Top 10 Best Apple iPhone XS Wallet Cases in 2018

2018 is an unforgettable year for Apple products lovers. After a jaw breaking iPhone X, now is the Apple iPhone XS. The phone is impressive and offers unmatched features. Its large and slim but come with all day needed features. It is identical to predecessor terms of dimensions. However, this doesn’t mean you pluck out your iPhone X wallet case and flip it to XS. The best thing to treat your new device is to get it a brand-new wallet case.

The good thing is despite these devices being new, there are dedicated iPhone XS wallet cases. These wallets are specially designed for iPhone XS to allow easy installation and use without getting inconvenienced. With improved designing of these wallet cases, they have more than protection. Mostly, many come with additional pockets that enable storage of essential things like id card and bank cards. Also, they feature different materials like leather, PU leather, and other premium materials. To have the best iPhone XS wallet cases, the list explores some of the top rated in 2018. 

List of Top 10 Best Apple iPhone XS Wallet Cases in 2018