Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Belts of 2024

Weightlifting is a hobby to some people, but to others, it’s a profession. Whether you are a beginner or veteran weightlifter, a good belt is a must. Various belts are designed for weightlifting training. They are essential in supporting the back muscles while helping you to build healthy spine and back column. Without these belts, one can experience great complications especially if you are a newcomer in this field or having health complications like cardio problems.

It is true that not everyone can wear this belt. You need to take great precautions before deciding to wear it. In fact, it’s said it hinders you from breathing or having any condition that interferes with blood pressure; the belts are unsuitable. The treason behind this is the straps work by limiting the air expansion leading to the high internal pressure that stabilizes the spinal column. With each organ under high pressure, it helps you build your body muscles.

When choosing a right belt, a good one will support and hold you without breaking. Mostly, leather belts are preferable due to their strength. On the other’s hand, the broadness is vital since you need excellent body support without risking injuries or discomfort. In most cases, a 10-centimeter wide belt with 10 mm thickness is good and will hold on even extreme abuse. Moreover, the buckling system should also be strong enough to support the belt. Double or triple prong buckle makes a perfect selection. For safe, reliable and durable weight lifting belts, below are the top best you can find in 2021.

List of Best Weight Lifting Belts

10. Harbinger Contoured Weightlifting Belt

Harbinger Contoured Weightlifting Belt

The Harbinger weightlifting belt is 7.5 inches wide and has 3-inch support strap to promote proper posture during strength training. It is ergonomically designed to fit the natural shape of your body while still stabilizing the core muscles. This weight lifting belt comes in four different waist sizes so it is easy to find one that ensures a firm fit. The plush tricot lining feels comfy against your skin. There is also a steel roller buckle included that ensures a custom fit and easy tensioning. Overall, this belt is great quality for the price. It wicks sweat perfectly and it is neither too rigid nor too flexible.

9. RDX Gym Weight Lifting Belt

RDX Gym Weight Lifting Belt

This 5.5-inch neoprene belt by RDX has all the features you might be looking for in the best weightlifting belt. The overlapping double-closure system makes it a great choice for many people. It has a heavy-duty slide bar buckle incorporated with a Velcro strap that allows easy on/off application. The cushioned back support provides great padding to help relieve stress and ensure comfort during intense workouts. If you are looking for a soft weight lifting belt selling at an affordable price, then this is the perfect belt for you.

8. Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt

Master of Muscle Weight Lifting Belt

This belt is perfect for both men and women. Its contoured shape and padded adjustable strap ensure great comfort and control unlike other belts on the market. It is stiff to allow great support but it is not as cumbersome as old weightlifting belts. Its lightweight design lets you concentrate on what matters most – you’ll forget it is there. Overall, this belt is great for the money. It is perfect for the average lifter.

7. Moses Fit Weight Lifting Belt

Moses Fit Weight Lifting Belt

Expect some good years with this weightlifting belt. It is sturdy, odor-resistant and has a stainless steel buckle. It is also machine-washable, has a high-density waterproof foam core and tear-proof webbing. Everything about this belt guarantees excellent performance. Let’s start with the contoured shape – it ensures proper spine alignment and helps prevent athletic related injuries. The belt is adjustable and flexes with the training while still offering excellent support during a workout. Another great feature of this women’s weight lifting belt is that it is compact and light. You can store it a small space and when you wear it, you won’t even realize it is there. It is the best weight lifting belt for both heavy and light workouts.

6. Iron Bull Strength Women Weight Lifting Belt

Iron Bull Strength Women Weight Lifting Belt

This weightlifting belt truly boasts every feature women want in the best belt. It is ultra light, looks good, super comfortable and ensures maximum performance. It is 5-inches wide and has a flexible support panel. It also has a heavy-gauge steel tensioning buckle with a Velcro strap that ensures fast and secure fit. The material aside from being lightweight is also breathable which is great because it wicks out sweat. The belt secures your back in a neutral position making it perfect even for women who are recovering from an injury.

5. Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Belt

Nordic Lifting Weightlifting Belt

Nordic Lifting’s belt is perhaps the cheapest belt on this list. Don’t let this scare you though. We made sure to include something for the budget-conscious person but this belt outperforms other weight lifting belts within the same price range. It provides comfortable support by keeping the lower back in place for a safe workout. While it is lightweight and easy to use, it is perfect for big exercises like deadlifts and squats. It is adjustable making it great for different workout routines. Its durable nature should assure you years of years. Besides, there is a one-year limited warranty included for peace of mind.

4. ZSZBACE Weight Lifting Belt

ZSZBACE Weight Lifting Belt

This belt is perfect for lower back pains because the lumber lower back brace has supporting bars that provide comfy support and stability. It works well for those who suffer from back pain and scoliosis. The mesh panels with strong Velcro make it more adjustable and breathable allowing for the release of excess heat and moisture. It comes in three different sizes so you need to make sure you find the perfect fit. This belt is great for lifting, CrossFit, playing golf and for anyone who needs to prevent injuries when engaging in outdoor activities. This is a great belt for both men and women so if you are looking for something affordable, then you might want to check it out.

3. Abyss Fitness Weightlifting Belt

Abyss Fitness Weightlifting Belt

The dual closure system of this belt makes it stand out as the best weightlifting belt within this price range. It provides extra support and security to increase your experience while working out. It is lightweight and has a contoured design designed to support the back while ensuring mobility to perform various exercises. It is perfect for back squats, deadlifts and overhead squats among other routines. As opposed to leather belts, this weightlifting belt by Abyss Fitness has a Velcro support strap that lets you adjust the tightness to your preferred level of comfort.

2. PeoBeo Fitness Weightlifting Belt

PeoBeo Fitness Weightlifting Belt

This 6-inch power weight lifting belt is also great for women. If you are looking for the perfect belt for women, then this is the ideal belt for you. It is packed with great features that let you perform various exercises. It is designed to protect the core and prevent lower back injuries as you workout. The 3-inch strap is strong and lets you adjust the tightness to your perfect fit. The brand also throws in a bonus waterproof carry bag.

1. Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt

Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt

This belt is different from the rest on this list. Unlike other models, the belt uses self-locking technology to help prevent injuries during workouts. The self-locking buckle is easy to use and it will never open no matter how big your lift. The premium quality nylon material is super durable and stable as opposed to other belts within this price range. This belt is highly functional and approved for USAW and Crossfit competitions. If you are shopping for something durable that assures excellent performance for your next competition, then this is the belt to consider.