Top 10 Best Bike Phone Mounts of 2024

Smartphones are highly versatile and have eased our daily work. Apart from calling and messaging, they are outstanding multimedia devices and others. Now, for drivers as well as cyclist, it can be a useful device for navigation. Now, in case of cyclists, using a cells phone while riding can be a stress. You need to have a reliable mounting platform that will enable you to ride while having hands free phone operations.

In most cases, cyclists use smartphones to track their exercise, distances and also listen to music. Without a proper phone mount, you can subject your cellphone to damage due to the impact and also rough terrain. Installing proper mount depending on the riding condition of the road provides ample phone support and protection. Nowadays, most of the phone mounts are designed to enable universal compatibility hence ideal for use with different smartphone brands.

Basically, a bike cell phone mount is like just a computer mount but designed to let you attach a mobile phone. Apart from the mounting frame, it is enhanced with a case that holds the phone in position and also clips for additional safety. Depending on the way you want to mount the phone, these mounts allow either portrait or landscapes with just slight turning. When purchasing a bicycle phone mount, it is advisable to look for one that will enable you have an easy time when installing and detaching. This allows you to fix or remove the mount when the need arises. With these top 10 best bike phone mounts in 2021 reviews, you can confidently fit your phone as you ride.

List of Best Bike Phone Mounts

20. CAW.CAR Accessories 6594070 Bike Phone Mount

CAW.CAR Accessories 6594070 Bike Phone Mount

This bike phone holder will mount any phone including your iPhone device to any bike or motorcycle. This bike phone mount from CAW.CAR Accessories allows you full access to your iPhone you won’t have to unmount it every time you want to use it. Moreover, it is designed with an adjustable grip that allows for a 360-degree rotation making it very easy and comfortable to use.

You have the freedom to adjust your device to any desired position and enjoy using it while still riding your bike. The CAW.CAR Accessories bike mount model number 6594070 additionally comes designed with a rubberized clip and silicone belts that hold your device firmly and securely so no need to worry even when you’re riding too fast.

Furthermore, the company allows a full refund or replacement if you’re not happy with your new accessory, but with these unique features, this will be highly doubtful.

19. Annex Quad Lock QLK-BKE-IP6 Bike Mount Kit

Annex Quad Lock QLK-BKE-IP6 Bike Mount Kit

Don’t let looks deceive you; at first glance, you may feel like this bike mount won’t hold your phone safely. Contrastingly, the Annex Quad Lock is among the most secure and strongest bike mounts available in the market today.
Unlike other bike phone holders that come with clamps and bands to hold your phone, Quad Lock’s bike mount will keep your iPhone device in place with just a simple twist and lock. How will you know your device is safely in place? Well, the solid ’click’ sound from this holder will let you know when you’ve mounted your device securely.

The Annex Quad Lock additionally makes it easy to install or remove your case while its durable TPU outer guarantees that it can withstand everyday use. This bike mount additionally comes with rain and weather resistant Quad Lock Poncho cover meaning you can still take your iPhone with you even on the most intense rides.

18. Koomus BikePro Bike Phone Holder

Koomus BikePro Bike Phone Holder

The Koomus BikePro is not only compatible with your iPhone device but also universally compatible with any other smartphone. This phone holder indeed allows you a worry-free riding experience with its unique features. It is quite easy to install and remove since it requires no screws.

Additionally, it comes with an extendable clamp that can hold devices up to 3.75” wide while the extra silicone safety harness ensures the device is still secure. You can use your iPhone any way you like because the BikePro has a 360-degree ball swivel head allowing for full customization. You’ll love the silicone band that comes with the BikePro that prevents your device from coming loose.

17. Satechi Pro RideMate

Satechi Pro RideMate

The Satechi Pro RideMate features a waterproof case that provides full protection of your device in any weather. Its 360-degree rotating connector lets you freely adjust your smartphone to any position while the rubber inside the clamp and the rubber strip protects your bike from any scratches.

You won’t need any tools to install this bike holder thus making it a preferred option for anyone. Just like many other bike mounts, the Satechi Pro RideMate will comfortably fit a variety of bicycles with handlebars of between 0.79” to 1.34” diameter.

16. Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Bike

Aduro U-GRIP PLUS Universal Bike

If you’re looking for a universal bike mount ideal for any device you have, then the Aduro U-GRIP is the best choice for you. This iPhone holder for bike will fit handlebars that are either 1.5” in diameter or less. Moreover, it is fully adjustable allowing for a 360-degree rotation thus you can use your phone at any angle you prefer.

