Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Tablets are vital and handy in daily running. They are usually versatile and portable than laptops. Galaxy Tab S4 is one of the top-ranked tablets. It has a variety of functions that ensure users enjoy the best experience. Enhanced with multitasking, the device, it’s suited for entertainment as well as other daily tasks. Amazingly, this tablet comes with Samsung Dex, which allows you to enjoy PC like functions. All these functions are possible through the fitted HDMI adapter.

Besides being a highly productive tablet, it also has an extra slim nature. This reduces weight and doesn’t cause bulkiness. Unlike other tablets, this enables you to use Microsoft apps, which is excellent for increasing your productivity. Besides, it’s a classic tab for people who love art. With a fast processor and ample storage, it also allows you to store your data efficiently. With 10.5 inches screen and 7300mAh battery, it gives you all you need in a tab.

List of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4