Top 10 Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Cases of 2024

Are you planning to give your new iPhone 11 Pro Max a new look and protection? Adding a wallet case is on ways to ensure this. However, not every wallet case will suit your phone. The right one should protect while leaving the necessary port uncovered for efficient use. Usually, the elegant wallets are suited for every device to make it feel classy. This is bedsides providing the best covering against impact and abrasions.

There are a variety of wallet cases available on the market today despite this phone being new. Since third-party manufacturer makes these wallets, there is need to choose carefully. They make them differently and offers varying features. Some have extra slots, kickstands, and other impressive features. In fact, some of the wallets are designed to allow wireless charging compatibility which is great for high efficiency. This review explores the best iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet cases to protect your phone.

List of Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Cases

10. Lontect Compatible iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Wallet Case

Lontect Compatible iPhone 11 Pro Max Case Wallet Case

If you are now looking for a practical and stylish way to protect your iPhone 11 Pro, here is the best wallet case to help you. This wallet case is specially designed for this Smartphone and matches its dimensions precisely. Apart from protecting your iPhone, it provides a unique way to carry your essential cards and some cash. Well, it features a detachable magnetic back cover which allows you to utilize the case independently. It has an auto-align feature that lets you put the magnetic case perfectly on the wallet case. On the other hand, it features one window ID pocket and two credit card slots. Besides, it features a built-in kickstand function so you can enjoy hands-free video viewing and movie watching.

9. DEFBSC iPhone 11 Wallet Case

DEFBSC iPhone 11 Wallet Case

If you’re looking for a durable wallet case for your iPhone 11 Pro Max, DEFBSC is a nice model to consider. It features a PU leather exterior, and the interior is made of unique TPU material. Hence, it is shockproof and will protect your gadget from accidental falls or any rough handling. This case is also resistant to scratches and will let your Smartphone retain its stylish look. Equipped with a magnetic closure, opening and closing this wallet case is hassle-free. It folds back for easy access to your screen when receiving a call. In addition, it features several slots for proper storage of your cards and some notes. The raised lip design is also a perfect addition that protects the screen and camera in case the phone falls.

8. Mavis Diary iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Mavis Diary iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

If you’re over big phones, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is a better fit. For the best wallet case for this Smartphone, Mavis Diary is a great brand to consider. It boasts premium PU leather which is durable and helps in shock absorption. The interior part is made of soft TPU material. Well, this hybrid layer design keeps your phone safe from accidental falls. This wallet case I also extremely elegant as it features chic pattern and shiny diamonds that amplify the power and beauty of your iPhone. With plenty of card slots and magnetic closure, it helps you to keep your essentials safe and access them with great convenience. The precise cutouts allow full access to Smartphone features such as ports, buttons, speakers, and more. Moreover, it features an integrated kickstand function that allows hands-free video watching.

7. TQHH iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 Inch Wallet Case

TQHH iPhone 11 Pro Max 6.5 Inch Wallet Case

Here is yet another breathtaking innovation to help you handle your iPhone 11 pro max with ease. The TQHH wallet case is precisely designed to ensure full access to your devices features. It won’t fit any other model due to its accurate and precise design. The construction features hard PC material and soft TPU inner layers. So, it delivers all-around protection against any potential damages. It possesses raised lip to protect the camera and screen. The slim profile design maintains the exquisite appearance of your Smartphone. Equipped with two card slots, you won’t need any extra wallet since it can hold your business cards, credit cards, and some cash. Furthermore, it features precise cutouts to give you unobstructed access to headphone, camera, ports, speakers, buttons, and more.

6. Tekcoo Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Tekcoo Wallet Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max

This wallet case is stylish and durable. It is uniquely designed to protect your iPhone 11 pro max while aiding you in the professional handling of your credit cards. The external case features synthetic PU leather while the inside features soft TPU material. So, it protects the phone from damage both from the inside and from the outside. If you have a lot of cards to carry, this wallet case suits you. It has a total of 9 card slots. 3 cash slots and one license slot. The design also takes care of slimness without altering the beauty of the phone. On the other hand, this wallet case is equipped with a wrist lanyard for easy handling anywhere you go.

5. Westillux 11 Pro Max Case

Westillux 11 Pro Max Case

Here is one of the best iPhone 11 pro max cases. It offers secure wallet case features. Well, this one is renowned due to its multi-functionality. The design entails built-in card slots and sleeves. Hence, you can conveniently store ID cards, access cards, credit cards, and other stuff. Additionally, the edges of this wallet case are a bit raised to provide secure protection to screen and camera. The kickstand feature of this wallet case is amazing. You can switch to a horizontal position, and the case will act as a stand for enjoyable movie watching or streaming.

4. KIHUWEY iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

KIHUWEY iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case

There is no shortcut to getting the best wallet case. For the iPhone 11 pro max owners, KIHUWEY is a great brand to consider. It is precisely designed with features only compatible with this particular phone model. It features premium PU leather which feels soft but incredibly tough. It also boasts amazing texture to help you enjoy a comfortable grip while using your Smartphone. Besides, it is a functional wallet case that features two large credit card slots and one money pocket. So, you won’t face any hassle while on the go as this wallet allows you to handle your essentials like a pro. Moreover, it boasts an integrated kickstand function for hands-free video watching, chatting, web surfing, and more.

3. KAVAJ Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

KAVAJ Case Compatible with Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

The Kavaj iPhone 11 pro max wallet case boasts an interesting design. It is real leather in a book style. This design will not only offer invincible protection but also add an impeccable style to the way you operate your gadget. It folds sideways and protects both sides of your iPhone. What’s more, it is equipped with some card slots and magnetic closure to secure everything you carry in it. It will protect both the back and screen of your Smartphone from scratches and any signs of wear. The storage slots are quite spacious as you can store your license card, banknotes, credit cards, and much more. This vintage case is slim and will remain elegant because it can resist damages.

2. Goospery Rich Wallet for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

Goospery Rich Wallet for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case

This wallet case features a diary-like design. However, it surpasses its rivals in that it can hold more content. Also, it features an extra folding flap improves the privacy for the windowed ID slot. It also offers an additional slot for receipts and bills, thereby eliminating the need for an extra wallet. It is an elegant artwork you can add to your Smartphone as it features chrome-plated embellishments. On the other hand, it features a magnetic clasp to keep everything secure in the slots. For durability, the design boasts premium PU leather with wrapped edges.

1. Monsoon Alpha Genuine Leather Case

Monsoon Alpha Genuine Leather Case

This wallet case from Monsoon Alpha will provide a custom fit for your iPhone 11 pro max. It features a slim profile design that only fits iPhone 11 Pro. It will not be compatible with any other iPhone model. Well, the precise cutouts are an added benefit that will allow you to access every external feature without removing the cover. Featuring real leather, the Alpha case is classy and luxurious. Besides, it features a slim non-rotating belt clip for easy handling of your phone when engaged in other activities. This belt clip is made of solid zinc alloy and will withstand rough handling.