Top 10 Best Water Cooler Dispensers in 2023 Reviews

When the weather is hot, the body experiences a lot of discomforts due to high temperatures. Hydrating your body doesn’t only involve taking liquids, but cooled water brings a refreshing feeling. Although people rely on refrigerators and freezers, water cooler dispensers are best alternatives. They are inexpensive and consume less power compared to other appliances. This is because they only cool water when you need it. Additionally, water dispensing units are effective for use at home, gym and even offices without occupying much space.

Well, you might be asking whether it’s essential to have a water dispenser. But, the truth is they are vital especially during winter seasons. On the other hand, some come with more than the cooling feature hence ideal for all seasons. Whether you want cooled or hot water, some appliances are designed to offer combined units. However, they might tend to be a bit costly. To enjoy a great time, water cooler dispenser units are a superb choice. They bring great body refreshments without additional cost.

Convinced to buy a water dispenser with cooling ability? It’s a right decision to achieving full-time hydration. Before you buy, there is need to consider some of the essential features. Some of these include the point of use, type of bottle loading and overall size. Also, some qualities like a cup holder, purification system, and conversation kit are also vital. Basically, the more features it has, the better the appliance. To get the best water cooler dispenser, follow our reviews below.

List of Best Water Cooler Dispensers

10. For Your Water Porcelain Water Dispenser

For Your Water Porcelain Water Dispenser

This top-quality unit is a 2.5-gallon water dispenser made of 100 percent porcelain. The dispenser has a 10-inch bottom diameter and stands at 10 inches high. The set includes a cream crock with black stripes and a 27” hardwood stand. There is also a plastic protection ring and a lever faucet. You can also use this model to serve your favorite beverage to friends and family. The combo looks great in any kitchen thanks to its beautiful design. The feet do not wobble on an uneven surface. As opposed to other units on the market with different shapes, this water dispenser is super easy to clean.

9. Brio Premiere 500 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Brio Premiere 500 Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

The Brio 500 is available in black and white. It is a water cooler dispenser with a 1500 gallon capacity. The Brio 500 Series has a stainless steel reservoir, bottom, shelves, frame and faucet lines. As opposed to zinc metal dispensers on the market, the stainless steel design of this unit gives it a superior nature. It does not rust or corrode which should be a feature you want in the best water cooler dispenser. This should equally assure you long-term usage, and at this decent price, it is definitely worth the money. With an adjustable cold water thermostat and quick-pour faucets, this model truly outranks other units within this price range.

8. Avalon Premium Countertop Water Dispenser

Avalon Premium Countertop Water Dispenser

We’ve included this countertop water dispenser on our list to help those with tight spaces. The hot and cold water dispenser comes in two different shades; white and black. Its top loading design lets you know when it is time for a refill which is a great feature for most offices. The Avalon water cooler dispenser has two waterspouts making it great for cold and hot beverages. Its child safety lock should give you peace of mind if you have little children in your house. Thanks to the unit’s slim and stylish design, you can fit it in a small space or tabletop.

7. Nutrichef Countertop Water Dispenser

Nutrichef Countertop Water Dispenser

The Nutrichef ranks as the best home water cooler for those on a tight budget. Selling just below $100, this countertop water cooler dispenser is compact enough to fit small spaces. It has a hot and cold water nozzle. With the ability to accommodate 5-gallon bottles, this drinking water dispenser saves you lots of money used in buying water bottles. Other reasons you’ll love this unit is its ultra-quiet operation, child safety lock, and an automatic electric plug-in system. It is handy enough to use both at home and in the office.

6. Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser

It’s no surprise that the Avalon Self Cleaning water dispenser ranks among the best units this year. Every feature speaks for itself no wonder it ranks as the best water cooler on the market. The unit’s major selling point is its self-cleaning ozone feature. This feature sanitizes and purifies the unit to prevent accumulation of germs and bacteria. Another reason you will love the Avalon water dispenser is that it has three temperature settings. It has a how output, cold output, and room temperature output so you can customize your drinking experience. The child safety lock, built-in nightlight and replace filter indicator are also features you’ll find quite useful in this dispenser.

5. Lago Water Cooler Dispenser

Lago Water Cooler Dispenser

The Lago top load water dispenser is a mini black unit designed to dispense cold, hot and room temperature water. The water cooler dispenser has 100 percent stainless steel reservoirs. The reservoirs help protect the water purity and taste. It should also assure you years of use without a replacement. It’s easy to see if the dispenser is running out of water. It is equipped with a child safety lock on the spout to give you peace of mind. There are also LED indicators on this unit that let you see whether it is on or off.

4. Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler and Filter

Little Luxury Vitality Water Cooler and Filter

One thing you’ll notice about this unit at first glance is its compact design. This water cooler and filter is small enough that you can fit it anywhere. If you don’t have the advantage of space, this is the best water cooler dispenser to buy. Whether you want a water dispenser in your kitchen, desk or next to your bed, this compact unit works great. The Little Luxury Vitality model filters and cools tap water to give you ice-cold drinking water. It’s easy to replace the filters and use this dispenser.

3. KUPPET Water Cooler Dispenser

KUPPET Water Cooler Dispenser

The KUPPET unit is a freestanding water dispenser with a simple yet exquisite design. It is compact enough to fit any small space. If you don’t have the advantage of space, this compact model might be the best product to buy. It is the best water dispenser for home and office. Despite the small size, this top loading water cooler dispenser has a large capacity and can hold 5-gallon bottles of water. Whether you want hot or cold water, this dispenser allows instant access. It operates quietly and is super easy to clean. There is a storage cabinet where you can put disposable cups.

2. Primo Water Cooler Dispenser & Pet Station

Primo Water Cooler Dispenser & Pet Station

The Primo water dispenser not only caters to you and your family but also to your furry friends. Its innovative design and advanced technology also deliver refreshing water to your pets with just a push of the button. The dispenser’s flexible design lets you install a pet bowl on the front, right or left side allowing it to fit any layout in your home. It’s quite simple to load a 5-gallon bottle of water and to use the dispenser. The stainless steel water reservoir helps prevent bacteria growth. Features of this unit include a dishwasher-safe drip tray and pet bowl, spill-proof bottle holder and LED nightlight. The Primo water dispenser should give you ice-cold or hot water whenever you want.

1. Comfee Electric Countertop Water Cooler

Comfee Electric Countertop Water Cooler

You’ll notice some of the best features of this unit at first glance. For starters, it is slim and stylish making it the best addition ion your kitchen countertop. It is just the right size for homes with limited space. Comfee countertop water dispenser offers two types of water purification; PP and carbon filter. It helps eliminate bad odors and improve the taste to make your water fresh. The water cooler dispenser has two temperature settings so you can enjoy fresh cool water every time. There is a smart filter reminder that lets you know when it is time to change the filter. You can either go with the black model or the white one.