Top 10 Best Women’s Running Shorts of 2024

Are you staggering around the market looking for the best running shorts for women? Don’t worry, there are thousands of brands to choose from, but not all can satisfy your needs. Precisely, it is hard to select the style that will fit your body type, workout type, and other considerations. They come in different colors, patterns, and other varieties. Some, you should take time to know what you want and what a particular brand provides.

First and foremost, know the type that you want since running shorts come in a wide diversity. Do you want to split, compression and V notch shorts? In fact, different types of running shorts offer a wide range of motions. Another unavoidable aspect to consider is the length of the shorts. However, running shorts typically measure between 3 to 7 inches in length. Also, you need to see whether the short has pockets if you need any. Pockets in a running short make them look stylish and offers added convenience since you can keep the important items secure.

On the other hand, the material of the shorts is also equally important. The material should keep moisture away to enhance the comfort of dry pants. For this case, some synthetic materials are ideal for keeping moisture away efficiently. However, cotton material is great in moisture wicking and equally affordable than certain synthetic materials. In addition, some running shorts have a liner that helps in keeping away infections.

List of Best Women’s Running Shorts

10. Desirable Times Running Short for Women

Desirable Times Running Short for Women

Are you a woman who loves daily workouts? With the best running shorts for women, you can maximize the benefits of your workouts. Now, this running short features a lightweight woven fabric. So, it is comfortable to wear throughout your exercise session. There is no doubt that you’re an active individual who needs total comfort while exercising. So, these shorts are designed for someone like you since they offer a fuss-free gym fit. They are breathable and wick sweat quickly to keep you dry and comfortable. Besides, these shorts are perfect for yoga and any other fitness exercise that demands maximum body flexibility.

9. Reebok Women Running Shorts

Reebok Women Running Shorts

Everyone appreciates Reebok as a remarkable maker of sports outfit. This running short is not an exemption. It is made of 100 percent polyester. So, it possesses great moisture-wicking and offers a comfortable fit. If you’re looking for perfect mobility comfort, this is your thing as it is made of flexible and soft fabric. Thanks to the lightweight poly span fabric, these shots offer amazing comfort during strenuous workouts. Now, these shorts can also wick moisture away from your skin thereby keeping your comfortable even if you sweat a lot. Besides, the inclusion of spandex enhances the comfortable fit and keeps the short in perfect shape according to your body contours.

8. Baleaf Women Running Shorts

Baleaf Women Running Shorts

Do you want to take your exercise goals to the next level? As a woman, you have to be choosy when shopping for the best running shorts. This one by Baleaf is a terrific option for any sports enthusiast. It features a two in one design whereby the outer shell is 100 percent polyester. The interior part is made of unique fabric boasting 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. Equipped with an elastic waistband, it delivers a perfect fit. Also, the comfort of wearing these shorts is proven by the lightweight design and moisture-wicking capability of the fabric. At the back, this short features a zippered pocket specially made for small items like cards and keys.

7. CRZ YOGA Running Shorts

CRZ YOGA Running Shorts

Here is another top-rated running short. It features a two in one design. Well, the shell features 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex. The lining part features 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex. Also, it has a waistband made of 75 percent polyamide and 25 percent spandex. Now, these are 4 inches workout shorts with a drawstring closure. Thus, they offer maximum comfort and perfect fit. It is soft to touch but incredibly durable. Also, these athletic shorts feature a soft lining which helps to curb chafing and rubbing which can make you uncomfortable.

6. Head Women’S Athletic Shorts

Head Women’S Athletic Shorts

These shorts are ideal for any lady in the sports industry. It is specially designed to bring the utmost comfort while retaining the sexy figure. It is 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex. Featuring a comfy and lightweight poly-span fabric, these shorts offer amazing comfort during intense exercise. They are designed to hug your legs while offering ample space for mobility comfort. Well, they provide an ideal fit which is not too tight or too loose. Moreover, these shorts are versatile since you can wear them when heading to a party or doing any kind of exercise. Due to the unique material blend, these shorts are breathable and possess a great moisture-wicking capacity.

5. CRZ YOGA Running Shorts for Women

CRZ YOGA Running Shorts for Women

Finding the best running shorts for a woman is somehow tricky. You need something that meets flexibility and comfort needs. For any woman, the best running short must also preserve the beauty aspects. The CRZ yoga running shorts are indeed a great option. It has an outer lining made of 88 percent polyester and 12 percent spandex. The interior fabric features a blend of 94 percent polyester and 6 percent spandex. It also features built-in briefs for adding support while exercising. For perfect visibility, while exercising at night, these shorts feature reflective stripes on the sides. Besides, the back zipper pocket and inner pocket allows convenient storage of small items.

4. Adidas Women’S M10 Running Shorts

Adidas Women’S M10 Running Shorts

Are you aspiring to be an astounding athlete? Even if you won’t become a champion, having the best running short will help you achieve your workout goals. The fabric has adorable aspects as it is plain weave made of 100 percent polyester. Well, it boasts excellent breathability and also moisture-wicking ability. The drawstring closure allows you to make adjustments so that the short fits perfectly. Moreover, the black color and reflective white along the hem make sports outfit attractive. The front part shows the Adidas logo which is one particular aspect that makes these shorts stylish.

3. Nike Women Dry 10K Running Shorts

Nike Women Dry 10K Running Shorts

Nike is an outstanding maker of sports gear such as shoes, t-shirts, shorts and more. It is a close competitor of Reebok and Adidas. Now, these particular Nike shorts feature 100 percent polyester construction. They are designed to hug the woman’s legs so that the sexy figure remains intact and keeping the bodies cool during exercise. Thanks to the inclusion of mesh inserts at the sides since breathability is great. The 3-inch inseam and curved hem design allow natural leg movement without limit. Made of sweat-wicking fabric, these shorts keep you dry and comfortable thereby eliminating irritation.

2. Under Armour Women’S Fly by Running Shorts

Under Armour Women’S Fly by Running Shorts

Do you do regular running exercises? If yes, you must have realized that running shorts are better than running pants for particular reasons. Without a doubt, these under Armour women running shorts are amazing. They are made of 100 percent polyester which possesses breathability and moisture-wicking capability worth some praises. Besides, it has a drawstring closure that allows you to choose the best level of comfort. For style, it features front hand pockets. Additionally, the short features storage pockets. The sides boast super breathable mesh panels. So, it dissipates excess heat allowing you to exercise at a cool temperature without any conveniences.

1. Clothe Co Ladies Running Shorts

Clothe Co Ladies Running Shorts

It is the dream of every sportswoman to perfect running performance. This running short by Clothe Co will satisfy every athletic woman’s needs. It boasts a curved hem design and is made of 100 percent polyester. Moreover, it has reflective stripes to allow you to exercise in low light conditions. The drawstring closure allows you to make the adjustments of your choice so that you enjoy customized fit. On the other hand, it is made of moisture-wicking polyester and boasts built-in brief cords. The waistband features perfect elasticity to allow a hugging comfort and keep the shorts in place even during vigorous training.