Top 20 Best Winter Gloves of 2024

Cold weather gloves are essential accessories to have in winter especially for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Although a few people consider them an optional choice, wearing gloves for winter help keep your hands warm which in turn improves the body temperature and aids in blood flow.

The best part is, winter gloves are readily available, and you can always find a design for any winter activity whether you’re shopping for winter work gloves or just want a nicely designed glove for fun. Avoid the disappointments and frustrations of purchasing gloves that do not meet or exceed your expectations by reading this review.
We have the best winter gloves for men and women that not only look good but equally guarantee excellent performance and lifetime service.

List of Best Winter Gloves

20. Warmen Warm Nappa Leather Gloves

Warmen Warm Nappa Leather Gloves

Beat the cold weather with Warmen’s bestselling womens winter gloves that are not only fashionable but also affordable. These gloves are available in varying hues and sizes. It is a new design made of traditional 100% polyester long fleece lining and 100% Cashmere lining.
Well, aside from looking elegant, these gloves have a precision touch point control you can easily use your smartphone while adorning them. The Warm Nappa Leather Gloves requires professional cleaning only.

19. Wells Lamont 1063XL Leather Work Gloves

Wells Lamont 1063XL Leather Work Gloves

These are the perfect winter work gloves to own for keeping your hands warm and protected whenever you go out for hard work. They are made of split cowhide making them abrasion resistant while the leather palm patch is durable and ensures extra grip.
The 100 gram Thinsulate found in each glove will keep you warm when you’re working in the cold. The keystone thumb design and Gunn cut of these gloves makes them comfortable and equally ensures flexibility. What’s more, these leather work gloves have a double-shirred wrist that keeps them in place as you work. Besides, they also help keep out dirt and debris.

18. Heritage Winter Trail Glove

Heritage Winter Trail Glove

The Heritage Winter Trail Glove is a rugged yet soft leather glove designed with a thick polar fleece lining to keep you warm throughout the cold days. This soft leather construction will additionally give you a more natural and soft grip.
The outward seam construction makes it a perfect fit and equally very comfortable to wear. It features a Patented rein cut design, and the elastic band cutoff ensures a secure fit.

17. Heritage HG-22 Heritage Gloves

Heritage HG-22 Heritage Gloves

These gloves have received great reviews and praise, particularly from many riders due to its high-class design and features that make it rank among the best winter gloves. What’s more, it is the perfect glove designed for riders in the cold weather.
The gloves have a perfect black shade finish and are made with waterproof breathable material to give you four protection barriers against the cold and a comfortable fit. Aside from having a durable palm grip, this glove additionally features a zipper hand warmer pocket and it is also touch screen friendly.

16. Carhartt W.P. Men’s Waterproof Work Glove

Carhartt W.P. Men’s Waterproof Work Glove

You can never go wrong with these best winter gloves for men made with 100% durable polyester material. It also has a reinforced Polyurethane palm and the lining is 100% polyester. This gives these black and brown gloves a soft, warm comfortable fit.
The Carhartt W.P. is ideal for men working out in the cold. It is 4 inches high with a width of 7 inches. Other additional features of the Men’s W.P. include a Dri-Max Waterproof insert, nose wipe, wrap caps and a hook & loop cuff.

15. Isotoner Smartouch Tech Stretch Gloves for Men

Isotoner Smartouch Tech Stretch Gloves for Men

These are men gloves made with a black shell of 100 percent polyester material to keep your hands warm throughout. The polyester and lycra spandex used on the palms gives it a non-slip feature for improved grip.
What’s more, these Isotoner Stretch Gloves have a smart touch technology that allows you the freedom and ease to use your touchscreen device while keeping your hands warm. The stretch material ensures they are flexible and they can easily be hand washed.

14. TrailHeads Power Stretch Running Gloves for Women

TrailHeads Power Stretch Running Gloves for Women

Women love elegant-looking products thus they’ll love these running gloves. The black shade perfectly complements the design of these gloves to give them a chic look that will surely have heads turn your way. They are very affordable too and come in either medium or large size.
It has a conductive fabric on the forefinger and thumb allowing you to use your phone without taking them off comfortably. Moreover, these gloves have silicone snowflake-shaped grippers on the palm for extra grip. Its Polartec Power Stretch fabric retains warmth helping you battle any winter challenge without feeling cold.
Besides, this material is durable and flexible enough to give you a soft comfortable fit aside from guaranteeing long-term service. These abrasion-resistant gloves are a tremendous accessory to any female runner. They are truly the solution to those engaging in cold winter sports like running.

