Top 10 Best Yoga Mat Bags in 2023 Reviews

Yoga mats are fundamental accessories available that are worth carrying wherever you go. But, there is only one problem, the type of bag to use. Typically, yoga mat bags are dedicated for the said work. Unlike the regular bags, these are designed to allow people to get the best carrying ability. Also, they allow the user to carry other personal stuff hence eliminating the need to carry separate bag. In fact, most of the bags come with extra pockets where you can place smartphones and other accessories.

Well, depending on the size of your mat, it will determine how big the rug will be. If the exercise mat is small, there is no need to get an extra-large bag only to make your carrying stress. Amazingly, these bags come in different styles such as a backpack, tote and yoga sacks among others. It’s a personal decision to choose one fitting them correctly. With right mat bag, it allows traveling without any hassle. These top 10 best yoga mats are superb options for all yogis.

List of Best Yoga Mat Bags

10. Imarana Yoga Mat Bag

Imarana Yoga Mat Bag

People love Yoga for lots of reasons. However, you can make every yoga exercise a unique one if you have the best yoga mat. The experience even becomes better if you have the best yoga mat bag. The Imarana yoga mat bag is, for sure, one of the best. It offers a standard size to ensure a perfect fit for your mat. With this bag, you can carry your standard size mat, water bottle, keys, and other accessories with ease. It is comfortable for different people as its length is easily adjustable. Well, it has adjustable straps which are equally strong and durable. These straps feature double stitching, yet they are made of unique materials to enhance the overall comfort.

9. Charaland Large Yoga Mat Bag

Charaland Large Yoga Mat Bag

Here is another one of a kind yoga mat bag. It is from a renowned maker by the name Charaland. It is made of genuine nylon material which boasts premium waterproof efficiency. As well, it boasts great capacity as it is laded with a lot of pockets. Hence, it can double as a duffle and gym bag. What’s more, this is a bag professionally designed to ensure long term usage.

Amazingly, it has a large main compartment which can accommodate a 13.5-inch laptop. So, you will e able to carry your stuff, including phones and tablets, clothes with a lot of ease. It boasts lightweight design as most of the materials of construction is oxford cloth. Thus, it is weatherproof and a very durable bag.

8. S.K.L Large Yoga Mat Bag

S.K.L Large Yoga Mat Bag

For the best yoga experience, you need to devote a lot of things. With this yoga bag from S.K.L, it is now easier to carry all the necessary stuff for a fulfilling yoga. The capacity is big, and this bag can hold anything literally from a large mat, clothes, water bottle, snacks to Smartphone. It boasts inverted seams to ensure it remains 100 percent waterproof in the rain.

Besides, its wider size and longer length enhance the comfort you get while carrying your yoga stuff. Its color and simple design make it ideal for neutral gender. It offers three pockets, including the main compartment to ensure you carry the stuff of various sizes conveniently. Due to its innovative design, this bag can double as a sports bag, grocery bag, and more.

7. RIMSports Yoga Mat Bags for Women

RIMSports Yoga Mat Bags for Women

Here is another explicit craftsmanship that could be your best yoga mat bag. It features an artistic design making it one perfect choice for yoga women. One of the things that set this bag apart is the unique hooded design which protects your mat from dirt and potential damages. It is made of tough fabric which makes it invincible from the machine and rough use. For maximum comfort, it is equipped with flexible and adjustable straps. Besides, the main compartment features a premium zipper to ensure total security of your stuff. Well, the fabric entails sturdy canvas cotton blend. Thus, durability is unquestionable.

6. Jambala Large Yoga Mat Bag Carrier

Jambala Large Yoga Mat Bag Carrier

You can imagine a yoga exercise without a good mat. It can be horrible and boring. But, the challenge comes in transporting your yoga mat. This bag from Jambala is a classic choice if you don’t want to face any hassle while transporting your yoga mat. It is lightweight but incredibly strong. Well, it is made of 600D polyester, which is abrasive resistant, weatherproof, and lightweight.

It features a large main compartment and three small pockets to ensure every accessory is conveniently organized. Featuring a gender-neutral design, it can blend style with comfort to ensure your yoga experience is breathtaking. It boasts an ergonomic design with an adjustable strap to ensure you enjoy customized comfort.

5. Open Road Goods Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Bag

Open Road Goods Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat Bag

Here is one of the finest products from Open Road Goods. This is a splendid choice if you have been looking for the best yoga mat bag. It features genuine organic cotton fabric. Hence, it is lightweight and extremely comfortable. It is designed formats measuring up to 26 inches in width. Well, this enlarged design adds more room to fit the yoga mat, towel, and other important workout stuff.

Its ergonomic design features one main zippered compartment and three other small pockets. Hence, you can carry everything you would need for a breathtaking yoga experience. With this ergonomic bag, you can travel long distances in search of a favorite spot to conduct your spiritual connectivity in the form of Yoga. Besides, this bag allows you to pack everything you would need.

4. Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

Are you looking to take your yoga experience to the next level? This might remain wishful thinking if you don’t have the right yoga mat bag. However, this product from Kindfolk will change your life forever. It features an artistic design that entails extra-large size to ensure you carry all your important stuff hassle-freely. It is a great choice format measuring 26 inches wide. It is also endowed with small pockets and a roomy main storage pocket. It is stylish and boasts animal-friendly design as it is made of humanmade leather. It also boasts eye-catching design and a flexible design that can accommodate blocks, towels, keys, drinks, and other useful stuff for Yoga.

3. Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

As the brand’s name puts it, a good yoga mat bag can allow you to enjoy healthy Yoga. In fact, you need to do yoga exercise with great comfort rather than straining your body. Well, this bag features a thoughtful design that entails a perfect blend of cotton and canvas. The result is an incredibly strong bag that will last for many years.

It also features a large size and double zipper design to allow perfect storage and convenient access. It also features multifunctional pockets and adjustable strap to bring a customized comfort for all users. Besides, it boasts printed embroidery design and interesting colors to make it vibrant.

2. YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag

YogaAddict Yoga Mat Tote Bag

Still, this brand name puts it clearly. This is a yoga mat bag that is precisely designed for any yoga addict. This bag is uniquely designed to put off hassles involved in packing your gear to your destination. With this bag, you can use some seconds to stash in your yoga gear to your favorite destination. It offers different compartments for carrying different stuff.

In addition, it features two external front pockets for carrying towel, kindle, books and more. It has one external, middle compartment for storing a water bottle. It also boasts several interior zippered pockets for storing wallets, headphones, power banks and more. The main compartment is zippered to ensure you can easily stash your mat and remove it with ease.

1. Meru Yoga Mat Bag

Meru Yoga Mat Bag

Here is another innovative yoga mat bag worth recognition. It is from Meru, and there is no doubt it deserves the top rating and all those praises. The design entails premium zippers and contoured design to allow easy access to bags contents. It is extremely durable as it features double lined, cotton canvas. Combined with durable stitching, this is a mat bag that will serve you for years. This bag measures 28 inches by 7 inches hence will fit most yoga mats precisely without any hassle. Unlike its rivals, this bag ensures perfect airflow as it is equipped with dual airflow system. It boasts a simplistic design with three multifunctional storage pockets to ensure you can carry every accessory you need for Yoga.