The silicone bands that are designed in this bike phone holder will firmly hold your device in place thus assuring you of phone security. This 3.2 ounce black and red Aduro U-GRIP is ideal for anyone looking for the best biking experience on a tight budget for bike mounts.

15. Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle

Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle

This bike holder is compatible with your iPhone device and additionally comes designed with an extended cup holder mount. It is quite easy to use and will lock and release your device in nothing more than a few seconds.

You can easily use your device in any angle whether landscape or portrait since this Mediabridge Smartphone Cradle is fully adjustable and allows for a 360-degree rotation. The cushioned non-slip grips will safely hold your smartphone in place while preventing any damages even on bumpy roads.

14. The Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder

The Vibrelli Universal Bike Phone Holder

The Vibrelli Universal bike mount is designed with a circular bracket that will easily fit the handlebars allowing your iPhone to sit in a perfect location for easy access anytime. The sturdy adjustable clamp and silicone band grips will hold your device firmly in place thus promising no fall outs during your ride.
Moreover, it is flexible enough to hold even 4.5” phones with a case. You’ll have full phone access using this bike mount from the buttons to the microphone jack in any position you want.

Aside from having backup bands, the Vibrelli Universal Bike Mount gives you freedom to choose any silicone band you prefer whether red, black or gray. Its quick release clip design makes it not only an ideal choice but conversely the easiest phone holder available in the market today.

13. Gear Beast Secure Grip Smartphone Bike Phone Mount

Gear Beast Secure Grip Smartphone Bike Phone Mount

If you’re often biking a lot on rough trails, then you’ll need to have the best bike mount that will give your iPhone extra protection. The Gear Beast Universal Bike Holder is the perfect choice for you especially because of its unique functionality that ensures a tight grip on your bicycle.

It also has a textured rubber lining which provides additional grip to the handlebar while preventing any scratches and damages to your bike. It has been designed to quickly and easily install without any tools. Further, this universal bike phone mount can turn 360 degrees allowing you to use your device whether in landscape or portrait mode.

You’ll surely love its durability promising service for a long time while its light weight nature gives it an additional plus for any bike rider. The ABS plastic used to design this iPhone bike mount can withstand any temperature whether high or low.

12. The Gatorgrip Cell Phone Handlebar

The Gatorgrip Cell Phone Handlebar

Not only will you view your phone in full screen with this bike mount but you’ll equally be able to use it either in vertical or horizontal mode. This universal bike mount holds your iPhone device quite safely and securely giving you a peace of mind while you’re on the road.

The rubber inserts help protect your handlebars from scratching while additionally reducing shock and vibrations to your iPhone device3. The GatorGrip Cell Phone Holder from Ingenious Genie will hold a device that is 3.2” wide while also allowing for a 360-degree rotation.

You don’t need any tools to mount this phone bike holder thus making installation very quick and easy. Moreover, this additionally makes it very portable and the best bike mount for anyone looking for long term use with an affordable bike mount.

11. Tigra BikeConsole iPhone 6+ Bike Holder

Tigra BikeConsole iPhone 6+ Bike Holder

The Tigra BikeConsole is a new model that is compatible with your iPhone 6+ and iPhone 6S+ designed to be water and weatherproof. Its quality design and function makes this a premium product worth your time and money. It has a sensitivity rating of nearly ninety percent thus you won’t lose functionality when it comes to your smartphone.

This new model comes designed with a built-in headphones port that is perfect for any headphones. Moreover, it easily allows access to all iPhone system controls making it the perfect bike mount for your iPhone device.

10. Satechi Pro RideMate

Satechi Pro RideMate

You may want to settle with the Satechi Pro RideMate 600 if you’re looking for a universal mount that will fit different handlebar sizes varying between 0.79” to 1.34” in diameter. The swiveling base of this bike phone holder allows for easy rotation letting you use your device in any position you want.

Further, this model comes designed with a transparent, touch-sensitive front panel allowing you the opportunity to take photos and videos while on the move. Its waterproof ability will protect your phone in any time of weather while its easy-to-install functionality will surely catch your attention.

9. BikeConsole iPhone 6 Bicycle Holder

BikeConsole iPhone 6 Bicycle Holder

Not only is this model water and weatherproof, but it also has a touchscreen sensitivity of over 90 percent making it the perfect choice to use while on the move. This iPhone bike mount has a two double-hinged case lock mechanism thus providing extra security to your iPhone device.

Further, you’ll truly appreciate its flat-back pocket-friendly design with an easy-grip polycarbonate case for daily use. Moreover, you’ll surely feel your money’s worth with this model that has advanced technology as sound boost and micro vent sealed speakers.

