Samsung Galaxy A10e

Samsung Galaxy A10e is one of the newest smartphones. Unlike the other models, it’s a light and reliable phone and also affordable. Although it’s not a higher-end phone, it boasts some of the ideal features. Generally, the phone has an authentic design as well as a durable plastic body. This gives it reduced bulkiness since it weighs only 141 grams. Featuring 8.4 mm thickness, the phone is superbly ergonomic and comfortable to carry. Be it in your pocket or a bag; it’s a slim and classy phone.

The device is powered by android 9 (Pie), which means high performance and latest apps. Additionally, the 2GB ram and 32 GB internal memory means improved performance. The rear camera is 8 or 5MP while selfie 5 or 2 MP. As a result, it’s great when you need to capture precise shots. Additionally, the 3000mAh battery is strong enough to keep the device working for long. With1080p recording capacity, it ensures you get your videos and photos in HD.

List of Samsung Galaxy A10e