers, nearly 100 percent HD clarity and bubble-free installation.

15. Poweradd Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Poweradd Tempered Glass Screen Protector
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This ultra-thin tempered protector for your iPhone Screen is made from Japanese PET material offering full-coverage protection with a 99.9% transparency that allows you to have a natural viewing experience. It has a thickness of 0.25mm designed with rounded edges to give you a smooth naked screen experience and improved chip-resistance.
This protector keeps your device safe from the daily wear and tear, dust and accidental damages. The special anti-oil coating prevents oil and fingerprints from staying on the screen though they are very easy to clean.

16. amFilm Premium Screen iPhone 7 Protector

amFilm Premium Screen iPhone 7 Protector
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Thanks to its quality 3-layer design, the amFilm protector helps reduce glare while avoiding fingerprints and other oily residues to keep your screen clean. It attaches smoothly to your screen and even when removed; it leaves no residue maintaining your device’s look. It additionally comes packed with a micro fiber cleaning cloth, squeegee card, and dust removal stickers.

17. ATGOIN Tempered Glass

ATGOIN Tempered Glass
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You’ll need to own this tempered glass protector by ATGOIN if you want to maintain your phone’s durability and longevity. The bubble-free adhesives make installation pretty easy while the Oleophobic coating helps repel oil residue and fingerprints from your screen.
This screen guard for iPhone has a 9H hardness rating effectively giving your device full protection from scratches and unwanted scuffs. This screen protector is very easy to install and also comes with a lint-free dry cloth, screen wipe, and dust remover.

18. TURATA 3D Full-Screen Cover

TURATA 3D Full-Screen Cover
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This ultra-thin protector will only add 0.3mm to your device maintaining its slim design, bringing a smooth touch and restoring true vision. The tempered glass with 9H hardness will protect your iPhone device from scratches, fingerprints, and other unwanted oily residue. The bubble free installation gives this model a plus while the ultra-clear feature with full transparency gives you a natural viewing experience.

19. Ace Teah HD Clear Protector for iPhone Screen

Ace Teah HD Clear Protector for iPhone Screen
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Ace Teah’s Protector is the best screen protector for iPhone 7 featuring unique easy-install winged tabs and precise cutouts which can easily stick on the screen. The Premium Japanese Asahi make ensures extreme clarity and sensitivity while the HD transparent screen helps retain your phone’s original touch experience.
This protector is shatterproof and scratch-resistant protecting your device from high-impact drops and scratches. The film is easy to clean thanks to the oleophobic coating which additionally protects it from sweat and oil residue. What makes this sleek protector model unique is the fact that you can restick it almost ten times without nay bubbles or gaps.

20. DONWELL 2 Pack iPhone 7 Protector

DONWELL 2 Pack iPhone 7 Protector
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Donwell’s Screen Protector is precisely cut to fit your iPhone device offering maximum protection while still maintaining an elegant appearance. It is ultra-clear with light transparency preserving your screens true color with the more vivid picture.
It is only 0.3mm thick allowing you a smooth touching experience and super screen touch sensitivity. The high-quality glass has 9H hardness more than three times the regular screen protector.

21. Chirisen 3D full Coverage Screen Guard for iPhone 7

Chirisen 3D full Coverage Screen Guard for iPhone 7
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The 3D curved full cover design give your phone extra protection keeping it safe from accidental drops, daily scratch and shock. This screen guard for iPhone is very easy to install and clean preventing bubbles and leaving no gaps in the process.
It is 0.2mm thin with high transparency giving your screen full coverage with no extra bulk. The touch sensitivity of your device will never be affected when you use this model even when it doesn’t fully attach to the screen.

22. LemonDa iPhone Screen Shield

LemonDa iPhone Screen Shield
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LemonDa screen shield offers an edge to edge phone protection with a more comfortable natural feel whenever you slide your fingers on the display’s edges. It is extremely solid and durable providing unique functionalities including scratch-resistance, bubble-free, shatter proof and explosion proof.
Moreover, it is super clear with high definition transparency giving you a more natural touch and feel. This screen shield has a thickness of 0.3mm only and is made from high-quality Japan AGC glass. Upon purchase, you’ll have a cleaning cloth, wet and dry wipe set, dedusting sticker and a label set.

