Google Pixel 4

The battle for flagship smartphones is at the highest peak. Every manufacturer is looking for ways to produce the best of the best gadgets. Google Pixel 4 is one of the latest devices on the market. Hitting the market in October 2020, it has more fun features that customers are looking for. Powered by Android 10, it has one of the latest operating systems in the field of smartphones. Ideally, the phone is created with improvements compared to the predecessor. Therefore, you can expect enhanced performance, as well as excellent speed. It has a stronger CPU as wells as ample RAM to ensure speed isn’t throttled.

The large screen measures 6.3 inches and can support HD content. Additionally, it has lightweight, which is superb for ensuring portability is seamless. Rated IP68, this device is classic in allowing the user to enjoy protection against elements. Whether its summer or winter, it has excellent stability. Robust selfie-and dual primary cameras ensure you get crispy pictures. Basically, Google Pixel 4 is a superb and ideal phone to add to your gadget list.

List of Google Pixel 4