MacBook Pro 16 Inch

For people with love for superior laptops, MacBook Pro16 Inch is one of the top performers. It’s a powerful machine that enables people to enjoy improved performance and physical look. The upgraded graphics ensure you can enjoy more action. The screen is now larger and clear due to improved retina display. For smooth typing and other functions, the revamped keyboard gives your fingers a reason to enjoy.

Apart from the large keyboard, the machine boasts extra-large touchpad. This eliminates the need to have an external mouse hence improved performance. Besides, the powerful core i9 and Radeon Pro 5500M graphic cards ensure you can play HD games. The long-lasting battery and SSD storage allow up to 8TB drive. The combination of powerful upgrades makes this laptop a powerhouse. Therefore, for creative people, MacBook Pro 16 Inch is the ultimate device.

List of MacBook Pro 16 Inch