Top 10 Best Exercise Mats of 2024

An exercise mat is useful and ideal to transform any place into an exercising area. Additionally, with a good mat for exercise, it gives your body protection from injuries due to hard surfaces. Whether one is involved in basic or extreme training, a mat proves to be a great deal. However, not all mats are recommendable to buy.

In many instances, exercise mats are needed for workouts such as yoga and Pilates. However, when working at home, it’s advisable to have a large exercise mat to be able to train without inconveniences. With different types of workout mats, getting your perfect selection requires careful consideration. But, your buying process is eased by our top 10 best exercise mats in 2021 reviews.

List of Best Exercise Mats

10. SPRI Exercise Mats, Lightweight

SPRI Exercise Mats, Lightweight

If you are looking for a reliable exercise mat, this one from SPRI gives you a perfect solution. The mat is like no other on the market since it features heavy-duty poly foam material to ensure that your body is cushioned excellently. Additionally, no carrying stress due to high rolling ability hence easy to carry. This is also facilitated by the fitted handle which is convenient when rolling the mat. Measuring 48 x 20 x 1/2 –inch, the mat proves ample exercising platform, thus ideal for use in a range of places.

9. Pogamat Large Yoga Mat, High-Density Anti-Tear Workout Mat

Pogamat Large Yoga Mat, High-Density Anti-Tear Workout Mat

Exercising is now easy and comfortable with this high-density yoga mat from Pogamat. It’s a large mat which is ideal for a range of workouts without predisposing your body to stresses and injuries. The mat measures 78 x 27-incghes and 6.5-mm meaning it’s extra-large than most of the available mats in stores. Additionally, its thickness is great meaning more comfort and support thus cushioning the body from hard surfaces. Construction features Eco-friendly materials; its latex, silicone, and phthalate free; as well as non-flammable. The exercising surface is enhanced with a large honeycomb grove for added comfort and non-slipping bottom for a perfect grip.

8. Pogamat Large Exercise Anti-Tear Workout Mat

Pogamat Large Exercise Anti-Tear Workout Mat

For workout enthusiasts, here is another extra-large mat from Pogamat dedicated to improving your training experience. Measuring 78 x 48 x 1/4 – inches it provides an ample area for two people to train. Additionally, the construction materials are sturdy hence allowing training while wearing shoes without tearing or damaging it. On the other hand, a thick designing is ideal for protecting your hand and leg joints from excessive pressure. This ensures that your body is fully supported hence a comfortable experience. The Pogamat anti-wear workout mat is safe for use by everyone as it is odor free and also free from other common allergens. The mat is ideal for use in all floor types as it has perfect grip enhancement.

7. Square36 Large Exercise Mat, 6×4-Feet

Square36 Large Exercise Mat, 6x4-Feet

The square36 exercise mat is all you need to give your body an excellent workout anywhere without subjecting it to strains. it’s a perfect mat which is ideal for use with a variety of gym equipment like kettle bell, jumping rope among other without damaging it. Moreover, the surface is tough to ensure no damage thus training with or without shoes is allowed. The Square36 exercise mat is large providing an area of 36 square feet which is large than most of the available mats. No worry about latex, silicone or other allergic or toxic materials as this mat is friendly and safe. Carrying and storing is simple due to the storage bag with Velcro closures straps which facilitate easy storage.

6. Square36 8 x 6–Feet Yoga Mat

Square36 8 x 6–Feet Yoga Mat

If you love yoga or meditation, then you need a large mat. The Square36, 8 x 6 – Feet Yoga mat is a perfect selection for all people who love to train at home. It’s extra soft meaning gentle to your feet and hands, thus ideal to use without shoes. Measuring 8 x 6 feet, this mat provides a large exercising area than most of the available yoga mats; thus, ideal for every person who wants to revolutionize his home exercising experience. The construction features environmentally sound techniques and is free from toxic materials.

5. Square36 6 x 6-Feet Durable Home Exercise Mat

Square36 6 x 6-Feet Durable Home Exercise Mat

Are you tired of buying palm-sized exercising mats? You can now relax and go for this 6 by 6feet high durable mat from Square 36. Unlike other mats from other brands, this one is reliable and designed from tough materials to withstand heavy-duty workouts. As a result, you can use it with or without shoes without affecting its performance or lifespan. Further, it’s a very convenient mat in terms of storage as it comes with a storage bag and Velcro closures straps. On the other hand, this mat is safe to use on all floors without causing damage hence ideal for use in your house, garage, basements and home gyms. A combination of high-density foam and natural rubber delivers exceptional comfort and grip.

4. Square36 Gray Matter Cardio Exercise Mat, 72 x 36-Inches

Square36 Gray Matter Cardio Exercise Mat, 72 x 36-Inches

Give your home gym a sure upgrade by equipping it with this cardio exercise mat from Square36. Unlike yoga mats, this one features a sturdy surface which makes it perfect for extreme cardio workouts such as kettlebells, jumping ropes, and others while wearing shoes. Its large size of 72 by 36 –inches provides an ideal exercising area. The Gray matter cardio exercise mat is great selection considering it gives your floor maximum protection. This is because its bottom side foam manufactured and natural rubber hence ideal for tiles, hardwood floor, carpet among other flooring materials. Apart from being safe to the floor, the mat is safe to users as its free from phthalate, latex, and silicone.

3. Square36L Exercise Mat Cardio and Plyometric Workouts Mat

Square36L Exercise Mat Cardio and Plyometric Workouts Mat

Exercising has never been comfortable than when using Square36 cardio and plyometric mat. It is usable in a variety of exercise such as yoga, kettlebells, punching bags and others without inflicting damages even when training while wearing shoes. No noise or bad odors like with other mats and its ideal for different floor materials. On durability, you can bet on this mat since its construction features Eco-friendly materials and techniques. Therefore, it’s safe and free from toxic materials like phthalate and latex.

2. Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

Gorilla Mats Premium Extra Large Exercise Mat

If you are tired of gym subscription fee, you can get a perfect gym in your home by buying this mat from Gorilla mats. It’s an instant mat which can be used anywhere in your home by just unstrapping the mat. The premium material used in construction ensures your floor and body joints are protected. This is due to ample cushioning which ensures finger joints are amply padded as well as perfect bottom grip to prevent sliding. Once you buy this mat, it comes with microfiber towel which helps to wipe moisture away when training. The mat is ideal for use in various floors like tiles, carpet and hardwood flooring.

1. Total Connection Company Exercise Mat

Total Connection Company Exercise Mat

Comfort and durability are the key to achieving excellent training. Now, if you want to get a durable workout mat, Total Connection Company Exercise mat is an ideal pick. Boasting a large area 70 x 24 – Inches, it means the mat can accommodate your whole body providing exceptional support and comfort. Further, the 1/2 – mm thickness, it renders this mat ideal for protecting your joints and your body from hard surfaces. The NRB material used in its construction is durable and safe as well as comfortable. Once you get this mat, it comes backed by an eBook for proper mat use as well as routine exercises.


Having a durable, comfortable and safe exercise mat is everyone wishes. However, with many brands, they deliver varying size and qualities. Now, with reviewed mats, it’s possible to turn your home to a gym. Therefore, if you are used to monthly gym subscription, you can now exercise without incurring an additional cost with these mats for exercising.