13. Kineed Women Winter Skiing Warm Gloves

Kineed Women Winter Skiing Warm Gloves

Kineed’s blue cold weather gloves have a waterproof shell surface and a warm cotton lining to keep the hands warm in the cold. They are equally windproof and breathable making them very comfortable to wear when skiing. Further, the Kineed Skiing Warm Gloves have an anti-slip palm that provides a secure grip.
They are quite durable, warm and comfortable enough to keep your hands dry and warm. These gloves have adjustable wrist buckles used to tighten them for a custom fit. They will fit hands with a total length of 29.5cm, a palm width of 10.5cm and a middle finger length of 8.3cm.

12. Aufwarmen All-Weather Men and Women Winter Tactical Gloves

Aufwarmen All-Weather Men and Women Winter Tactical Gloves

The gloves are made of polyester and are available in different sizes. Besides they are the best winter gloves for men and women alike that have an ergonomic fit making them ideal for any activity whether it’s hiking, riding, driving or walking. They have a lightweight fitting design making them perfect for both genders.
Besides, they feature a quick release clip that keeps the gloves together as a pair. The added velvet handling on the glove’s top adds extra warmth. These all-weather gloves are breathable and water-resistant keeping you dry all through.
They are touchscreen compatible with a wider swipe and tap area you can easily use your device when you have them on. These gloves were indeed made with the techy athlete in mind.

11. HiCool Cold Weather Gloves for Men and Women

HiCool Cold Weather Gloves for Men and Women

From Army Green, Black to Grey, these thermal gloves are available in different sizes you can always get a pair that suits you. It features a touch screen sensitive design that makes it easy to use your phone when wearing them. The HiCool winter gloves have a palm width of 8cm for the small size while the large pair has a palm width of 10cm.
Aside from having a chic look, the gloves also have a variety of functions: you can use them while riding, driving or engaging in any outdoor sports. The mill wool lycra fabric is warm, soft and comfortable. Features like the antiskid pattern in the palm and elastic contraction makes these the best gloves to have during the cold weather.

10. Vbiger Outdoor Leather Winter Gloves

Vbiger Outdoor Leather Winter Gloves

These gloves are fashionable and comfortable for men to wear in the cold weather. They are guaranteed to keep your hands warm due to their material. The Vbiger Outdoor Winter Gloves is made of leather and cotton velvet to give it a soft comfortable feel.
It has a total length of 10inches and palm perimeter of 8.27 inches. Its smart touch screen function makes them the most popular cold weather gloves for men. And aside from its budget-friendly price tag, the Vbiger Outdoor Leather Winter Gloves are available in blue and black you can always alternate between the two.

9. Vbiger Thick Womens Winter Gloves

Vbiger Thick Womens Winter Gloves

Aside from having the best winter gloves for men, Vbiger also has elegantly made warm winter gloves for women. They have a stylish look and are available in six different colors. In fact, the lace pattern on the cuff adds to these gloves chic look. Moreover, they come at a very reasonable price making them the most preferred pair of gloves to have during winter.
They are designed with a touchscreen function you can always wear them while using your phone. It has good elasticity thus one size can comfortably fit a lot of ladies. For women with a modern taste, these gloves would be the ideal choice. They are comfortable made with high quality fabric and delicate sewing craft that makes it also warm.

8. Tough Outdoors Men, Women, and Kids Winter Ski Gloves

Tough Outdoors Men, Women, and Kids Winter Ski Gloves

These gloves are perfect for men and women as well as children. They are designed for snowboarding, skiing, shoveling and shredding. What’s more, their exterior is made of high quality nylon material while the palm is made with synthetic leather palm.
Tough Outdoors’ Gloves are conversely both water and windproof thus your hands will stay dry and warm even when outdoors in the cold. Don’t leave your phone behind because you can still use it outdoors while wearing these gloves that are touch compatible.

