Top 10 Best Women’s Tactical Pants of 2024

Even for women, there are tactical trousers specifically designed for them. Just like for men, these tactical pants possess great strength and durability. Unlike traditionally where cargo pants were only for military, nowadays there great casual wears for women. For women, these pants are designed with fashion in mind they don’t necessarily mean you are performing heavy duties to wear. Designed with feminine look, they are available in varying styles.

Notably, tactical pants for women are recognizable by the presence large side pockets. To be able to choose the right one, you need to check on various features so as you can get the right pick. Just like other clothes, being keen when selecting a tactical pant will ensure that you get a perfect choice. Therefore, rule number one as you search for these pants is the materials used. A cargo trouser needs to be extra tough to ensure that no quality compromise and extended durability.

Size is the other factor that you should never forget. Before you order, it is ideal to have correct measurements. This will prevent you from ordering the wrong size which in turn causes strains when bending in knees and crotches. Additionally, the stitching is important, especially in these heavy-duty pants. With poorly stitched trouser, it risks getting ripped when subjected to extreme conditions. Apart from the construction, getting a ripstop material will guarantee you a durable pant. To spice up your look in style and performance, here are top 10 best women’s tactical pants.

List of Best Women’s Tactical Pants

10. Tactical Womens Taclite Pants

Tactical Womens Taclite Pants

The Taclite Pro Pant is made of 100 percent polyester and comes in different shades to give you a variety of choices to choose from. The lightweight poly-cotton fabric and gusseted crotch allow full range of movement. The side pockets of these pants are ideally located to ensure easy access to all your gear. What’s more, there are two cargo pockets on the thighs, an external knife pocket on the right front side and a cell phone pocket strategically placed for quick access with the off-hand. The belt loops of these pants are thick enough to support a large belt with a sidearm, cuffs or other equipment. These tactical pants for women can resist stains and soil to maintain a good look despite the day’s activities. Furthermore, these pants are made with YKK zippers, Prym snaps, and horn buttons to assure you long-term wear.

9. TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants for Women

TRU-SPEC Tactical Pants for Women

Tru-Spec pants are available in different colors and a variety of sizes for a more personal fit. The imported pants are composed of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton material. There are two cargo pockets with hook and loop closure and two internal magazine compartments for easy storage and quick access to equipment. The pants have a comfort fit slider waistband that eliminates the need for adjustable side tabs or gathered elastic. They have special ladies cut in the hips and the thighs and reinforced knee with an inside opening for knee pads.

8. 11 Women’s EMS Pants

11 Women’s EMS Pants

These women’s tactical pants are designed from cotton and polyester twill fabric with a self-adjusting waistband and double reinforced seat and knees. It has a fully gusseted inseam construction and additionally features a Teflon finish. The thigh-mounted cargo pockets with internal compartments allow you to sort your essential gear for easy access while the calf cargo pockets provide additional storage for EMS use. The pants are highly durable, comfortable and allow a range of motion when worn. These EMS pants further have YKK zippers, PRYM snaps, double-time belt loops and a web strap that allows a customized loadout. The tactical pants for women truly offer an unbeatable setup perfect for a demanding job.

7. Tactical Women’s Taclite Pants

Tactical Women’s Taclite Pants

The TDU green tactical pants for women are made of 100 percent polyester material. The pants are treated with Teflon finish making them wear and stain resistant. Features of these womens tactile pants include an action waistband, YKK zippers, fully gusseted crotch, seven pockets, hip-mounted D-ring, and PRYM snaps. The pants are lightweight making them comfortable to wear throughout the day. Besides, it sits on the natural waist comfortably for a superior fit. These taclite pants are great for most outdoor activities like hiking or hunting.

6. Tactical Stryke Pants

Tactical Stryke Pants

These Women’s Stryke Pants come in different sizes and five different tones, therefore, you have the flexibility to choose one that fits perfectly. The combination of polyester and cotton with the Flex-Tac mechanical stretch gives it its durable and high-performance nature. The pants are Teflon treated making them both spill and stain resistant; you will still look good regardless of the activity. Features like the double stitching, self-adjusting tunnel waist, and the extra deep pockets help you stay comfortable in whatever mission you undertake. Other features also include the fully gusseted crotch, articulated knees, and low profile cargo with bartacking at major stress points.

5. Vertx Original Womens Tactical Pants

Vertx Original Womens Tactical Pants

If you are looking for something different on a low budget, then perhaps you can try these tactical pants for women by Vertx. The pants are 98 percent cotton and 2 percent Lycra. They come in different sizes and five different tones with features like the multi-purpose pockets. The Lycra material makes them stretch to give you unmatched athletic movement. These low-profile pants are not only durable; they are 100 percent comfortable and tailored to fit perfectly. These pants have articulated knees, a gusseted crotch, and stretch waistband to provide complete freedom of movement during your mission. The will give you a professional yet casual appearance to set you apart from the crowd.

4. Tactical Stryke Pant

Tactical Stryke Pant

These tactical pants for women are perfect for whatever mission you undertake because they have all the features to help you stay comfortable and on top of your game. You will truly be noticed in a crowd because of its beautiful yet functional design. The pants have extra deep pockets, self-adjusting tunnel waist, and double stitching. All these features will aid you in any activity you undertake. What’s more, the cotton and polyester material makes them highly durable. They are Teflon treated to make them resistant to stains or spills.

3. Under Armour Womens Tactical Pants

Under Armour Womens Tactical Pants

The Indonesia-made pants are athletic and composed of 100 percent polyester material. They are available in almost ten different shades and come in various sizes for a custom fit. These pants are loose enough to ensure a more relaxed and comfortable fit. They are highly durable enough to withstand frequent wear and the toughest treatment. Their moisture-wicking ability will keep you dry and light throughout the day. If you are working on a tight budget, then these are the best pair of pants to consider.

2. Tactical Womens Stryke Pants

Tactical Womens Stryke Pants

Despite the low budget, these pants have great features that will aid you in any mission you undertake. These womens tactical pants are perfect for most outdoor activities. The pants are made of polyester and cotton giving them their durable and comfortable nature. They are treated with Teflon to make them stain and spill resistant. The pants have 12 pockets perfectly sized for tactical use. It additionally has a fully gusseted crotch, stretchy waistband, kneepad-ready articulated knees, YKK zippers and PRYM snaps.

1. Proper Revtac Tactical Pants for Women

Proper Revtac Tactical Pants for Women

These pants have a more streamlined look but still, maintain their functionality as the best tactical pants in the market. They feature slimmer cargo pockets with round edges but still have enough room to keep all your essential gear. The pants have a gusseted crotch and contoured waistband for a superior and comfortable fit. These pants are 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. They come in different sizes and six different shades. Their chic and modern look will keep you on top of your game and make you noticeable even in a crowd.