Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

If you are looking for a better smartwatch, Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is here. The watch is designed from the predecessor but comes with significant upgrades. Therefore, it is simple to enjoy new features, slimmer design, and general improvements. Apart from the physical appearance, the watch has robust chipsets and available in 2 versions. Additionally, the watch comes with GSM, HSPA, and LTE connectivity features that lacked in the previous series.

The waterproof feature is improved whereby it can withstand up to 50 meters. The touch-sensitive bezel also makes the watch one of the top pick. Wi-Fi connectivity, large RAM, as well as internal storage, makes the watch a more advanced device. Above all, it has wireless charging technology for fast battery recharge. Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 offers what every smartwatch lovers are looking.

List of Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2