8. Oenbopo MTB iPhone Holder for Bike

Oenbopo MTB iPhone Holder for Bike

If you’re an enthusiast bike rider who hates going through manuals and using tools to install a bike mount, then the Oenbopo MTB iPhone bike mount got you covered. This bike mount is quite easy to assemble, lock and unlock. It is made of durable material with an anti-slid that protects your smartphone device from any scratches.

You’ll equally appreciate and like its sleek and colorful design that makes it stand out from other bike holders. The Oenbopo MTB has two instant locks that will firmly hold your phone on the mount while you comfortably ride along any road.

7. IPOW Metal Bike Mount

IPOW Metal Bike Mount

Now this bike phone holder from IPOW truly brings out the real meaning of elegance and beauty. It has been regarded as a best seller in Powersports Handlebar Accessories.

It includes a butterfly silicone band that perfectly and firmly holds your phone on your bike regardless of the direction while preventing any friction to your device. The package also includes two rubber ’shims’ for locking your handlebar. IPOW allows for a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 12-year warranty so no need to worry.

6. Tigra MountCase for iPhone 6S

Tigra MountCase for iPhone 6S

The Tigra MountCase by Bike2Power is an ultra-light and super slim bike mount for your iPhone 6 and 6S device that includes a Rainguard which will keep your device safe from rains and dust. Mounting it is quite easy and only takes a few seconds while the twist and click functionality allows you to use your device in any position.

Moreover, its design allows full access to your phone whether you want to use the buttons, sound controls or headphones port. Feel free to use it even on bumpy and rocky roads since the in-bracket safety lock can withstand any road shock and vibrations.

5. Comsun Bike Phone Mount

Comsun Bike Phone Mount

This great universal bike phone holder can easily mount to almost any handlebar without adhesives. It includes a band strap that offers additional security while its shock absorbent design will absorb vibrations.

It allows you to use your device in any position whether portrait or landscape and its excellent plastic material allow for long-lasting use while keeping it from breaking even while on a wild adventure. This bike mount is very portable. Thus you can always take it on the go. Moreover, access to exterior ports while the device is attached is very easy.

4. Levin Bike Mount for iPhone 6S

Levin Bike Mount for iPhone 6S

If you’re looking for an affordable universal bike mount, then this stylish black and red phone mount by Levin is the right choice for you. It supports 360-degree rotation with a strong adjustable clamp and silicone band straps that firmly holds your device regardless of the road you ride on.

The Levin Bike Mount for your iPhone 6S securely clamps on your bicycle’s handlebars and allows you full access to your device without any hassle.

3. Liger Bike Mount for iPhone 6S

Liger Bike Mount for iPhone 6S

Liger’s universal bike mount has a wide grip that accommodates even larger phones of up to 3.5” in width. The durable rubber will stretch on your iPhone 6S device without any problems while holding it securely in place even on rough and bumpy roads.
It holds firmly on the handlebar without any adhesives and allows access to exterior ports even when the device is mounted on it. You won’t have to worry about installation since this bike holder is easy to install without any tools.

2. Koomus BikeGo 2

Koomus BikeGo 2

The Koomus BikeGo 2 is a universal smartphone bike holder that is ideal for your iPhone device and has an improved super tight grip with an elastic holder on the bar. It is quite easy to install and will fit in any bike handle with a 1.5” diameter.

Just as other bike phone holders, it allows for a 360-degree rotation thus making it easy to use your phone in any position whether horizontal or vertical. Whether you have a case or not, the Koomus BikeGo 2 will hold your device in place as you ride down the street or rocky road without falling

1. Joshnah Phone Bike Mount

Joshnah Phone Bike Mount

Are you looking for the best bike mount that matches your style and mood? The Joshnah phone holder comes with four different colors of silicone bands that will not only hold your phone securely but additionally matches your preferred style. Whether it’s a green, red, blue or black silicone band, you surely won’t run out of options with this model.

Moreover, its easily adjustable design makes it a perfect choice for any biker while the durable materials used to create it will guarantee you service for long. Using this bike mount will make you stand out from other bikers due to is stylish design while its easy-to-use functionality makes it the perfect choice for both the beginner and the expert.


Now that you have the top twenty best bike mounts choosing a bike phone holder won’t be hard. Bike mounts are the best option to help you commute on your bike more comfortably while still having your device within reach. Having the best bike mount will make this possible thus consider an iPhone bike mount that aside from having unique features and great functionality equally takes care of your budget.