7. Warmen Men’s Sheepskin Warm Leather Gloves

Warmen Men’s Sheepskin Warm Leather Gloves

It’s still easy to drive without feeling cold in your hands because of these leather winter gloves designed to keep them warm all through. These gloves are available in both black and brown you need to check your hand size before making a purchase. The gloves are made with Nappa leather that gives it a butter-soft and comfortable feel.
Furthermore, it has a soft long fleece lining that adds warmth. Moreover, they work perfectly with your smartphone or tablet due to its touchscreen ability.

6. Peach Couture Cable Knit Winter Gloves

Peach Couture Cable Knit Winter Gloves

These brand new cable knit winter gloves by Peach Couture have an elegant design with a stylishly-looking center design and around the cuff. They have a double layer design to help keep the hands warm during the chilly winter days. Besides, they are made with spandex thus they’ll never slide or lose shape even after frequent use.
These cable knit gloves for winter have a length of 9 and half and a width of 5. The best part is, you can choose from a variety of shades thus making it easy to match with your favorite winter coat and boots.

5. ILM XL Black Motorcycle Riding Winter Gloves

ILM XL Black Motorcycle Riding Winter Gloves

These gloves have alloy steel protection parts and are the perfect choice for those looking to participate in motorcycle riding during winter. Aside from offering you full protection, these gloves will give you a sophisticated modern look while keeping you comfortable.
The 3D plastic non-slip lines on the palm adds extra grip. The XL gloves have a size of between 3.5 to 3.7 inches however, to get the perfect fit, you’ll need to measure your palm’s width at the widest point. If you’re a rider looking for a reasonable priced glove for winter, then you’ll need to settle for these gloves.

4. Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Men’s Ski Gloves

Simplicity 3M Thinsulate Men’s Ski Gloves

If you plant to go outdoors skiing, then these are the best gloves that promise to keep you warm throughout. They are waterproof though breathable and are lightweight thus offering excellent performance in the cold.
Further, these gloves made with woven polyester, feature textured material on the palm for a secure grip making them tear resistant. It includes a sturdy drawcord at the wrist and an adjustable wrist strap to keep snow out while giving you a customized fit.

3. OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Gloves

OZERO Cold Proof Thermal Gloves

The high-tech Heatlok system used to design these gloves makes these gloves highly functional and perfect to wear during winter. It traps air to create thermal barrier that will warmth in the gloves. This unique layer construction along with polar fleece lining ensures your hands stay warm and dry even when the temperatures drop to -40 degrees F.
They are ideal for both men and women available in different sizes and three shades you can find one that matches your winter outwear. What’s more, the OZERO gloves come designed with fleece and deerskin along with a leather palm to make them thick, warm and comfortable while giving you a superior grip.

2. HighLoong Kids Waterproof Ski Winter Gloves

HighLoong Kids Waterproof Ski Winter Gloves

These gloves for winter have a sleek design that looks great on both girls and boys. If you want your youngsters to remain warm and active during winter, then you’ll want to consider purchasing these gloves made with polyester Taslan and PU coating. They are waterproof and feature 3M Thinsulate material that ensures there is extra warmth in the gloves.
The PU leather used to make the palm is soft and gives kids better grips when handling anything. It additionally has a tricot lining that is warm, soft and comfortable. These gloves come in five different sizes perfect for children between 4 to 15 years.

1. SLB Cycling Winter Gloves

SLB Cycling Winter Gloves

SLB’s cycling gloves are black in color with a medium size perfect for those engaging in cycling during winter. However, these gloves have a zipper on the back that allows you to adjust its size thus it can be worn by different people.
The index finger, thumb and middle finger are built with conductive metal fibers making them touchscreen compatible you can comfortably use them with your smartphone. The high quality cotton material gives these gloves a waterproof and windproof nature. The non-slip wear resistant silicone gives it an anti-slip design ensuring you hold the handlebars even better.


Because many people love engaging in activities even during winter, we’ve ensured we list different types of gloves for winter. Thus whether you’re looking for cycling winter gloves or winter work gloves we’ve helped made things simple. Besides these designs offer excellent performance, ensuring you stay warm during winter. Besides, they allow you to use your phone without removing them. What more could you need while shopping for cold weather gloves?