Top 10 Best Apple iPhone XS Cases in 2018

Apple iPhone XS is just great just like predecessor iPhone X. however, sit comes with huge improvements both physically and n software. Although dimensions are similar to the predecessor, it becomes essential to give it a new case. Like other big brands, third-party companies are specializing in creating accessories for these phones. Similarly, the iPhone XS cases are already on the market. Thus, it would mean no point to risk your device by keeping it ‘naked.’

These cases are important just like your clothes. They keep your precious device away from damage from common mistakes. Normally, the most common one is protection against scratches on the body. They are available in different qualities. This means you can easily enjoy your using your phone without adding weight or thickness. Normally, high-quality cases are made from heavy-duty polycarbonate or silicone. This enables them away from bumps and impact from accidental drops. Moreover, customized cases offer convenience when accessing accessories like camera and charging ports. If you are planning to get the device, here are top 10 best iPhone XS cases in 2018 reviews.

List of Top 10 Best Apple iPhone XS Cases in 2018

1. OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES iPhone Xs & iPhone X Case

OtterBox DEFENDER SERIES iPhone Xs & iPhone X Case
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Posing as the best iphone xs case, the Defender Series brings innovation to the market. It features an exquisite design that incorporates premium materials and state of the art design. It features polycarbonate shell plus a synthetic rubber slip cover. The combination of these two materials provides great shock absorbance. Thanks to the multi-layer defense that incorporates complete protection form all potential damages. It also features a belt clip holster that also functions as a kickstand for hands-free phone use.

2. ESR Bumper Hoop Case –Heavy Duty Armor for iPhone X/XS

ESR Bumper Hoop Case –Heavy Duty Armor for iPhone X/XS
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By combining dual protection design with the exquisite material, the ESR Bumper I no doubt a great brand. It provides unique protection for your iphone X and xs. It goes beyond providing perfect shockproof and adds a touch of elegance and improving the usability of your phone. The back cover features 2H rating. It is quite hard and can resist all serious drops even on concrete floors. With the unique camera protection design, photography enthusiasts can choose this cover with no doubt.

3. Spigen Slim Armor for Apple iPhone Xs- CS Designed

Spigen Slim Armor for Apple iPhone Xs- CS Designed
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Choosing one of the best smartphone cases is not as easy as it sounds. But, Spigen Slim Armor Iphone Xs case features an excellent design that every apple iphone x and xs would love. It features a dual-layered design for stunning drop protection. It is also a thing and incredibly slim. This allows it to take the premium design of the phone. This way, your phones can never lose shape or the original elegance. Moreover, it boasts mil grade air cushioning technology. This tells you one thing, your apple iphone x and xs has great chances of surviving all potential damages.

4. Vena iPhone Xs/X Case

Vena iPhone Xs/X Case
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If you have someone you love, you can gift him or her iphone X/XS case. It features a sleek design with heart-shaped cutouts at the corners of the back cover. In fact, this case can score the cutest smartphone case for girls who love using iphone xs and x. not just for beauty, the case is built with great innovative skills to ensure your phone is perfectly protected. It features a polycarbonate outer layer and an inner TPU layer. Also, it has raised bezel to ensure your phone is secure from unwanted bumps and scratches.

5. TOOVREN iPhone Xs Leather Case

TOOVREN iPhone Xs Leather Case
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The TOOVREN iphone X case features a special construction. The durable and unique material makes it qualify as one of the best iphone x cases. It is made of tanned cowhide leather, and the inside features a microfiber lining. This unique construction provides ultimate protection from all potential damages. The outside feels warm and soft, and it develops patina finish in long-term use. It is handcrafted, and it offers unique texture to give you a gorgeous feeling as you enjoy the maximum functionality of your smartphone.

6. LOHASIC iPhone X and iphone XS Case

LOHASIC iPhone X and iphone XS Case
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The LOHASIC iphone X case is great because it offers ultimate protection while maintaining the luxurious looks of the phone. It features handmade PU leather, and there is no stitching. Instead, it features a gold plated frame. Besides, all functional ports and camera cutouts are precisely designed. Also, it’s lightweight, and the raised edge design adds a function in protecting the screen.

7. Mbody Apple iphone XS, X Case

Mbody Apple iphone XS, X Case
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When you have a variety of choices to make, and you must select the best iphone xs or x case, you need to consider Mbody. It features a versatile design that makes the phone fit every occasion that you attend. It is a TPU made case which has excellent shockproof features and perfect grip. It comes in a fashionable black color which looks great for everyone. The design also incorporates impact edge protection design together with corner shock absorbency technology. Thus, the phone can stay safe with you all the time regardless of the situation.

8. DIACLARA Iphone X, XS Case

DIACLARA Iphone X, XS Case
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If you like keeping things cool, you’ll love this apple iphone xs case. It features silicone hybrid PC material. It offers excellent protection from minor to serious drops. The back features a safety anti-scratch properties and excellent grips. Also, the corner design is unique and durable to ensure long-lasting protection. Also, precision engineering makes this case one of the best for your lovely iphone xs and x. So, you can enjoy high responsive button covers, great port access, microphone camera, and other functional features.

9. DTTO Apple Iphone X, XS Case

DTTO Apple Iphone X, XS Case
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If you had thought that finding the best iphone XS case is hard, think again. The DTTO iphone xs case changes every bad experience you have ever had before. It is among the top rated iphone case since it offers hybrid protection as well as ultra-slim profile. This liquid silicone case is one of a kind in all aspects, and it offers a skin feel grip. This is an exceptional grip feel that you won’t find in other PC materials. Besides, the precise cutouts allow convenient access to ports and other major features.

10. i-Blason iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case

i-Blason iPhone Xs Case, iPhone X Case
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It is not that easy to find an iphone case that offers full protection. I-Blason iphone xs case changes the narrative to some extent. It is among the best iphone xs and x cases which have shown an excellent balance of the important features. It offers 360 degrees coverage with the TPU material and PC backplate. The front cover features a built-in screen protector with a high level of sensitivity and hardness. Apart from dual protection, the transparent back allows you to portray the fashionable look of your iphone xs.