Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2019

Have you ever done math much you spend on buying bottled water? More than that, the bottles end up in landfills, hence contributing to environmental degradation. However, the good news is you can enjoy clean and safe water in your home with a reduced budget. With water filter pitchers, it becomes easy to guarantee safe and clean water in your home. Besides decontaminating drinking water, these filters are excellent in improving the overall taste.

Normally, the pitchers are different from your ordinary water filters. These contain activated charcoal granules that help them to clean your water effectively. Activated charcoal is known to be effective in capturing different impurities, hence rendering water great for the whole family consumption. Amazingly, filter pitchers have been tested by government agencies and found to clean a variety of contaminants found in water. And, they can clean up 2 gallons per session. Therefore, they are a significant investment where water quality is questionable.

Before picking a filter for, its advisable to have your water tested. This will let you buy the best filter pitch for reliable impurities removal. This is because some water with fluoride and lead can’t be cleaned using these filters. You will need something more advanced to achieve cleaning. The flow rate, on the other hand, is important when you have a large volume of water to filter. Although these filters are sluggish, very slow isn’t suitable since it can inconvenience you. If you want to enjoy clean water, these reviewed filter pitchers in 2019 are a good choice.

List of Top 10 Best Water Filter Pitchers in 2019