Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The competition for powerful tablets and mini laptops. Microsoft surface pro 7 is one of the slim and functional devices for your daily use. This device is created to provide robust performance and the latest features. Designed with a 12.3 display, it allows for ample viewing. Moreover, it has a touchscreen, which eliminates the need to have an external keyboard always. Amazingly, the built-in kickstand ensures you transform this tablet to a laptop quickly.

The massive storage provides an excellent way to keep your data. Also, a big 16GB RAM is amazing for adding the device speed. Designed with naturally writing pen, it ensures you enjoy excellent functionality. Therefore, whether you love drawing or taking notes, the tablet is handy and always available for your needs. The screen is auto-adjusting to ensure your eyes get the best experience. The connectivity is impressive since it has USB-C as well as lightweight to ensure no more bulkiness in your pack.

List of Microsoft Surface Pro 7