Top 10 Best Golf Carts of 2024

Buying a golf cart feels good, it’s an ideal mobility tool which eases movement of golfers from hole to hole. Also, they are ideal for people with disability who crave for golfing as they facilitate movement hence unrestricted game participation. Although these carts were initially designed for use by golfers, many people use them for others activities like security, short distance transportation, and gardening, now, before going for a cart, it’s ideal to know which type will suit your needs.

Type of golf carts

Basically, there are two kinds of golf carts, electric and gas powered.

Gas powered carts

Gas powered carts are reliable and have longer mileage compared to their electric counterparts. But, they cause noise and air pollution.

Electric carts

On the other hand, electric carts utilize rechargeable batteries hence overall their maintenance is minimal. They have a silent operation, though the battery has short-range and needs replacement after a while.

Besides the type, also decides whether to buy a new or used cart. Though a news one might be expensive, in the long, run it will provide extended services. However, if you opt for second-hand cart do a thorough check up, owner history, inspection and state regulation.

Where to buy golf carts

Whether buying a new or old cart, it’s good to compare prices to have a better conclusion. Although used carts are cheap, they might turn to be costly if some upgrading and repairing needed. Thus, having a test drive will enable you to have confidence before buying and eliminate all doubts. Having a good golf cart will save you a lot of time when golfing or on personal activities. The following top 10 best golf carts in 2021 reviewed are a big deal to make.

List of Best Golf Carts

10. Jef World of Golf, Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

Jef World of Golf, Deluxe Steel Golf Cart

The design looks sleek, but this push cart is very adamant. Thanks to the deluxe steel construction which ensures that the cart remains strong at an incredibly light weight. This excellent construction promotes better mobility while on the course. And yet it opens and folds in a fluid motion for compact storage as well as accessibility of golf equipment. For added portability and easy carry of golf bags, this cart features contoured bottom and adjustable straps. Regardless of the terrain of the course, this cart performs excellently. Thanks to the wide wheels which adds stability and features clip on mechanism for one step removal.

9. Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Model

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Model

This golf push cart features 13 x 15 x 24 inches in dimension and weighs as low as 18 pounds. This lightweight and compact design ensure easy mobility as well as hassle free storage. The product comes as a full console that comprises of golf ball, pencil and tee holders. It is durably made so as to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and save your coins. There’s a built in handbrake that allows easy parking when the cart is not in use. For convenience and comfort of use, this cart includes an umbrella mount system and 4 accessory tabs for addition of Clicgear accessories.

8. CaddyTek Super Lite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek Super Lite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek super lite push cart provides the ultimate way to have a smooth ride along and around the golf course. As the name proposes, this cart is built with incredibly lightweight materials which are robust too. Despite the sleek, compact and lightweight design, this push golf cart has every feature that you will need to carry your things around at various points around the course. They are all integrated so that they remain effectively functional without compromising the portability. Apparently, this is built to offers more than just comfort. It includes a beverage holder, mesh net, and umbrella mount. And for smoothing rolling, this cart has two eleven inch main tires and one 8 inch front tires and has bearings so that it moves on all terrains.

7. Pinemeadow Courier Cruiser Golf Cart

Pinemeadow Courier Cruiser Golf Cart

Pinemeadow Courier golf cart is top rated and one of the best seller’s golf carts on the market. The case is simple, and there is no reason for questions. It is sure that this is a push cart designed to offer maximum comfort at the course. It features an aluminum construction which has unmatched durability while remaining super lightweight so that you don’t strain moving it around the course. The wheels are undoubtedly durable and possess anti-skid tires so that you move with confidence on all terrains. For storage and mobility, this equipment features a two-step collapsible design which is pretty easy to fold and open.

6. CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 -Wheel Golf Push Cart

CaddyTek EZ Fold 3 -Wheel Golf Push Cart

This is still another great model by CaddyTek which continues to amaze hardcore golfers. It is the best way to change your experience during any tournament regardless of how tough it turns out to be. Thanks to the patented aluminum construction which weighs as low as 18.5lbs. It folds into a compact size in just two simple steps. And with the Three 11.5 x 2.6 inches EVA maintenance free wheels enhance better traction and balance on all terrain types. Storage wise, this equipment features a storage rack, patented basket and a built in mesh net on the handle. All these to facilitate storage of all your golf accessories.

5. Clicgear Model #8 Golf Push Cart

Clicgear Model #8 Golf Push Cart

Even though the price of this golf cart is a bit higher, it is worth investing in it. It is pretty easy to fold due to the patented slide to close design. For safe and convenient ride, the cart is equipped with dual front brake system. Another great feature regarding the wheels is the dual wheel alignment system. And stability is a guarantee as far as Clicgear golf push cart is concerned. Thanks to the ultra-stable and long wheel base. For comfort and weather protection, it has umbrella mount system and cup holders. For safe and easy folding, this cart has an oversized console with magnetic closure and step guard.

4. Spider Golf Cart, 3 Wheel with Seat

Spider Golf Cart, 3 Wheel with Seat

Designed in a way that this cart can fold into a compact size, this equipment is ideal for trunk or closet storage. The design boasts three wheel configuration with incredibly stable base. The three easy role polymer tires are durable and provide perfect grip in all terrains so that you roll effortlessly. No matter your height, this cart will suit you because it has an adjustable ergonomic handle. Also, it holds your bags securely no matter their shape, due to the integrated elastic strap. There’s a storage net for storing snacks, gloves, and other accessories. Other convenient featured include tee holder, drink holder, score counter and slot for score card. All these features are to enhance comfort.

3. Bag Boy XL Quad Golf Cart

Bag Boy XL Quad Golf Cart

Unlike other competitive models, Bag Boy Quad golf features 4 wheels design for additional stability. The full feature includes extra-deep consoles that also comprises a golf ball storage and phone holder. Adjustable support arms lock secures the golf bag in place so that you enjoy great convenience. The wheels are oversized which measure 9.5 and 11.5 in the front and rear respectively. And by having quad wheel system, you will enjoy great stability and easy rolling over grass. As most courses are covered with grass, Bag Boy Quad golf cart is seemingly and indeed a practical choice.

2. AW Foldable Golf Cart Trolley 3-Wheel Push Pull

AW Foldable Golf Cart Trolley 3-Wheel Push Pull

Made using unique materials and design, AW golf cart remains to be a reasonable choice for serious golfers. The material combination is steel for the frame, PP HANDLE AND EVA material for the wheels. It has a pen hole, four T hole, two golf ball hole, and two scoring devices scaled 0 to 9. The tube thickness is 1.2mm making the whole cart lightweight while remaining adamant. The overall dimensions are 60X24X 39 inches and folds in two step way. The wheels are sufficiently large to move on any terrain. Precisely, the rear wheel is larger, and measures 9 inches and the front one measures 6 inches.

1. Tangkula Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley Swivel 3- Wheel Design

Tangkula Push Pull Cart Golf Trolley Swivel 3- Wheel Design

Tangkula golf cart boasts an appealing design that outshines all the other in terms of beauty. Not just that, the design allows pull and push styles of operation so that you can easily maneuver without straining. Unmatched strength and durability are also key slogans that make this equipment adorable. It rolls with pleasure and safety is a guarantee. Thanks to the included ball bearing wheels and two functional foot brakes.


Regarding unique aesthetics, this cart is ergonomically shaped to cater for both, right and left-handed golfers. All the three wheels are removable complementing the fordable design to save your storage space. For luxurious comfort, there’s a built in seat which is adjustable. Other exceptional features include umbrella holder, net bag, and scoreboard making the cart perfect for exercising as well as resting.