Google Pixel 4 XL

Google Pixel 4 XL is a superior device you need for your daily life. It’s a pretty new device that comes with improved features. The phone is sturdily made, but it’s lightweight. Therefore, it weighs 193 grams. Additionally, boasting 8.2mm thickness, it perfectly fits in pockets without bulkiness or feeling big. The phone not only is sleekly made, but it also has superb features that make it one of the flagship phones from Google.

Usually, the device has a powerful dual 8MP selfie camera. The dual primary camera enjoys 12.2 MP and 16MP, which combines to deliver HD images. With the P-OLED screen, it allows for revolutionary HD display. To ensure the phone remains clean and scratches free, it has corning gorilla glass. Speed is also superb due to the latest Android 10, latest GPU, and CPU hence smooth performance. The Bluetooth version 5.0, as well as IP68, rated, keep the phone safe from water and dust damage.

List of Google Pixel 4 XL