Top 5 Best Body Fat Monitors of 2024

Did you know that fats supply more than half of your body’s energy needs? Although fat is essential for the survival of the human body, too much of it is bad, if not dangerous. Having less fat in your body not only makes you healthy but also makes you appear and look better.

How then can you know the exact levels of your body fat? What you have to know is that technology has made everything easier than ever before. Today, with the use of a body fat scale, you can measure your body composition including the body fat. That is a move from the old times when people had to rely on the bathroom scale and tape measure.

A body fat analyzer allows you know if you at risk of future health complications because of high fat levels in your body. It lets you know whether you have to make some changes to save your life from the possible health risks. However, this is only possible if you use a device which gives you accurate readings. With a wide array of products in the market, figuring out the best body fat scale that you need is not a walk in the park. That is why we have come up with a list of top five fat loss monitors to help you make informed decisions while improving your health and overall quality of life.

List of Best Body Fat Monitors

5. Omron Full Body Sensor

Omron Full Body Sensor

Omron Full Body Sensors makes achieving your fitness goals a reality. This body fat monitor utilizes a hand-to-hand technology that makes it full body sensing. With a comprehensive understanding of your body composition, this exceptional device gives you a more accurate data as compared to the ordinary foot-to-foot monitors. This body fat scale can be set up for up to four different users. It measures five different fitness parameters that include body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, body weight, skeletal muscle and visceral fat. It has an east-to-use on/off switch button at its base. It is powered by four “aa” batteries. It is not surprising that many people trust this body fat monitor.

4. Easy At Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale

Easy At Home Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Smart Scale

Do you prefer monitoring track your fat loss progress using a fitness App? Then Easy At Home scale is all you need. It accurately displays your body weight, body fat, muscle mass, body water, BMI, basal metabolic rate (BMR), visceral fat and bone mass. Using its Bluetooth technology, you can upload the measurements to the corresponding fitness App. You can download the App from iOS, Android smartphone or tablet. This fat loss monitor is large enough to accommodate any size of feet and can safely support up to 400lbs. It has high precision sensors in addition to a large LCD screen where the figures displayed are big enough to let you read without any struggle.

3. Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer

The Withings WS-50 is a stylish, unique and accurate body fat analyzer that you can consider buying today. It utilizes the smartest technology to measure your body fat, weight and heart rate. Apart from giving you insights into what you need to improve on as far as your health is concerned, it also helps you to know how healthy your immediate living environment is. It does so by monitoring your indoor air quality. It automatically uploads your measurements via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to the Withings website. You can access your personal fitness data using a free Health Mate App that you can download from iOS or Android. Your privacy is guaranteed. Try this device today and you will not be disappointed.

2. Omron Fat Loss Monitor

Omron Fat Loss Monitor

This scale is yet another Omron product to make it on our list, and it is not by chance. This handheld device is a unique body fat scale that measures your body fat percentage and body fat weight. It obviously does not have a weight scale as it is handheld. It delivers results with unparalleled accuracy in just 7 seconds! The sides of the handles have metal strips that send small amounts of electric current through your body for easy, quick and accurate results. The electric current sent is small to the extent that you cannot feel it. The bioelectrical impedance in this device is clinically proven to be very safe. Essentially, the metal strips are similar to the ones found on cardio equipment at the gym. This body fat monitor is very easy to set up. It is programmable for up to nine users. The large LCD screen makes it easy to read the measurements.

1. Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Are you looking to easily and accurately track your body weight, fat percentage and BMI online? There are sufficient reasons as to why you should think of buying Fitbit Aria body fat analyzer. With the help of Wi-Fi, you can automatically transmit your measurements to where you can see the updated graphs showing your progress. It also has free tools that you can use to plan your diet and track your overall fitness activity. This easy-to-use fat loss monitor can automatically recognize up to eight users. All the users have separate accounts that are password protected to enhance privacy.

Body Fat Monitors Buyer’s Guide

Monitoring the level of fat in your body is an important step in ensuring a healthy life. Having excessive fat in the body has been known to cause numerous problems like diabetes, heart diseases, and others. To avoid such scenarios, monitoring your fat level is an absolute thing. The good thing is that nowadays is possible to get a monitoring device without digging much into your pocket. In fact, even with a cheap monitor, it’s possible to achieve reasonable fat monitoring.

When you are especially trying to prevent excessive weight gain or on diet, keeping the track of the body fat composition is important. This will not be easy by estimating or using crude methods. But investing in a high-quality fat monitor will relieve you from hassles. The days when only one or two brands dominated the market are over. Nowadays you can get different models even with added features to connect to your smart devices. For instance, current machines have wireless connectivity which lets you keep information on your smartphones or tablets.

Buying a machine that gives you accurate information is a significant step. It means you can always be sure you got the value for your money. Notably, buying body fat monitor online is easy and convenient. Unlike going to a store with a few brands, online you can compare different models and prices for ultimate choice.


As you have seen, different body fat analyzers work in different ways. It goes without saying that not every scale can work for you. As we stated earlier, the best body fat scale is the one that will accurately measure your body fat and the related parameters. Any of the above products will provide you with the most accurate statistics that you need to be able to achieve your fitness. Be sure to understand your needs for you to be able to choose the right scale for you.