Top 10 Best Wine Bottle Openers in 2018

How do you open your wine bottle? Maybe you use crude methods that complicate your work. But, it’s time to say goodbye to hassles and get a reliable wine bottle opener. For people who value wine, it becomes essential to have a wine opener. This makes time pleasant and ensures smooth cork unscrewing. Basically, if you are new to these openers, they aren’t complicated as you might think. However, they are available in various designs which ensure everyone gets their perfect choices.

Although different openers are advertised to have exceptional features, you need to know basic ones to get right choice. This will thwart you from falling into the hands of knockoffs. Among the many qualities to look, the operation mode is a good starting point. Do you want a manual or automatic opener? For manual ones, you will do most work. But, automatic wine openers perform all the functions. Closely related to the mechanism of operation is the type of cork to open. With wine bottles available in natural or synthetic corks, so is the openers rating.

The traditional ways of corking wine bottles is with wooden corks. But, these days, we have plastic and composite seals. This will prompt you in choosing an opener suited to the type of bottle corks. With a good opener, it should have a foil cutter. This ensures you use less time while removing the foil. Above all the considerations, the safety of a bottle opener is vital. Ensures the device is safe and won’t endanger the safety of your hand. Instead of making trial and errors when buying, this list explores top 10 best wine bottle openers in 2018.

List of Top 10 Best Wine Bottle Openers in 2018