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Top 10 Best Benchtop Drill Press in 2018

There are some of the tools that should not lack in your workshop. Bench drill press is one of these tools. This machine is hand and ensures you achieve easy drilling with high accuracy. Although they are handy tools, they need a lot of attention to get a premium one. A high-quality machine always guarantees

Top 10 Best Receptacle Testers in 2018

It is probable that we all have receptacle testers at our homes but maybe we don’t know of their existence. But, these are vital electrical safety devices which we should never lack. They are mostly power outlets that you’ll find in many areas of your home such as the bathroom. It is basically a safety

Top 10 Best Fall Protection Harness in 2018

Many people love climbing experience, but, comes many risks. Be it mountain, rock or any other form of climbing; the safety harness is a must. In fact, even the least known form of climbing needs you to be well protected. The fall protection harness is one of the surest ways to ensures you are safe.

Top 10 Best Leather Work Gloves in 2018

Did you know that leather is the original work glove fabric? Now you know, and that’s why our article will be talking about the best leather work gloves. It has been used for centuries, yet it is still being used today even after going through a technological transformation. It is an excellent fabric compared to

Top 10 Best Construction Helmets in 2018

When you head to a construction site, you’ll realize that almost everyone is wearing a helmet. This is not for beauty, but for protection. Often referred to as hard hats, they have become must-have safety equipment in any work site. Now, it is quite hard finding the best hard hat for you. Thanks to the

Top 10 Best Sledge Hammers in 2018

What do you use in driving posts into the ground, basic demolition activities, and splitting wood? The primary tool for the aforementioned jobs is the sledge hammer. It is a great tool for homeowners and construction workers. Now, sledge hammer sounds like a pretty simple tool. But, things get overwhelming when you’re shopping for one.

Top 10 Best Dust Masks in 2018

Home, garden, and industrial projects usually involve exposure to harmful dust. These dust typically contain toxic elements which can be very dangerous to your health. Harmful dust causes a lot of lung diseases and other related ailments. It is for this reason that you should ensure that you always wear a protective dust mask when

Top 10 Best Safety Vests in 2018

Safety vests are known as reflective vests. They are common in fire department workers or people in police force. Also, they apply to construction workers. What purpose you are buying reflective vests for, choosing the best will mean that you’re abiding by OSHA and ANSI regulations. Besides, these in stations have gathered safety information for

Top 10 Best LED Desk Lamps in 2018

At home or office, you need to have proper lighting. Besides, it is not a good thing to let your eyes strain due to dim light. Imagine typing away on your computer or perusing over a dozen of documents. These are activities that will surely leave your eyes strained, overworked and some severe fatigue. When