Top 10 Best AAA Batteries of 2024

The AAA Battery, or as most people call it, The triple-A battery is by far the common type of battery that most people rely on to power their devices like the game controller, wireless keyboard or flashlight. The Battery AAA, by definition, is a standard size dry cell battery often used in low drain devices that are usually portable.

These batteries feature either alkaline or lithium ion technology, and most of them have high-quality designs. And much as the rapid change in technology has reduced the use of these products; most people still prefer these batteries. There are disposable batteries or rechargeable batteries thus buying one will highly depend on your intended purpose.

However, the rechargeable AAA batteries are quite environmentally friendly and will save you lots of money that you could have otherwise used in frequently buying batteries. The best AAA battery has a long shelf life, can hold a charge for an extended period, lack harmful chemicals and the price tag is equally pocket-friendly. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on AAA batteries yet wish you had a single brand that poses all these unique features, then you’re in the right place.

Our article gives you reviews of the best yet affordable battery AAA models where you can choose one that meets your specific needs.

List of Best AAA Batteries

10. Maxell 723849 AAA Battery

Maxell 723849 AAA Battery

The Maxell Gold Triple A Batteries gives you the best performance at a pretty low price. The batteries come in a pack of 20 to meet your needs. These are the best batteries to use on your smoke alarm, flashlight, and even children’s toys. The Alkaline batteries are the best ready-to-go power source compatible with most of the products you have at home for daily use. These batteries come at a pocket-friendly price that will not affect your budget. Aside from this AAA battery price, most people like this alkaline triple A battery because it holds charge way longer than other batteries

9. Energizer MAX Battery AAA

Energizer MAX Battery AAA

Energizer is a brand to look out for because they always deliver nothing but the bests to their customers. These batteries can lock in power for a very long time and are compatible with your favorite devices at home. The package includes eight AAA batteries that come backed by the company’s no leak guarantee.

The MAX alkaline battery features power seal technology and will last for a very long time; you will not worry about buying new batteries. Energizer is a highly acclaimed brand with years of experience always striving to give their customers the best products. These AAA batteries are proof to this; for just a low price, you get long-lasting alkaline batteries that will lock in power for many years. In fact, they are the first zero mercury AA Alkaline batteries.

8. Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries

Duracell Coppertop AAA Batteries

Duracell’s product comes in a pack of 16 with a ten-year guarantee for peace of mind. Being a global brand with great reviews, you can surely expect the best products that will meet your needs. These batteries by Duracell are environmentally friendly, mercury free and can be used in different devices. The coppertop batteries will give the right level of power for your devices and are guaranteed to stay fresh for nearly seven years. These high-quality AAA rechargeable batteries are truly reliable and long-lasting.

7. ACDelco Battery AAA Super Alkaline

ACDelco Battery AAA Super Alkaline

There are 1000 AAA batteries in a single re-closable box. The batteries are environmentally safe since they are made with no mercury or cadmium. The batteries will be ideal for different household devices like your TV remote control, clock or calculator. Besides, the AAA battery price is friendly to your pocket and will not interfere with your budget.
ACDelco Alkaline Batteries will give you long lasting, reliable performance and you will not think of replacing your batteries for some time. Much as they have been designed to power low drain devices, the rechargeable AAA batteries can also be great for high drain devices. The batteries will work better at low temperatures. You will truly feel the worth of your money when you consider these AAA rechargeable batteries by ACDelco.

6. Duracell MN2400 AAA Coppertop Batteries

Duracell MN2400 AAA Coppertop Batteries

This pack of 20 batteries comes in a clear plastic bag at a pretty reasonable price. The alkaline Coppertop batteries are long-lasting and will work perfectly on all your household and office devices like the clock, calculator or remote control. The product is approximately five by two by 0.6 inches and weighs only 8 ounces. They are your best solution if you’re working on a tight budget but need reliable long lasting batteries to power your low and high drain devices like the remote control, clock or children’s toys.

5. AmazonBasics AAA Alkaline Batteries

AmazonBasics AAA Alkaline Batteries

These high-performance triple A batteries by AmazonBasics are a must have for someone looking for affordable batteries that last for a long time. The batteries come in a pack of eight with each battery having 1.5V of power. The new zinc composition and improved anti-corrosion components give these batteries at least ten years of anti-leakage shelf life.
They are excellent for low and high drain devices including your digital camera, children’s toys, clock or game controller. The batteries are not rechargeable, but it will hold power for a very long time. They are engineered with unique Japanese technology that makes them perform better after storage. AmazonBasics battery additionally has a Short Circuit Preventive Washer designed to prevent any leakages or heat build-up.

4. Procell Triple A Alkaline Batteries by Duracell

Procell Triple A Alkaline Batteries by Duracell

There is 24 triple A Duracell batteries in a single box with a 7-year guarantee. This bulk packaging is quite economical and great for professional use. Besides, the individual date-code is great for effective inventory management. The battery dimension is two by three by 1.7 inches with a weight of 6.4 ounces and voltage of 1.5V. As opposed to other alkaline batteries, Duracell’s Procell Product has the best value and will hold power for long. They are the perfect solution both for your low and high drain devices.

3. ACDelco AAA Super Alkaline Batteries

ACDelco AAA Super Alkaline Batteries

The maximum power of these environmentally-safe triple A battery is 1.5 volts. There is a total of 48 batteries packed in a single packet. The batteries are quite reliable; giving you a long-lasting solution to your power problems. They are great for high and low drain devices including the calculator, clock or remote control. The batteries have no mercury or cadmium making them safe to use around the house.

2. AmazonBasics AAA Performance 100-pack

AmazonBasics AAA Performance 100-pack

The battery AAA will work with different devices like the clock, remote control or digital camera. The alkaline batteries come in a pack of 100 and have a power of 1.5V per battery. They are uniquely designed with Japanese technology that allows better performance after storage, prevents high temperature and over-discharge. They have a new zinc composition and other anti-corrosion components that give it ten years of anti-leakage shelf life. They are the best model to have for low drain devices and high drain devices.

1. Polaroid Extreme Alkaline AAA Batteries

Polaroid Extreme Alkaline AAA Batteries

Polaroid Extreme Alkaline Batteries have a long shelf life thus can be stored for at least seven years. They are not AAA rechargeable batteries but are great for intermediate and low drain devices like the smoke detector, remote control, clock, and radio. They are equally the best backup batteries for your keyboard, mouse, alarm clock or emergency lights.
The zinc composition and other unique components help prevent corrosion increasing its shelf life. The high-performance batteries can hold power for a long time, and the total count of 20 AAA batteries means that you will not worry about buying another packet of batteries for a long time.


Did you find the right AAA battery for your remote control, alarm clock of child’s toy? All the models listed above are batteries from highly-acclaimed brands thus you can be sure of excellent performance. Besides, the AAA battery price will not affect your budget even if you’re on a tight one. Be sure to consider one of these products if you truly want to settle for a product that will relieve you from the stress of replacing batteries every time.