23. IntelliARMOR iPhone intelliGlass Screen Protector

IntelliARMOR iPhone intelliGlass Screen Protector
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The superior silicone adhesion makes installation pretty straightforward with no bubbles or permanent residue. It is incredibly thin as opposed to other screen protectors and crafted to be exceptionally durable and scratch resistant making it able to withstand hits.
The touch sensitivity will not be tampered with this screen shield by IntellliARMOR. Conversely, you’ll still be able to have a more natural phone view since this screen protector is designed for maximum transparency.

24. ESVAN Screen Shield for iPhone 7

ESVAN Screen Shield for iPhone 7
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For just a little cash, you can get comprehensive screen protection with this protector by ESVAN specially designed to fit your iPhone 7 devices’ full screen. It’s time to say goodbye to annoying fingerprints, sweat and oily residue that make your screen blur and dirty.
Enjoy a bubble-free easy installation with the ESVAN protector that has 96% high transparency preserving your phone’s original viewing quality. With this screen guard, you can be sure your device is safe from scratches and highly secured even when dropped.

25. Maskin 2-Pack Screen Protector

Maskin 2-Pack Screen Protector
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Always walk around with your iPhone 7 device fully confident that it is protected and safe from any accidental falls, scratches or damage. The Maskin tempered screen shield offers 9H screen protection meant only to cover the flat surface thus reducing bubbles.
It has curved edges with an ultra-thin design perfectly cut to fit your phone and add only 0.33mm to it. As opposed to other models, the Maskin 2-Pack Protector has 2.5D round edges to allow better handling feeling. Moreover, this protector provides a hassle free installation and is shatter-resistant.
Wet and dry wipes, an installation manual and dust removal stickers are additional products that come packed with this glass screen protector. You’ll equally be able to enjoy a lifetime replacement warranty when you purchase this product.

26. Abestbox 3 Pack iPhone 7 Screen Protector

Abestbox 3 Pack iPhone 7 Screen Protector
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With this screen protector by Abestbox, you won’t have to worry about damaging your screen whenever you drop your device or having it shatter into pieces. It is the most durable and sturdy protector ranking among the best screen protectors for iPhone 7.
This model is very slim having a thickness of 0.26mm as opposed to other protectors. It has superior light transmission of up to 99.9 percent. Your screen color will still maintain without distortion and the pictures restored. Furthermore, this screen protector helps protect your eyes, absorbs blue light and additionally relieves fatigue.

27. C-LOBO Tempered Glass Membrane Screen Protector iPhone 7

C-LOBO Tempered Glass Membrane Screen Protector iPhone 7
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C-LOBO give you a screen shield that offers you 3D full coverage to help solve the fitting problem. With its sleek, thin design, you’ll enjoy the same touch sensitive feel as a bare device, with the same color. The screen protector has additional benefits aside from protecting your phone from damages and scratches.
It filters the blue light preventing your eyes from swelling and myopia. The hydrophobic layers of the steel membrane surface help to avoid oil residue and fingerprints that otherwise make your screen look dirty and blurry. The PET soft edges are made of explosion-proof steel film helping do away with broken edges.

28. Awakelion Screen Protector for iPhone 7

Awakelion Screen Protector for iPhone 7
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The tempered glass material with 9H surface hardness makes this protector durable and very efficient. It is 0.29mm thin with a �Glide Touch’ precision technology keeping your screen full responsive.
Its anti-bubble layer allows for an easy installation and cleans with no residue even when removed. This screen guard is uniquely designed for the 4.7 inches iPhone 7 mobile device though it only covers the flat area and not the entire screen.

29. DIMIK 2 Pack Screen Shield for iPhone 7

DIMIK 2 Pack Screen Shield for iPhone 7
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Built with high quality and 0.33mm thick tempered glass, the DIMIK screen protector proves to be the perfect choice for anyone looking to offer maximum protection for their iPhone device. This protector has extremely high hardness capable of resisting scratches up to 9H.
It has rounded edges and only fits on Apple iPhone 7 devices. The transparent hydrophobic and oleophobic coating helps protect against oil residue, fingerprints, and sweat. Packaging includes two pieces dust absorber, wet and dry wipes, guide ticker aside from the 2-Pack glass screen protector.

30. Aonear Privacy Screen Protector

Aonear Privacy Screen Protector
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You’ll want to consider buying this model if you’re looking for added protection for your iPhone 7 mobile device. The tempered glass screen protector features oleophobic coating, anti-dirty and shatter-proof keeping your phone’s screen secure in case of any unforeseen mishaps.
It has an ultra-thin design of 0.2mm ideal for maintaining your phone’s natural viewing experience and touch sensitivity. This screen guard aims to reduce left and right viewing angles to 120 degrees.